East L.A. Makeover: Stage 3, The Kitchen

Well, this is groundbreaking.

Instead of waiting to complete one room before moving on to the next, I’m starting a new stage now while the bathroom is still in progress. Stage 3, the kitchen, will begin in the background while I put the finishing touches on the bathroom, but they will run concurrently for now.

Good move or just impatience?
Who knows.

I’ve been straightening out the bathroom and my progress is a low drone, a sure but unspectacular progress. I won’t buy a shower head until next week and rather than delay stage 3 any further, I’ll just start it now!
I’m the boss, I can do whatever I like. Power trips are great.

As I state in the video, I have to work around the 6-legged critters who use my apartment as a highway rest area. Those suckers have won the turf war in my kitchen and I’ve gladly relinquished control of my cupboards to them. I will do whatever it takes to store my pots and pans and dishes and silverware outside the cupboards and drawers because frankly I don’t enjoy the prospect of a roach swimming in my cereal.

Also, I have massive amounts of cupboard space in the kitchen which goes unused because the top two shelves are unreachable for someone vertically challenged as I. I bought a step stool from Home Depot recently, my ticket to NBA heights, so the top shelves are now fair game.

Take her away, David! Toodles…I like the sound of that.

Before anyone gets the impression that my place is swarming with insects, let me clarify and state clearly…it is not. I have seen 2 roaches in here in the past month which I’m sure is too many for a lot of people, but hardly the level which I might have insinuated in the video. Just wanna clear that up.