Those damned “feelings chasing whores”

Saintluger wrote:

…my wife agrees, because she’s a real woman, not some “feelings” chasing whore who goes out and gets a new cock because the one she got at home ain’t taking care of business.

One thing all men need to realize is that women are innately so overwhelmed by sensory input (because they are built like walking antennae) that the baseline required for them to experience emotion and physical provocation is immense compared to a man’s.

This is why women act “dull” when conjuring, but like amped freaks when they are waiting. They are experiencing about 15% of the man’s experience (or 85% of his resting state).

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Discussion and too much talking are impediments to collective intellectual progress.

There is a human idiosyncrasy that you see everywhere. In all groups, you’ll note this behavior because ultimately, it is a human psychological trait that afflicts all, regardless of intelligence, class or calling.

No segment is to be singled out, but I was reminded of it during the recent wave of commentariat philosophy in the wake of the Elliot Rodger shooting and all the social implications it gave us the opportunity to ponder.

People tend to become addicted to narratives, hence arguments and templates for discussion. It’s herd mentality of the intellectual variety.

An argument, let’s simply call it “A causes B to do C,” becomes the predominant chain of reasoning in any group of perpetual discussion, and it gains the foothold that all dialogue must conform to. People find it quite easy to allow themselves to sink into the accepted and popular paradigm of cause and effect and argue from within the limited scope of this perspective.

I see brilliant people confined by the caves of popular narratives and it’s sad that any reasoning which strays from A to B to C (let’s say someone argues that “C is A and hence, B”) is shunned, ignored and drowned out by the communal cacophony of the predominant narrative.

People working and thinking in groups put the brakes on human cognitive progress because conformity usurps originality and autonomous thought experiment.

Solitary thinking (ie, writing and theorizing, not “discussing”) is the only progression worth a damn to human civilization.

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…want is a healthy dose of cock.

Behind the smarmy, nasally self-assurance and grating toy confidence, behind the blustery empowered bullshit, yes, all women want is cock.

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I propose a new tagging convention to counteract the Culture of Sensitivity’s *trigger warning*

Bullet warning

There are lots of dead women in this post.

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To the first blogger who cries “Beta rage” …. lolz. Elliot Rodgers should have blamed the machines, not the women.

C’mon, let’s quit laying everything at the feet of this nebulous “Beta rage.”

Men have always experienced Beta rage, ever since Day 1 of the evolution parade. There have always been substantial portions of the male population who don’t get to be the prime breeders, but there is one difference between the Beta male of 5,000BC and the Beta male of 2014.

The males of antiquity still had the opportunity to exert a primal masculinity that was called for in one form or another because physical might was a force to be reckoned with, socially, culturally and economically.

It’s not the fault of women. Women haven’t changed that drastically, really. They are simple, impulsive creatures. Their gender role remains the immutable force of male defiance it’s always been. Women have always held great power over men, but in the past, men could express their discarded rage constructively.

That is the change. Men have no rage channels now.

Men must behave and play by female rules of propriety and timidity in 2014. Men must suppress their rage instead of building a factory or monument with their hands. Now the robots and machines do the man’s work.

Man should be mad at captains of industry who seek the cheapest bottom line, not women.

Elliot Rodgers of yore could have expressed masculinity in many ways other than being a hollow PUA player, a role he was ill-suited for. He could have contributed the mechanics of the world. But now, the machines have taken that from us men.

It’s not Beta rage…it’s human rage.

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The peril of progress and the church of control.

This is the most insightful meme I’ve ever seen on Facebook, courtesy of a Zen page I “belong” to, or whatever it is you refer to as such on Facebook.


Ah, the perils of control, the perils of humility.

The wonder of disembodied relinquishment of external influences and assumption of our inner strength.

Relax, nothing is in control.

Nothing is in control!

Never has been, and never will be. Does not need to be.

The peril of progress. As we conquer new facets of physical reality, we grow exceedingly confident that we are gods, and as we shrink the world with technology and invention, we succumb to the delusion that we reign over a false reality.

Relax. Nothing is in control and nothing needs to be in control.

Enjoy the helplessness, enjoy and fulfill your humanity. Your hapless spiral.

There is nothing more grand than welcoming your mortal obsequiousness.

Humility diminishes as we take the reigns over larger chunks of the world, but ultimately, control is a pursuit of infinity because chance, quantum culmination, exceeds our deliberate meddling.

Take control of nothing and savor the unknown.

I fear we find it increasingly difficult, with each generation of scientific orgasmic advancement, to relinquish control to that which defies our presumptions of advancement.

We can now print 3D reality and transfer human practice to the cold, capable hands of machines.

Of course we have control!

Still, with so much control bestowed upon our technology, we find it impossible to relax.

To be.

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Disneyland is ass and Tinker Bell is a syphilitic slut.

I don’t give a shit about Disneyland raising its prices for those imbalanced people who dare enter its oversized sweaty swamp of artificial gaiety.

Fuck Disneyland.

I hate Disneyland and its suffocating, shimmering crowds. I hate the lame rides, the escapist bullshit. It stifles my soul.

Hate it.

I hate Disney movies and all Disney entertainment, I hate what it does to our youth, I hate how it cures the under-aged meat of each generation into little consumerist talking pups living in worlds of fantasy and empty cotton candy bullshit pseudo-reality.

Disney is ass.

Disneyland can charge $5.00 to enter and you know what? I still wouldn’t step foot in that candy-scented cesspool.

Disneyland is for people who can’t deal with life which is basically all children and escapist adults who want to sugarcoat this slimy life that teems with sewage and depravity. Disney makes everything good again!

Animals talk, imaginary human beings of ethereal origin fall in love, magic is in the air, as is that little undersized cunt, Tinker Bell.

I’d like to see Tinker Bell wrap her insect-sized legs around my shaft and ride it like an electric horsey.

Bitch, just a Disney bitch.

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What becomes of the humans; a post-robotic paradigm, the new hierarchy scheme.

Earlier, on my indomitable Faceball wall, in reply to my friend’s posting of this article that cautions leeriness in the face of dazzling and hypnotic new technologies, especially the 7th slide of “Robots doing your job,” I wrote,


The 50-75% I alluded to comes from this paragraph about the robots’ predicted role in our collective societal future:

We listed robots as one of the tech trends that will indelibly shape our future, but they’re shaping the present and not always for the good. Robot (or automated) labor has become a hot topic of late, and while the debate on its effects remain unsettle, the trend seems clear: robots are doing an ever-larger share of the work, leaving their human counterparts out of work. In an in-depth report, the Associated Press estimated that 50 to 75 percent of the American workforce could be unemployed thanks to robot labor.

It’s clear that robotics will present the next stage of our technological evolution that was initiated the moment our distant ancestors discovered how to harness fire. The progression is exponentially furious, and advancements, mind-boggling and occluded, are happening in the span of lifetimes now.

All technological evolution is designed to alleviate the human role in the repetitive rigors of daily life. There is no use fighting it…robotics are here to stay, and they will become unfathomably advanced in the coming decades to a degree such that they will be able to do the majority of human tasks that are today conducted by flesh and blood.

This is fine, but, what happens to the humans (at least, prior to the singularity when soulless robots experience no qualms about enslaving their human creators)?

Today’s paradigm is one that has been in place for centuries, but it is weakening daily. The paradigm states that we create value for others above us on the ladder of social importance (in fact, this is how one aspires to importance…by being on the receiving end of grand doses of created value). This is what fuels our society, this is the fuel that feeds to upward churning of creation and transference.

But with the ascendance of robots, the old model dies, and this was the gist of my Facebook post.

What becomes of the lowly humans?

What becomes of humans who are no longer worth anything because they have been usurped in efficiency and speed by far superior conglomerations of nuts and bolts?

How will mankind rediscover worth and utility?
This will be the new paradigm once we shape the path to new worth. One in which the bottom-to-top linkage of hierarchical utility loses all validity and relevance.

How will society value us?

Will value even be important? Will “value” morph and evolve as a concept?

Perhaps the new paradigm will call on us to lead a more nuanced existence than the polar/linear “what can I do for you, and what can you do for him…” tension of upward mobility.

I foresee that human groups will form “alliances” with groups of robots. All humans will be aligned with specific brands, types, or designs of robot. This will allow the old paradigm of hierarchy to assume itself again, but with robots as the catalyst.

At least until they enslave us.

The new paradigm will merely be the intermediate step to eventual robotic imprisonment.

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Caution as relinquishment of freedom: management of life’s equations.

Back when I was a young man, back when I still possessed virility, and hence, thoughtlessness, back in the 80s, mid-80s to be exact, I hung around with a buddy who was bad news, worse news than me. I hear he’s straightened out his act, which is good, because if he didn’t, he would be dead by now.

Back then, we both acted like idiots without regard for mortality.

I suspect I tempted fate more times than I want to consider. One wrong turn, wrong look, wrong twist of fate, and I probably wouldn’t be writing this stuff.

He liked Black chicks, raunchy fat, oily fat Black chicks with the hardest ghettotudes. He was a rough guy and he began dating this skank from South LA. She and I hated each other. But since he didn’t have a California DL, I was entrusted with driving him to the hood so he could mack with her on the dark front lawn.

The residential streets in South LA are dark (not just cause of the people) and feel like they can kill you simply with the threat of hidden murder lurking in the branches. That’s not a very PC thing to say, but it felt that way to the uninitiated from this wonderland that is East LA.

So one Saturday night my friend had me drive him down to this shithole so he could make time with his “nigga” ONS and I was so scared I sat in the car and locked the doors while they stood in the front yard. I couldn’t take my eyes of the mirrors and I was fucking positive some crazy-eyed mother-fucker was going to stick a pistol in my face and shoot me just cause.

Greater people have been killed for less, and my murder would not have shaken the earth.

There are things you do that tempt fate.

You either choose to be smart and prudent and minimize the chances (realizing that the chances are never truly extinguished, especially living in this large scumswamp that is LA) or you bluster your way into the detours of fate and do really stupid shit because it’s your right.

Back in the 80′s, I belonged to that latter group.

I didn’t think I was invincible, but I just didn’t care about my life like I do now. As you age, life becomes precious. This is a natural progression, I suppose, because old age is unnatural and a recent evolutionary commodity. We don’t know how to handle it, mentally and culturally. Youth culture, anyone?

Today I would never drive and park on a dark street in South LA. Wouldn’t do it. Admittedly, I might very well be shot dead walking down the street any day, but the point is, as you get older, you start to calculate equations in your heads, life equations, and you steer your existence toward those avenues of least resistance or danger. I play my cards as safely as possible, although I admit I initiate some consternation by saying shit I shouldn’t to people, but still, I try to stay out of harm’s way, and I would think someone like Calvin Williams would have done the same.

After Calvin Williams was wounded in a walk-up shooting in Watts five years ago, some thought he wouldn’t survive.

Williams, who fell into a coma for three months after the June 2009 shooting, slowly recovered. He still had trouble using his right hand, and he walked with a limp, but he had come a long way.

In the past, Williams had been arrested. After the shooting, he tried to stay out of trouble. He briefly enrolled in school to become a mechanic, and he took more of a role in caring for his four children: Calvin, 12, Kayla, 9, Kilin, 8, and Kelvon, 4.

He spent the evening of May 9, 2014, a Friday, with his girlfriend, her sister, and Kelvon and Kilin. They ordered pizza. Around midnight, Williams was in in the alley behind the home when shots rang out.

Bold is my own because I would hope that a 38-year-old man, after eking out survival from a near death shooting experience, would shower himself in tame prudence.

Tame prudence would involve not standing in an alley at midnight in South LA’s Nickerson Gardens. This is called “asking for it.” Whatever, I’m not here to judge Williams. It is sad that he survived a shooting in 2009 and returned to face the same fate, with a less joyous outcome, in 2014.

But I feel that his choices should be called out and his fate tempered with realism, because his aunt, Patricia Mosely, skirted the issue:

“Let this be an example that you never know what the next day is going to bring.”

True, but you do have some control over the opportunities you hand to ill fate and you can rehearse the day’s offerings up to a point by your cautious actions.

This lack of control is what differentiates the haves from the have-not’s in the United States.

Caution is relinquishment of freedom.

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Like all men, cops too have become weak and dangerous.

What ever happened to the police?

An investigation continued Sunday into an officer-involved shooting that left a 59-year-old armed man dead, authorities said.

Officers responded at about 11:40 p.m. Saturday to a medical assist call in the 900 block of North Placer Street, according to a statement issued by the Ontario Police Department. When the officers arrived, they encountered a man who had been drinking, the police said.

The suspect was “uncooperative” and armed with a weapon, the statement said, adding that the man’s actions “posed an immediate threat” to the officers. The type of weapon was not specified.

One of the officers opened fire, striking the man, who then succumbed to his injuries, according to police.

The suspect was pronounced dead at the scene. He was later identified as Jose Raul Herrera, a resident of Ontario.

Before Saturday night’s incident, Herrera had a previous contact with the Police Department regarding a weapons violation, officials said.

The officer who discharged his handgun is a five-year law-enforcement veteran, according to the statement. His name was not immediately released.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Ontario Police Department at 909-986-6711, or Detective Dave Rowe at 909-395-2749.

Police have are a reflection of the male role in society.

Weakened. Reactive. Inundated.

I respect police as an embodied role entrusted with maintaining order.

I no longer respect them in their present shoot-first role.

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