The drive to rule is a perverse fetish of the modern mind

If I ruled the world…

Such is the random caliber of conversations I initiate with runners and non-bigwig types at work. What got us started, anyways? I can’t remember but someone alluded to my secret evil plans to dominate the world. I was quite shocked because that is the last thing I want and I can’t believe I even express any hint of such a longing. How could anyone get this idea about me? I hate the thought of ruling over anybody, anything, any any any. No power, no reign for me. I’d be the worst King in the world because rather than attend to matters of the state I’d most likely by hiding from everyone trying to enjoy my life absent the pressing responsibilities and clamoring sycophants. The thought that anyone would kiss my ass is embarrassing to me.

I would not wear the costume of a ruler well because I’m a doofus. You gotta care to rule, and I just cannot bring myself to care so seriously about much of anything. I would mock my kingdom and spit on it. My House of Lords would be flustered by my glib attitude. They would throw their hands in the air!

I don’t want to rule the world. I don’t want to rule a country. Hell, I don’t want to rule a department. I rule myself, and that is more than enough, thank you. In fact, sometimes I wonder if I really rule myself or if that’s an illusion implanted by some wicked metaphysical serpent intent on giving me just enough rope to hang myself.

The will and desire to rule and wield power is a disease of character. It is inhuman to seek power. If it can be whittled down and sieved out of its host medium, I’m sure some would seek to explain the strive to power as the artifact of an evolutionary Alpha legacy to submit other males, and consequently females in order to mate with the most of them. Sure, uh huh. I don’t know. There is an amusing reliance on explanations grounded in theoretical and self-serving evopsych dynamics to attempt explaining current homo sapien behaviors and sometimes it doesn’t make sense at all. Even if you extrapolate that which we may most astutely guess about our primitive ancestors, some of our present behaviors are so exaggerated that they leave me wondering if they could possibly have their roots in primitive instinctual behavior; and how much is attributable to present human intellectual and psychological development. In other words, how much of our present behavior is only modern contrived BS that apparently warrants more respect if we can attribute it to homo [fill in the blank]’s genetic legacy.

Power on the vast scale as it’s sought now is unnatural. This unchecked drive is a corruption of the natural survival drive. People boast of power as a genetic residue of our evolutionary heritage. Bull, I say. There is absolutely nothing natural about your degenerate and perverted drive to subdue other humans.