The Great Islamic Infantida of 2019

You can’t tell me Abdul won’t be a little fucked up in the head after a childhood laced with this kind of manhandling.

But don’t fret. I’m sure we’ll have the opportunity to witness the after-effects firsthand in about 20 years after today’s New Wave of globalist DC politicians diligently subverting America come of age and implement their pious open border policy to every POS citizen of the world.

This is your future, ‘merica.

Democrat Jennifer Wexton rides in on the wave of deviancy swamping out American government in 2019.

Ah, the female wave “conquering” American politics is indomitable isn’t it?

Shrieking, overconfident aggression, histrionics, virtue signaling of every sort. The women are in town.   A lot of socially indignant self-righteousness abounds.  As if the ascendant female paradigm in American politics will make a difference.

Keep on dreamin’, girls.

I suspect we are trading in the devil we know for the witches we might.

And the feel-good, smug symbolism, the signaling, so abundant;  our society, thanks to women, is engorged with virtuous platitudes of every stripe, color and gender self-definition.

For instance, Jennifer Wexton’s contribution reads like yet another tired diatribe of the most modern motif.


Newly elected Rep. Jennifer Wexton, D-Va., started her term with a statement of transgender equality by hanging the trans pride flag outside her office in Washington.

Abby Carter, Wexton’s chief of staff, confirmed that Wexton — the aunt to a transgender child — hung the flag to make a statement about trans inclusion.

“This is personal for me. We’re talking about my family and friends,” Wexton said in a statement to NBC News. “I want everyone in the trans community to know that they are welcome and loved even in the face of this administration and its attacks on who they are.”

“I didn’t think putting it up would be a big deal, but I’ve received a huge outpouring of support and appreciation from the LGBT community in the past two days,” Wexton added. “We’ve been receiving messages from across the country and they’ve been telling me how much it means to them to see that in the halls of Congress.”



Blah, blah, and blah.

The litany of good will is tiresome and reeks of bullshit.  Who cares about the transgendered and the homo’s?  I sure as hell don’t.  I’m not a moralist…in fact, I’m an atheist.  Still, I’m sick of listening to fringe members of our population insist on equal time in the collective cultural dialogue when in fact they deserve 5% or 10%, at the most.  They surely do not deserve to be heard incessantly, their demands mean little, and they aren’t entitled to flag representation in the halls of government.

Live your life, shut up, and let us live our own, unencumbered by your rampant deviancy.




Alexandria’s titty tops, America’s newest treat.


This thot.

What on Earth is she talking about?


You know, you look at our tax rates back in the ’60s and when you have a progressive tax rate system, your tax rate, you know, let’s say, from zero to $75,000 may be ten percent or 15 percent, et cetera.  But once you get to, like, the tippy tops, on your 10 millionth dollar, sometimes you see tax rates as high as 60 or 70 percent. That doesn’t mean all $10 million are taxed at an extremely high rate, but it means that as you climb up this ladder you should be contributing more.


All for her “Green New Deal.”  Uh, makes sense to me.  If I repeat the mantra enough…





Next up in the Left’s virtue-signaling cross-hairs: Louis C.K.

I’ve never reckoned him to be a great “friend” of the Right but as they say, the enemy of my enemy


Disgraced actor-comedian Louis C.K. is in trouble again, this time for a typically foul-mouthed routine – recorded illicitly at a recent New York gig and briefly released on YouTube – in which he cruelly mocks the victims of the Parkland shootings, rips into millennials confused about their gender identity, and makes an obscene, all-purposely offensive reference to his doctor whom he describes as an “old fucking Jewish fag.”


Oh heavens!

A comedian who actually doesn’t pretend to be an ambassador of sensitivity and manners?  Wow…the dude doesn’t have much of a future in today’s bland comedic climate.

Comedy is not, should not be, nice.  Comedy should offend everyone, even you, even me.  Humor is indelibly furious and inhumane for laughter is best when a salve of discomfort.

Tell that to the new SJW herds of non-funny.



I’m not ready to embrace Louis C.K. as a conservative but I am ready to defend him as a fearless speaker.

Which is a most important task now.


At Slate, Matthew Dessem provides many more examples from the set, which include a joke about the size of the genitalia of certain ethnic groups and one about a visit to a doctor who tells him to stop eating ice cream; he subsequently refers to the doctor as an “old f—ing Jewish fag.” He also spent “five solid minutes (!) … lamenting the fact that people have stopped using the word ‘retarded,'” per Dessem, who notes what stood out to him as the most painful parts of listening to the audio. One, “he hasn’t lost his talent: his timing and delivery are still there, somewhere, peeking out under all the racism and ranting about political correctness.” But what Dessem finds most depressing about the whole thing is the raucous laughter of an audience member caught on the audio. “Louis CK is clearly unwilling to reckon with what he’s done, but unfortunately, he seems to know exactly what he’s doing.” 

Our society is reborn as a child of female sensibilities; it will be boring, predictable and very safe. Yawn.

Dis yenta.

Dis fucking whiny, self-righteous yenta.


Jenny Singer, it’s a big bad world out there. I’ll opt out.


Excuse the redundancy. It was instilled for dramatic flair and to drive a point home. “Blogger’s privilege.”

I’m tired of the persistent double-standard in the daily discourse of modern life. You know it. To paraphrase, it goes something like this:

Women:  Men are so horrible, so terrible, we bear them, barely, but they are no-good, lazy, useless, aggressive, harmful, dangerous, sloppy, dumb, yada yada yada.

Most irritating about this narrative is that pop culture and the media, and even many men themselves, buy into it and find it amusing to perpetuate. It’s a female narrative that has ingrained itself in our collective expectations of genders. Men are a negative prop; men are a bundle of walking, breathing drawbacks. Let’s pick on men.

Why does no one question this? Apparently, we can’t be bothered to stand back and actually contemplate what the suicidal mores of modern society are parroting.

Jenny Singer’s contribution, in the Forward link above, feeds off this this, like so many of her kind that have walked before.

Predictable dirges like this please no one except those who are too lazy to pave a divergent frame of social roles and dynamics in the 21st Century.  Her thinking, and that of most feminist types, is lazy and mundane. It offers nothing exciting or vibrant other than the normal misandrist tropes.

For instance, she writes:


Men, you did this to yourselves. As a straight woman, I have long been aware that my sexuality dooms me to wander the earth trying to mate with the exact people who, statistically, are the greatest threat to my health. “What a drama queen,” you men must be saying, taking a little reading break after starting almost every war in history. You see, every interaction with a man, statistically, is a risk. Lately the risk has just seemed too high.

Men, women and children all experience sexual violence, and an estimated 99 out of 100 perpetrators of sexual violence are male. One out of six women will experience a rape attempt in her lifetime. “Get me one of those overprivileged, emotionally repressed, potentially violent people,” said no one after reading these statistics.


Oh brother, such ostentatious self-victimization!

Life is for the living, and neurosis is for the dying. Life is innately a dangerous proposition but the modern female paradigm which architects First World society cannot reckon such a calculated reality and instead seeks to seal the doors and sanitize the unknowns with rules and obsession with etiquette and codified standards of artificial behavioral boundaries.

The new female paradigm is neurotic, timid and overwhelmed with what-if’s and the illusion that everything bad is preventable, and conversely, that “good” is sustainable.  In order to enact such a shield between society and reality, feminized civilization has brought egalitarian hyperbole and a cacophony of platitudes (ie, virtue signaling) as a new way of life.


You men can’t help it — every day, you benefit from a system that privileges you. And I don’t think you want to help it, just like I, as a white person, don’t thrill to the idea of giving up the race privilege that positively affects every part of my existence. You don’t know what women experience, and that’s how you like it, and that turns me on. (No, it doesn’t — why would it?) You enjoy your supremacy over women — your short showers, your higher-for-the-same-work pay, your deeper voices and taller bodies that are arbitrarily considered better, your ability to walk outside at night without wondering: “Is tonight the night I get raped? Will it be my fault?”

How is anyone supposed to fall in love with one of you people, with your total consolidation of power, relentless grip on the status quo and refusal to stop at more than 200 Marvel movies? You at-worst-violent-sex-criminals, at-best-gormless-handmaidens-to-the-patriarchy? I am certainly not envious of queer women, who endure hatred and discrimination because of who they are. But it’s inconvenient to be attracted pretty much exclusively to the gender responsible for, well, one example that comes to mind is almost every murder.


Millions of years of evolution brought mankind to our world as it once existed in more idyllic times.

That world accelerates away from us…it was constructed as a society that prioritized tools of survival as efficiently as possible.  In the old paradigm male brawn and its physical might brought a masculine world that towered above all, a righteous hegemony that was spartan, utilitarian, ruthless, but above all, coldly pragmatic.  The age of the female has brought an antithetical doctrine with it and in the process, seeks to belittle and dehumanize our previous path.  Even rudimentary definitions are second-guessed.  Emotionalism and hysterical inclusion steer all motivations and collective decisions now.

It was evolution that brought us here, bitches.  Quit the whining and histrionics:  that is no way to spearhead your new society.