President Trump knew better; the road to hell is paved with good intentions. High-level chess move or geriatric naiveté?


Did President Trump really expect his purported diplomatic actions, which spared 3 UCLA basketball players punitive Chinese judgment for their knuckle-headed shoplifting side-trip last week, to be embraced warmly by the entire cast of thieves in this international melodrama?


If anyone should know better, it would be Donald, especially after the continual fuselage of character affronts he’s been subjected to over the past year.


And of course, a thankless, ungrateful cretinous parent of one of the players involved, LaVar Bell, father of his genetically named heir, LiAngelo, has in fact publicly discounted Trump’s role in the procurement of his son’s freedom.



Asked on ESPN Friday about Trump’s role in getting his son and two other players home, Ball said, “Who?”


“What was he over there for? Don’t tell me nothing. Everybody wants to make it seem like he helped me out,” Ball said.


In response to an American father being “unaccepting of what I did for his son”, Trump tweeted that he should have left the three college students in jail in China.


Trump had previously tweeted that he wondered if the three players would thank him, saying that they “were headed for 10 years in jail!”



To which Trump Tweet-responded:






Surely Trump realizes that some people are simply constitutionally incapable of stoically accepting, nor expressing, gratitude. Especially family groups affiliated with anyone stupid enough to indulge in a “petty” crime on the Chinese mainland.


I suppose the Presidency has a way of blinding you to the sour realities of human nature.  But for Donald Trump, this is a win-win.  I don’t doubt he allowed for some ingratitude to issue from this incident;  it would contrast with his “extracurricular benevolence” and only serves to disqualify the character attack behind the plume of uncivilized uncouthness.



During the time I wrote this, Trump Tweeted:

Sarah Silverman and the Cult of the Jewish Smirk.


Whiny Libtard celebrities are dime a dozen; they are one large amorphous blob of vapid virtue signaling and [fill-in-the-blank]-shaming. And when they use Twitter to spew, their reprehensibility exponentially bursts the seams of my patience. But there is one celebritard who gets under my skin more than most: Sarah Silverman. What is it about this ranting cunt that irks me so much when there are so many other celebritards issuing from the great collective left-wing entertainment anus to choose from? My theory is that Sarah Silverman’s liberal inanity bothers me most because I find her extremely sexy. I’ve always liked her type of physiognomy in women. The problem is, her appeal lassos me in like a sucker, but then I’m left to contend with the political baggage that accompanies. It always comes around to pound my starry eyes into submission.





Granted, she’s not to everyone’s taste; but she is to mine. But she is so stereotypical and my fantasy becomes a blue-balled descent into repugnance.


And the latest from the blabbering leftism of this fuck-her-leave-her wench comes courtesy of her pathetic Hulu talkshow, I Love You America. Proving once and for all that liberal comedians are at the very bottom of the dung heap when it comes to comic effect, Silverman and her guest cannot contain themselves.


In a November 16 episode with Christian Picciolini, a former neo-Nazi turned peace advocate, Silverman asks what Picciolini hears when “the leaders of our nation speaking.”


To which the “reformed” Nazi preaches:







Perhaps for some, Picciolini’s assertion is accurate, but for many, like myself, “globalism” and “the liberal media” simply are what they are. Jewish influence, predominantly represented, is not the primary unspoken inference. If I wanted to say “Jewish media,” I would. Picciolini, with the willing, eager complicit stage Silverman provides, aggressively implies that President Trump’s barbs are of the “anti-Jewish dog whistle” variety, but this is groundless conjecture. It is an old female (aka, liberal) ploy that bells must be rung and the damage bared; any arguments in refutation sound defensive by nature and thus, fail to create mindspace.


This is Liberal Debating Methods, 101.


Since Picciolini’s transition to the dark left side, he appears to have perfected one trait characteristic of his new team: the Smirk. It probably made Sarah’s panties wet, so disgustingly smug was his at the very end of the clip.








John Podesta, troll hunter, uses The Washington Post to exorcise his demons.


John “Don’t Call Me A Molesta” Podesta went on a tiresome rant at this Democratic cubbyhole, The Washington Post, yesterday.


His spiel, titled “Trump wants to upend 230 years of constitutional principle,” is a rote litany of DNC/Hillary-endorsed talking points that circularly reinforce their “credibility” by citing presumptions that assuage the leftist agenda.  It’s a very recursive argumentative tool.


Podesta apparently saw fit to emerge from the malevolent depths of his coffined slumber in order to address this long-overdue action against his Democratic *co-whore-ts*.


The peering spotlight has swung a little too brazenly in his direction for comfort, so now he feels impelled to take to his custom-made pulpit ensconced at the great purveyor of liberal pablum, his overt MSM mouthpiece, The Washington Post.


And on and on he goes.



I have been one of the favorite targets of the latter. Whenever Trump gets close to Putin, as he did in Vietnam this weekend, and is asked about Russian efforts to help elect him and damage Hillary Clinton by, among other things, criminally hacking my personal email account, he responds by asking: What about the Clintons? What about John Podesta? The Justice Department should look into them.


“Whataboutism” is reliably useful for triggering breathless speculation by the president’s allies on Fox News, in the alt-right media and among Russian trolls.


But what appeared to be a typically Trumpian media damage-control strategy has taken a more lawless and sinister turn. This week, it was reported that Attorney General Jeff Sessions — in an apparent effort to appease Trump — is considering appointing a special counsel to investigate Clinton’s role in approving the purchase of Uranium One, a company that owned uranium mines in the United States, by Russia’s nuclear energy agency. This matter was thoroughly and exhaustively examined by the mainstream media during the 2016 campaign, leading to the definitive conclusion that Clinton played no role.



Mr. Podesta should keep in mind that this smirky “whataboutism” he goes on about is simply a resentful description of the course of formal, and informal, investigatory action that is triggered when a “non-friendly” political force seeks to circumvent normal avenues of establishment power, and its voices in the MSM, to address the blatant abuse of power and morals by a shady group of political hacks (the same ones who have hid behind the establishment’s insulated information channels in order to perpetuate their illicit stranglehold on political “legitimacy”).  In other words, Podesta’s and Clinton’s chickens are coming home to roost.   Except the chickens in this case are those nebulous “Russian trolls” which is a catchall term the Left defaults to whenever it seeks to escape blame or accountability.


It was the Russians is their tired mantra when trying to slither out of trouble.


If Podesta insists on bemoaning this alleged upending of 230 years of tradition, why doesn’t he tell us a little about the Left’s fixation with old statues, monuments and gender pronouns (going back a little further than 230 years!), as well as its shameless historical revisionism.






Fat doesn’t need a reason, bitch.


This bitch.



The fries made me do it




This fatass, vulgar bitch.


Must weigh 250 and eats shitty breakfasts most days. A while back she started waltzing in with McDonald’s bags quite often, the lethal(est) destroyer of our cultural physique.


Always that bag of McDonalds and a cup of their special brew of “McCoffee” since that was one remaining obesity missile this fast “food” chain was not about to miss out on.


And as with all fat people, the promise of impending high-caloric, greasy food (such as that greasy McBomb lurking in the heavy Golden Arched bag) makes her happy and adds a spring to her step. She waltzes in happily, glutton saliva bubbling from that fat mouth in anticipation of this garbage called “breakfast.” The scintillation of a thousand calories beams in her adipose occluded eyes and she laughs and speaks as loudly as her fat rolls will physically tolerate, which is quite loud.


She eyes the bag and waits anxiously for the moment she can sing and spring into masticating action.


This sow always makes some stupid “excuse” for McDonalds, as if I really care.


“I needed to get some coffee.”


“I was running late.”


And yesterday, a new one.


“You know those circulars they send for McDonalds, the ones they leave in your door? I got this great one for a free sandwich, so I had to stop!”


Dude, I do not give a shit. Just eat up, for this is the basis of your miserable, obese existence.


Fat doesn’t need a reason. McDonalds is ass and to pretend otherwise is to be self-abusive. Eat and shut up.


Fast doesn’t need a reason, bitch.



When SJW’s and neo-Nazi’s share a bed, Harvey Weinstein sleeps alone on the floor.


This shows you that when Jews are viciously tribal, Gentiles absolutely must become anti-Semitic in order to stop their conspiracies and schemes. If Gentiles don’t organize to stop the Jewish plots, the Jews will take over most of your country and economy. So in that sense, anti-Semitism is not just adaptive but also necessary. Of course, as Jews get less tribal, anti-Semitism becomes a lot less important down to where it is probably not necessary anymore.Jews and the Hollywood Sleazeathon, from Beyond Highbrow.



Last night, my S/O described a Facebook post by one of her “friends” who is actually one of the female upperlings she works with. This upperling has posted similar passages on her wall recently alluding to being sexually harassed several times since entering the entertainment industry back in her late teens. Her related postings have described vague, nondescript occurrences, but in the past couple of days she posted one significant narrative (which was shared only with friends) in which she named a Name.  I’ll tell you only that the person is a well-known actor who she worked with on the set of a television production back when she was a lot younger. This actor aggressively attempted to wrangle a sexual liaison with her, in some cases resorting to dubious and legally questionable strategies to accomplish this.  According to this upperling, she refused each sexual advance until she finally felt compelled to file a complaint.  She was advised to avoid being alone with the actor, and no action was taken by the production company or network. This upperling has prospered since, and she has a very high-level position in the company (not connected with the production where she was harassed) now; she has not suffered professionally whatsoever for her refusals. She is attractive and fits many stereotypically Industry-Bitch criteria that come to mind when one thinks the “Industry.”


And the stereotypes don’t end there with this woman.


She was a vociferous Hillary Clinton supporter last year and she is a screeching SJW. Her pussy-hatted cute head took part in the Women’s March on Washington in January. She exemplifies the leftist Hollywood elitist vapidity that permeates today’s Western pop culture. And of course, showcasing as a chronic “victim” of the patriarchal, male-dominated society is part and parcel of the leftist package. Woe is me, I was harassed, woe is me, I’m making a six-figure income and I’m a bona-fide coastal elite. Woe for sale!


This upperling, and all of her type, perpetuate the victimization paradigm and the narrative runs rampant in the present climate.


While speaking with my S/O about this, I mused (to myself) that women who perpetuate the sexual harassment narrative are sharing bizarre bedspace with another group who are completely, thoroughly antithetical to the typical Hillary-supporting Coastal SJW: the alt-right, neo-Nazi cohort congregating in varying degrees of vehemence, throughout most of the political spectrum, anywhere from slightly to the right of John McCain all the way up to David Duke and beyond. Today’s White Nationalist/neo-Nazis are passionate moralists and lament the degeneracy of modern American society, something they believe has been ushered in by the vile, immoral Jews and their illicit control of Hollywood.  To the neo-Nazi, blame for America’s moral dissolution can be placed on many groups, but none as much as the Jew. And nobody embodies this fiend as much as Harvey Weinstein, and with each fresh name to fall from grace as the march of sexually aggressive pasts comes out in the wash, the alt-right is empowered with a little more ammunition and conviction with which to unleash its fury at the debauched state of American culture.







It’s a most deranged of unions.


The Harvey Weinsteins of the world find themselves sandwiched between the feminitariat Left for his exaggerated lewdness on one side, and the far Right for his exaggerated lewdness on the other.