Beating the little bitch into shape

While I am certainly “impressed” with Brandon Bishop’s enthusiasm at raising a healthy, well-adjusted woman, I think he went about it wrong. Yes, I feel his pain at watching as a young girl gradually transformed into an intolerable and entitled 21st Century Princess before his eyes. God knows we don’t need more of them. Daddy’s little girls/snowflakes grow up to be conniving, self-centered prima donna whores who skillfully manipulate their precious sexuality into a tool of disruptive and consuming force. Brandon went too far. He misread and misapplied his adult authority and instead lapsed into a monstrous retreat of discipline.

An Allentown man admitted in court Wednesday he severely beat his wife’s 2-year-old daughter for three months because he felt she was a “princess” who needed to be toughened up.

I suspect many men in this blogosector see little wrong with pummeling a woman into submission. I don’t believe, however, that women are constrained by physical abuse. Beating them is a band-aid solution to character flaws. The only instances I believe a man should be allowed to strike a woman without fearing legal, White Knight retribution are those times a woman initiates a physical altercation by punching, throwing, kicking, etc. Women should not have the ability to use their diminished physical threat as an excuse to physically assault a man. For this very reason, I believe Rayon McIntosh, hardly a saint, was acting within his rights by taking a stick to the hoodrats who began acting up in his restaurant. Rule #1 for women is that escalation does not come without a price. Too many girls think they can escalate and act like idiots while hiding behind their boyfriend’s (Daddy’s) rescuing hands. These are the only situations I believe striking a woman is warranted and productive.

If a woman mouths off, belittles you, calls you pencil-dick, whatever, let it go. Being a man means that women’s words roll off your broad shoulders because they are insignificant.

Now I don’t have a daughter, so I am not familiar with the nuances of raising a young girl in today’s world and all the inherent pitfalls which intercede and foil your well-intentioned plans of churning our a responsible and mentally healthy woman. I’m sure it’s very frustrating to see your little girl slowly swallowed by the modern dystopia of female empowerment and concomitant female misbehavior.

Brandon Bishop was doing his part but he was doing it all wrong. He lacked the insight required to affect the instilling of mature values in the little girl. He chose to beat her, tear her hair out, drop her… Sorry, but these only serve to create a future stripper, not a future wife. You lead a girl by example and reward. That kind of stuff only makes boys stronger. Boys don’t get beaten down anymore, this is why they are what they are. Brandon Bishop and his fiance, and mother of the victim, Candace Watts, who was aware of her future husband’s anti-princess measures, don’t exactly strike me as the Dignified Duo.

How do we teach girls a healthy, humble sense of self-esteem without turning them into shrill, egotistical wenches?

That’s the question of the ages, but it’s been the topic of discussion that our modern psychobabble touchy-feely era of boosting self-esteem has gone too far. Parents, especially Daddies, err too often on the side of effusive adulation, but good character is also built on the yin/yang realistic and piercing alternative lessons of discipline and grounded reality. “You’re great, but this why you’re also bad.” That’s my motto.

Alternatively, and I feel the more accurate explanation is that Bishop resorted to the “princess” excuse as a reaction to his arrest. It was not the reason for his behavior. He was just a dime-o-dozen child abuser. Quelling the princess demons was just an alibi for what he did. I find it interesting that he recited the litany of complaints most of the men in the MRAsphere fall back on when criticizing the state of Woman (including myself). “Princess” is a trigger word we flock to because it is so accurate. I can’t help but wonder if Bishop has hung out in these parts.

Another thing, while I’m at it. The physiognomy.

Bishop has all the markings of the prototypical bully. I know guys who share this body, this face. Wide hips. Physically powerful but they waddle. They are very sarcastic, outgoing, exuberant, and generally intolerable to everyone except their equally intolerable social circle. Especially that facial structure. I see this face in bullies and smartass guys all the time.

Undoubtedly, it’s the mouth.
It’s narrow, almost circular, a hatchway to a drooping jawline and a puckered dental alignment. I personally know someone with this facial structure and he is a fucking asshole.

This is that person’s mouthhole taken from a Christmas portrait. Wow!

There is the image of a physically powerful, but spiritually weak man.