SOPA, the end of autonomy, and this charade called a government

Not sure where or when I was skimming over a comment thread in the blogosphere recently and the subject was bandied about as to the next great “war.”

War is ingrained in our psyche as a battle of bullets and other heavy artillery over a bloodstained field and appearing now as higher-tech killing efficiencies, but the bottom line is that there is physical matching of A v. B combatants. The putative expectation is that A and B both denote respective geographical cultures which essentially embody governmental bodies. The term “soldiers” is exactly what it infers. They are runts, fighting for the larger cause, the mighty presumption: an ideal, a Constitution, a way of life. All the splendid jingoistic empty-headed belligerence as a justification for mass murder and military chaos. This is what we know and expect when we think of “war.” Still, the consensus continued sprawl out that the next war would involve antagonistic military hordes battling a prolonged bloody dispute.

I differ.

Wars as we know them are over. Over! This latest Bushian frolic which seemed to linger on interminably until our Great Leader, BO, so rapturously put an end to it, was merely a swan song to the idea of War as we know it. From now on there will be no hand-to-hand combat; subversion, sabotage, hacking, infiltration are the new tools. Face to face REAL LIFE combat is a dying breed. Just as people solely communicate on keypads now, soldiers will dispel each other with the stroke of a key in future battles.

This is important because it changes the character of the enemy. The future wars are broader and transcend national boundaries. The future war is one of class. There are two classes on this planet, and the delineations are becoming narrower and more shameless. There are the 1) Oligarchs, and the , 2) Us. The oligarchs know who they are. Unfortunately, “Us” is a diffuse category of indecisive sycophants. A lot of the top tier “Us” types will attempt to presume they are Oligarchs but the telltale sign is that the Oligarchs will throw them under the bus when the credit crunch finally blooms and drags us all down. The writing has been on the wall forever. All it will take is one big bank or government to yell “DADDY” and it’s all over. The global economic infrastructure is on its last leg. When the house of cards finally tumbles down, all sides of the battle will be known. Us and the Oligarchs. There will be a segment of the Us’ers who even in our current world are the most spineless, fearful and beaten down cretins in existence and they will still continue to kiss the ass of the Oligarchs even after the boundaries have been drawn plainly for everyone to note. When the economic walls come crumbling down, my friends, fuck the oligarchs. Stay true to your side because it will be a war. You are fighting for your children, and you are fighting for your children’s tomorrow. For once, think long-term. Forget what business school and all the societal charmers told you. It’s you and them. The more of the Us’ers that stand their ground, the more of the flock will flee to the other side, and the weaker we become and the more fragrantly the oligarchs will wield their sputtering power.

It’s us versus the corporacracy. The business world is inhuman. The business world has replaced brotherly benevolence. The business world, though run by humans, has mutated into a multi-layered and multi-leveled monstrosity of disembodied aims whose only achievement has been to rob us of our soul. The business world is a robot courtesy of modern technology. We live in a technologicracy. Technologicracy has enabled that which is not human to assume life. We all laughed at HAL9000 in 2001: A Space Odyssey and thought the reality was the figment of such a distant future that we didn’t have to think about it. The year 2700, for sure.

I got news for you.

HAL9000 is here and you didn’t even know it.

HAL9000 is incorporated and he wears the human face of an LLC. He is an autonomous entity puppeteered by minions who only care that they are able to live their own meaningless lives while propping up some repulsive artificial being by the name of something none of them have any coherence of. This is our enemy!

Barack Obama was my last “hope.” He was black, he was different, and the lie perpetrated by the corporacracy was that he was a game-changer. We bought it. I did. It was bullshit, I was a dope. Obama is the clearest signal out there that we’ve been used. He was a black pawn. He continues to perpetuate the game of the Oligarchs. He has proven to be the penultimate Uncle Tom. He has betrayed Us for the sake of his Oligarchical masters. I still laughingly wonder if he has even earned the right to enter their domain afterwards. I believe he will be “re-elected” in 2012 because he has proven to be such a pliable, mindless piece of clay. He has demonstrated his willingness to continue the charade in spite of his uncultured background. Obama is the red flag, the sign.

The War is on my friends. It is time for us to begin to bear arms.

Arms are not what they used to be.

We must bear down and prepare for the assault on our autonomy because the government lusts after it. They want to get rid of it. They cannot bear it. The internet was the greatest assault on their omnipotent power and now they are slowly seeking, working, to absorb it back into their intrusive structure.

SOPA is a tool, a device. It is intrinsically nothing to write home about. SOPA is not the problem, per se. This is what is so masterful about the elites. They chip away. SOPA means nothing, but once it is instituted, watch as the structure of liberty begins to crumble. The government and its master will reclaim their profit! They use business and “artistic” rights in order to burrow their way back in to the role of master. The Oligarchs have sunk so low. They now use the artists to reassert their dictatorship. They go about it in the Constitutionally sanctioned manner, and they can steer government most of the time. They are steering SOPA through and they will get their way. If they get their way (likely), they will leave us alone until their shadow weapons overtake us at another time when we have begun to fixate on American Idol again.

If SOPA falls, be prepared.

They will be at our doorstep. This battle was decided long before it was declared.