Psst…next year will probably suck too

The most appalling thing about unusual weather like what we have today is the hyperdramatic reaction on the part of residents acting as if it were the norm.
They start gloating behind the facade of their own civic ego while acting as if the median temperature in Southern California is 80 degrees every January 1. Which it is not. Don’t listen to them. They are full of crap. The local chamber of commerce gives them a cut of the lie. Pays for their parking tickets. Here’s a snapshot of today’s weather. I supposed I could spin it as if this is paradise. This is what we must endure every year, sob sob. Because I’m sure most of you are sitting in dank, dripping shitholes while the weather outside is in the 10s. C’mon. Are we all nearly that stupid?

This is rare. In fact, last year we were in the spell of some very cold weather on New Year’s Day. The night temps dipped into the 30s I remember hoping that all the Rose Parade revelers would freeze to death in front of the local television cameras. This didn’t happen, unfortunately. I hate New Years for this very fact: the Rose Parade spectacle and all the pretentious idiocy that spews out its collective asshole. I cannot believe it has not rained on the Rose Parade in decades. This is our greatest tragedy. If we could conjure a winter gale to blow away the entire Rose Parade route and its attendant nauseating floats, I would consider my work done. The Rose Parade is an elitist, genteel display of intolerable sensibilities redolent of Establishmentarian Los Angeles when Anglo blue-blood Eastern transplants reigned. They brought their own highfalutin brand of culture but thankfully it dissipated into a whitewashed, Chloroxed scumpond of beaners like myself who flocked (or spawned from flockers) over the border to shit all over their dream!

Anyways, you get a hot New Year’s Day like this and all the annoying news announcers come out of the woodwork about how wonderful and Utopian this is. I believe I’ve heard a few of them quip that this “is why we live here.” What a joke. Most of them are Asian, Hispanic and White knockoffs from the local college media circuit whose only dose of reality besides television is this vast Los Angeles close-minded insular circle jerk. Sure…this is why we “choose” to live in this big toilet bowl shithole called Los Angeles. There is nothing redeeming about this basin. You either got your lowest of the low mud-eatng immigrants who turn neighborhoods into chain linked zones or a bunch of delusional rich White/Asian prima donnas who act as if drinkinng the most expensive coffee is the mark of some elusive nobility their trashy ancestors never knew.

It’s a nice day in Los Angeles, don’t get me wrong. But it’s unusual for us to enjoy 80 degree-days on January 1. Don’t listen to the sheep-for-hire who tell you this is life.

Speaking of sheep.

I have had enough of the New Years Day corny optimist crowd.
You know them.
They scream HAPPY NEW YEAR in your ear. They ramble about how 2012 will be great. !!!!.

They pretend each fresh successive year will be incrementally fabulous simply by virtue of its higher number. The idiot paradigm of bigger is better. Time is progress. The Flynn Effect matters for something! Generations lead to improvement. We are better now than we’ve ever been. I love me, I love us, I love what we think we’ve become. I love my generation. 2012 has to be better. It is absolutely inconceivable that last year could be a tad better than this one. Right? We are inculcated with the delusion that things cannot deteriorate. We are a forward-oriented arrows of a race. I’m better because I’m now more than you are because you are less than you were then.

I’ve been paying attention to New Year’s platitudes for only about 15 years because I was too busy uttering them mindlessly prior. Every year. it’s the same story. This year will be better! Let’s make lame resolutions and pretend it’s a new world come 1/1 even thought it’s the same old piece of crap existence we’ve always known. Calendar dates are magical and they change the nature of our nightmare.

I posted this on Facebook ealrier and wondered if anyone would care to note its crooked nature. No one did. We are mechanical.

OK, how many people do I have to hear bragging blindly about what a wonderfully year this will be? The calendar is symbolic of nothing.
Why do we pay attention to it other than to schedule faint occasions like birthdays or funerals? What good does it matter to remember anything or remember that something should happen at an affixed incidence of spacetime?

How ridiculous is this notion when you think about it?

“Be here. Be here, then.” This is how we plan, this is how our structure our momentum in endless streams of inchoherence.
Two dimensions. A place. A time. We don’t think less and we certainly don’t think more.
You tell me a time but not a place. Fuck you! I want it all,

We live according to this scripture in order to advance the normal Western progrression of reality.
New Years Day always makes me rethink the way we look at time. At the sequence of reality.

My post was not discounting the popular theme. I was merely suggesting an alternative perspective. Unfortunately, no one cares to disrupt their holy existence in order to perceive differently. Too much trouble.

Yes, we want next year to be better.
But why and how does it matter?

Perhaps we want next year to be less bad. Than the past. Perhaps good means nothing. In fact, good never means anything useful. Not in this culture where everything is defined as better instead of worse. Always ascending, never descending. Always engorging, never retreating.

Next year wlll be better for you. For me, I hope this year was worse than next.