There is no honor in jumping to the front of the line: the government’s strict enforcement of immigration law is not brutal, it is necessary.



Of course. It’s supposed to be, because apparently, a lot of people are not getting the message. Now, courtesy of the Trump Administration’s aggressive strategy to tighten up our national borders while also seeking to purge all the people who have illegally crashed the American gates by lazily circumventing the proper and codified entrance, people are noticing and paying attention.

Hopefully the message is loud and clear:

Wait in line and do not jump the turnstiles. There is a right way to become an American citizen, and there is a wrong way. And the fact that the wrong way became the rite of passage for so many generations of Latin American refugees in the past does not make it right today. It merely means a new sheriff is in town and he intends to uphold the “right” and the “wrong” and the immigration party is over. The American government, along with the sovereign immigrant-feeder nations south of the border, have engaged in a nefarious neck-in-the-sand, duplicitous path of looking the other way while allowing millions of people to believe, ignorantly, that they could simply walk into this country in blatant disregard of its immigration laws

The Trump government’s approach seems tough because it must be.  The enforcement actions make for less than savory optics for the bleeding hearts, but ultimately, he’s doing a favor to everyone by imposing a strict enforcement of this country’s immigration edicts. No more free ride, people are learning. Just because you can cross the border by foot and be welcomed by a greedy business owner looking to save a few bucks, does not mean this unhealthy synergy will be allowed to continue any longer.


A couple from New York City visiting their soldier son-in-law at Fort Drum in upstate New York were turned over to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) by the U.S. Army. The couple, who acknowledged that they are undocumented immigrants, had visited several military bases in the past with no issues.

Margarito Silva, 60, and his wife, Concepción Barrios, 50, planned to celebrate the Fourth of July with their daughter and her husband, a sergeant in the U.S. Army. The couple’s daughter Perla Silva wrote on Facebook that her parents had previously been able to use their valid New York City–issued identification cards (IDNYC), which are available regardless of immigration status.

Army spokeswoman Julie Halpin told WNBC that the couple was asked for a second form of identification because IDNYC cards do not have barcodes like the ones found on state driver’s licenses.


The Silva’s


“The bar code brings us a photo of the individual that we can check against the ID and the person presenting it,” Halpin told the station. “NYC IDs do not have this bar code. That is why they were asked to present a second form of ID.”

The couple admitted to being in the United States illegally, a CBP spokesperson told Newsweek.


The Feds are denying the relevancy of the IDNYC as a signifier of US citizenship. They are not playing around.

Quite a welcome innovation considering the US government has fallen into the manipulative habit of inculcating a paradigm of scofflaw triviality among people who immigrate freely to this country without the slightest compunction to do it the correct and honorable way.

There is no honor in jumping to the front of the line.




Who’s killing all the Great Instagram Stars?

In fact, just what the hell is an Instagram “star” anway?

And why does Fate, in all its infinitely cruel glory, seem intent on taking them all out? They never harmed us other than with their occasional dramatic, deadly bouts with brainlessness.

Let them live!

OK, not this one.

I think she sorta deserved it because I don’t condone her actions. In fact, if life was fair, the driver would have met the same fate for failing to consider that a person physically extending their torso out a moving car in such a manner might possibly collide with fixed landmarks by the roadside.

Possibly.  Something to consider.

You think?

The roll call is tragic, a sliver into the delicacy, and absurdity, of human life.

Aztecs for Trump. Thank you, “Ahuitzotl.”

There is so much “noise” in today’s social media arena when it concerns the politics of Left vs. Right that the whole paradigm has been transformed into one incessant whine of argument vs. argument and volume vs. volume.

The same shit is bellowed over and over and it’s easy to become desensitized to the tension and clamor until soon, nothing is remarkable and the echo chamber becomes numbing.

So in the latest case of the pretentiously named Kino Ahuitzotl Jimenez (Aztec Warrior, ret.), aka, Whataburger Employee from Hell, from Texas, and his battery of a teen customer wearing a MAGA cap, the din has risen and it’s difficult to get a word in edgewise.

Jimenez threw the first blow and unfortunately all public criticism of him now merely bolsters his lefty cred and even adds a little sparkle to his subversive acclaim. No press is the ultimate form of countering his actions in the public arena, but since people are unable to simply resist the temptation to join the shouting match, the next best maneuver aimed at destroying his ten minutes of fame is one I saw earlier on a social media post.

Don’t argue with Jimenez; usurp his image and make it representative of that which he detests most, and is known for: Donald Trump.