Ugly women are unfriendly.

Yesterday I walked into the local Coffee Bean at about 9:30 in the morning. One customer sat a table drinking something and playing on their phone; otherwise, the place was empty. Everyone was shopping, apparently. Most Coffee Bean employees are friendly and will greet you with a HI! loudly and cheerily. They make people feel welcome in their little den of caffeine. I was expecting such a reception from the idle girl behind the counter but was met only with stony silence. I didn’t go straight to the counter as I was studying the coffee powders and other holiday items, but she obviously did not feel impelled to trouble herself to acknowledge me. When I paid for my item she could barely summon the energy required to make me feel minimally welcome. Oh well. I’m too old to care, but I did note it. As I walked out I heard her greet the customer who walked in as I left in a cheery tone unlike anything I received.

The Coffee Bean chick? Youngish, round face, hawk-nosed, not attractive whatsoever.

Later in the day, evening, after dinner time, we stood in the check-out line of the local Dollar Tree. The cashier was talkative and friendly as she collected payment from the customer ahead of us. When they finished up, I was next. The cashier dashed impersonally through her routine without looking me in the eye nor budging the slightest smile. We walked out with our stuff after paying and I felt ignored, disregarded. Once again, I’m too old to care, but nevertheless…noted.

The Dollar Tree chick? Middle-aged-ish, any youthful vigor long departed, mottled skin, if she was ever attractive I think that stage ended when she was like maybe…9.

Later, in the checkout line at Sprouts, we waited patiently. Patience was called for as the cashier was a poor young guy who needed to refer to the store’s price list book for every item (or audibly to his cashier neighbor when he just didn’t want to look up the produce code) he scanned from the customer baskets. It was agonizing. I felt for the guy. Impatience will get you nowhere other than angry, not a useful place to be.  Another lesson of my advanced age. The lady in front of us kept picking at grapes from her bag while waiting and she turned to me and joked, “By the time I get to the cashier these will weigh a lot less!” implying that she was eating down the price of her fruits. I smiled and said yes, there will be nothing left. As we inched along (and I mean that literally), the rubber divider lazily sat in the slot too far ahead of me to reach politely in order to create a border between me and this lady with the grapes. The problem was that the cashier kid was moving so slowly that he was not pushing the dividers along, and sensing this, the lady grabbed the one that she was using between herself and the customer ahead of her and handed it to me as she smiled somewhat slyly from the corner of her eyes. I said thank you and felt good. I’m too old to care, but it was noted; nice gestures and friendliness are welcome.

The Sprouts customer? Mid-40’s, cougar material (can I ever refer to a woman’s cougar appeal when, in fact, I’m most likely older than her?), nice bod, sufficiently attractive.

Everyone knows, or should, especially men, one immutable tenet of female-ality: ugly women are unfriendly and have detestable personalities.  Conversely, attractive women are usually friendly, nice and exude warmth (whether it’s real or not). In micro-interactions, who really gives a shit how sincere friendliness is, anyhow? I certainly don’t believe all these pretty women want me.  I have a more realistic self-image than to allow myself to fall prey to such delusion, but I realize much of the reaction we (men) derive from women is more a function of their headspace, than our meatspace.

If only I had integrated this mindset like 30 years ago instead of taking offense to each and every instance of female unfriendliness.

Bethan Roper saves the world…almost.

I often shake my head when I hear of civilized first-world people who actively desire, and enable, the inundation of peaceful, orderly society with chaotic, filthy third-worlders. I can’t understand why they would want their nice worlds disrupted by the gleeful injection of disorder and cultural dissolution.

Why, I wonder.

Why would you want your pristine world of conscientiousness and cleanliness reduced to the Mud Rubble Mentality that is sure to accompany swarms of foreign refugees who are allowed in the gates? It goes against the grain of survival and illogically thwarts self-preservation.  Such people, through the dystopian unfolding of social evolution that has led us to 2018, have literally lost all traces of survival instinct.  In fact, this instinct is now polluted, distorted, in such a way that it now manifests as the antithesis to survival: it is a drive to suicide.


Bethan Roper saves the world but forgets about herself…


Sticking your head out a train window as flying along the tracks surely constitutes a corrupted sense of survival.


A woman who died after leaning out of the window of a moving train was hit by a tree or branch, an inquest has heard.

Bethan Roper, 28, was on her way home from a Christmas shopping trip with friends in Bath when she died on 1 December.

The charity worker, from Penarth in south Wales, suffered serious head injuries while travelling between Bath and Keynsham.

Miss Roper worked for the Welsh Refugee Council, having graduated from Cardiff Metropolitan University in 2013.

The charity, a sister organisation to the UK-wide Refugee Council, works to help asylum seekers and refugees in Wales.

She was also a campaigner and was chairman of Young Socialists Cardiff.


…or 2018 or 2019…

In 2015, I wrote Will there be a coup in the United States in 2015 or 2016? Impression 1.  It was September and after much bashing of the new Presidential candidate that summer, I would shortly come around.

Even then, the portentous nature of Donald Trump’s meteoric rise on the national American political scene was quite apparent to me.

I wrote


That’s how the end of society will hammer and destroy. It will sneak upon us amid the squalor of our own unhappiness and disappointment.

Our great republic of modern antiquity seems untouchable; but has the illusion immured us to tragedy?
Anything can happen.


Well there was no coup in 2015 or 2016.
2017 scuttled by dramatically.
2018 is just about over.

2019, the last full assured year of Trump’s Presidency promises to bring a whole plague of discord with it.

Still, the coup that might come casts its dark shadow on our nation.


In August 2016, Morell, who had retired in 2013, penned a New York Times op-ed praising Hillary Clinton and calling Trump a danger to the nation and an “unwitting [Russian] agent.” Imagine the reaction had James Mattis, then a recently retired general, written something similar on behalf of Donald Trump!

Political opinions are one thing but covert actions to undermine a duly elected president are another. The actions of the IC and the FBI constitute something that would be called a coup were the military behind it.

As Robert Mueller’s “independent” investigation into Russian “collusion” has revealed, many of those working on this investigation are partisans who make a mockery of objectivity. The email in the hypothetical case above is merely a paraphrase of an actual one sent by a now-dismissed member of Mueller’s operations. As Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer warned the president in January, “let me tell you: You take on the intelligence community, they have six ways from Sunday of getting back at you.”

We expect professional military officers to be nonpartisan. Of course, they have their political opinions like any other citizen but they are obligated to serve those who are duly elected to office.

We should expect no less from the IC and FBI. Its members should be held to the same standards of professionalism as military officers. An attempted coup by the IC is still a coup.