The legacy of our White Knight culture slowly ebbs away…

I’m really sick and tired of the MSM for all sorts of good reasons. They are shrill, prettied up spokespeople for the oligarchy propounding the governmental and corporate line designed to drive the masses into quiet subservience and consumerism behind lipstick and square jaws. That’s my big beef with the MSM. Another is their ridiculous overstatement and timidity when it comes to any spectacle that is remotely “dramatic.” News is written by, and for, tame SWPL/civilized types who don’t yell at their children and avoid public confrontation with the mildest and retiring dose of passive meekness. News copy is written by people who eat dinner at the Cheesecake Factory and complain about dust in places that should be dusty. The MSM is marketed at the bland and unremarkable. One-dimensional crap. So I really, really hate it when a video news segment is prefaced by a blond anchor who admonishes us that the images we are about to see are “violent” and “vivid” and “disturbing” and just overall too much for the average MSM consumer to deal with.

And it never fails.

Like the villagers who hid when the boy cried wolf, or Charlie Brown who rushes each time to kick the football Lucy is holding, I always fall for it. I click on “play” with the lustful and voyeuristic anticipation a sicko such as I can muster…and, nothing. The video is invariably garbled and indistinguishable. You can’t see anything. No blood, no guts, not even a good dose of flesh-revealing evisceration. Nothing. Am I that hardened to pain and violence that the garbage they warn about has absolutely no effect on me?

For instance, the latest offender to lure me into an empty, disappointing trap of dramatic overstatement is MSNBC. The female newscaster warns us, “Wanna warn you right now, this video shows some graphic violence, it is not easy to watch…” Wow! I jumped on that sucker like a hungry dog attacks a dropped meat patty. And this is what I saw:

Once again, MSNBC shot a big blank.

It’s all, and always is, a disingenuous ploy to hook in the depraved viewer (me). MSNBC and its ilk will not broadcast material which is truly too “intense” for the average Public bear. In its raw, unedited form, I’m sure this video comes close to living up to its billing, but c’mon, they take out the good stuff for broadcast. American television is tame garbage. They leave us with a watered down melange of grainy and blurry silent crap that shows nothing.

Ah, but wait! This incident was caught by a cell phone and appears in unedited form, with sound, over on The Dreamin’ Demon. Still, the perspective is both defeated by distance and the counter, but still, it is much more vivid than the vague BS MSNBC feeds us, plus there is sound which in these ghetto train wrecks is half the spectacle.

In fact, the only clearly visible portion of MSNBC’s reel is the interview with the “victim’s” father. In all fairness, he does not come across (during this clip, anyways) as defending his daughter’s actions. If I was him, I would be ashamed of my daughter. Naturally I’d feel a parental sense of horror at her injuries, but the truth is, they were self-inflicted. Though the McDonald’s cashier faces assault charges brought by our dystopian Justice system, blame for the girls’ injuries rests squarely on their childish and misbehaving shoulders. But true to form, our legal system plays its “White Knight” role to craven perfection. Justice will see to it that it punishes and banishes the man who deals with repulsive and entitled female behavior in the only effective manner possible. With strength and a heavy hand.
The hag shrieking”STOP” sounds like a Jewish harp.

See, women have it “tough” right now. They are at juncture of sociocultural supremacy at this moment in history. Their accomplishments in education and the workforce have brought them parity with, and often triumph over, men, who appear to be generally declining in their present cultural role. With this illusory female “advancement” women have undergone, and which has been inculcated in the masses for several generations, comes a disturbing and irritating brashness that is born of mutant hybrid of old-fashioned culturally-defined female entitlement (don’t hit a woman, treat her like a delicate crystal) and the modern sense of economic empowerment. The new woman/girl fails to live out a sense of the archetypal masculine honor and stoicism that has been the backbone of masculinity for ages. Man, being the more physically powerful and dominant gender until now, learned the art of balancing his reign with the concomitant offsetting traits of humility and restraint. Real man does not act like a child when overwhelmed. He faces antagonism squarely without degenerating into dramatic and petulant actions of the weak person. Today’s young girls act out with the privileged obnoxiousness of an adult child while expecting society to protect them when they push the envelope and get swatted down by the men they taunt. And for the most part, they are right to do this because the antiquated Western legal system abides by pre-1950-ian notions of gender relations and definition.

Anyone who acts like a clown in a ghetto McDonald’s better be prepared to get swatted down like this. Men have long learned you do not get physical unless you are willing to get physical. This sort of McDonald’s thing is the beacon call of equality. I would never act like that in a McDonald’s because of this very example. This is not a McDonald’s in some pussified whitewashed suburb where people “don’t do this.” The fact that there is a metal pipe (or crowbar as the anchor estimated) which cashier’s dart to in trouble tells me this is a rough area. It’s McDonald’s, obviously, you are not going to keep a gun behind the counter, but a steel bar can be somewhat disguised as restaurant equipment and simultaneously imbues a sense of protection. This is not a McDonald’s you’d find on the Upper East Side. Would the law treat the cashier similarly if he was attacked by two male customers? Women can now succeed in the pussified corporacracy, but they need to understand and comprehend that Sigourney Weaver in Alien was just another Hollywood fantasy prototype of the strong woman that its cultural ideologues and studio heads parrot. Western society needs to accept and deal with women’s advancement on 2 levels: a sense of socioeconomic prosperity that is restrained by the threat of punitive accountability in response to immature abandon. Welcome to a man’s world.

  • Amy

    Good news–Rayon McIntosh has a new job:

    McBeat-the-rap job

    December 11, 2011

    “McHero” is staying in the restaurant business.

    The ex-con McDonald’s worker caught on video bashing two dyspeptic female customers with a metal rod told The Post he landed another job after a grand jury sprang him from Rikers Island last week.

    Rayon McIntosh, 31, says he’ll be distributing and marketing free restaurant booklets put out by a Harlem real-estate company.

    “I hope people don’t recognize me. I don’t want the attention,” said McIntosh, who became a local celebrity when the graphic video went viral after the Oct. 13 incident at the Greenwich Village burger joint. “I’m glad to be back to work.”

    McIntosh was fired for the fisticuffs, but a grand jury believed he acted in self-defense.

    Read more:

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  • jynxi

    A couple of rotten bitches learn the true lessons of what it means to live by the sword. :-)

  • David

    A New York Grand Jury has voted not to indict Rayon McIntosh for this beating.

    A fast-food worker, whose run-in with two unruly customers was captured on cell phone video last month, will not be indicted on assault charges, prosecutors said Saturday.

    A grand jury voted against indicting Rayon McIntosh, who was seen allegedly swinging a metal object against two patrons at a McDonald’s restaurant in Manhattan’s Greenwich Village.

    He had been charged with felony assault, according to Joan Vollero, spokeswoman for the Manhattan district attorney’s office.

    The grand jury reviewed evidence and testimony over 11 days, said Vollero.

    • Amy

      Wow. Great news–thanks for the update.

  • Shawn

    Great fast food scene from Falling Down:

  • David

    Ultimately, it’s not the propriety or legality of the cashier’s actions I care about. You ask me, personally….? Of course there was overkill. The minute the girls fell to the ground was the moment the beating should have stopped. He was driven by passion and revenge at this point. This is the same dynamic that leads police to continue beating down people after a good dose of surrender. A man who is engorged with testosterone and the juices of survival instinct does not just STOP.

    A sense of danger is a keen instinct that is ingrained, physically and socially. In our complacent and pampered 21st Century Western civilized lives, danger is as disconnected and dampened as possible. The typical modern citizen has absolutely no sense of danger. The same goes for men, a gender which subsisted for millions of years on the notion that his physical and mental strength would willingly protect his mates and offspring. In the span of a short few generations, this has been trashed. And men are now expected to retract their primal natures in the blink of an eye while women believe they can begin usurping the masculine role in the same flash of time.

    Danger is a mighty lesson. Once the civilization loses touch with the threat of demise, it putrefies and weakens.

    “Girl fights” and “ghetto broads acting stupid” is just a harbinger. Obviously, these women are not the most economically- or intellectually-gifted specimens, but that’s not the point. They are the canaries in the coal mine and they point the way to Woman’s Future Path.

    Danger is a tamer. It bestows humility. If women don’t know danger but they know “empowerment,” we are fucked.

    How many men have experienced their girlfriends/wives, asking them to do something really stupid just to “show their love?”

    I once had a girlfriend who asked me to move a live wasp nest from a condo balcony, through the condo, to the disposal chute. And she was pissed, grouchy, and demeaned my manhood for my refusal to do this. Women do not know danger so they do not know consequences. If they want to play with the big boys, they need to realize the consequences.

    • Amy

      I don’t think it was revenge, but fight-or-flight–adrenaline.

      Ha, I kill the bugs (including wasps) and empty the mousetraps in this house. (I spray the heck out of wasp nests before moving them–geez, no point in being macho about it.) Old house–things get in. The little critters are “my department,” I’m not squeamish and would rather not be the type of wife who expects her husband to handle them. The big critters–anyone breaking into the house–he’s made that clear that he considers that his department.

      Danger shouldn’t be a tamer so much as something that sobers you up, teaches you not to be a damned fool. Foolishness is an equal-opportunity malady.

      • David

        Yes, I strongly suggested we buy wasp spray from Target but that didn’t seem such a hit :)

        I don’t like to kill bugs because it’s messy. I toss them outside if I can. I do kill roaches and flies, if possible. I believe they exterminated here in the past 6 months because I haven’t seen any of those wayward roaches I used to spot all the time!

        • Amy

          Your ex was a bit of a sadist.

          How much mess can one bug make? Though I’m speaking as someone who has cleaned up after cats and children with touchy stomachs.

          They make these catch-and-release vacuum gadgets for catching bugs–I always thought they were a waste of money and batteries, but there’s a battery-free version called the “Bugzooka.” Extends to 2 feet–depress the plunger, suck ’em in, shoot ’em out.

      • Hmm, we had a wasp nest that we could not remove without the help of the pest control people. I am with you. I am the bug killer of the family. BLEECH! Hate bugs!

        • Amy

          Yikes. How big was it? I always get them when they are no bigger than an avocado.

          The only pests we’ve needed outside help with were the Big Brown Bats. One-foot wingspan. Gaaah. I’m pleased to say I didn’t scream like a little girl when one flew at my head, but I came close.

          I don’t hate bugs, but I don’t have a live-and-let-live attitude when it comes to having them inside the house, especially since the kiddo was born. I used to catch-and-release more often.

    • Hell, I would have told her to do that herself, who ever it was! I have been stung by a wasp-not the band-the real bug! It is very unpleasant. What a douchette for forcing you to take your life in your hands because she was too cheap to call the pest control dude.

  • Amy

    Hey, do ya think at some of these McDonald’s, they oughta put up plexiglass barriers like at a bank?

    • David

      McTurrets would work better.

  • Amy

    I don’t agree with the comments that celebrate the “beatdown”–that’s just nasty–but my sympathies are nonetheless with Rayon McIntosh.


    Two against one, one of the women started it by hitting him (that’s when his body language changes dramatically), the burly woman definitely outweighed him, they escalated it tremendously by jumping the counter–a very aggressive move. Sure it was a disproportionate response, but I think it’s asking too much when we expect someone who fears for his safety to measure out some kind of exact response, given that he’s not a cop or someone who has been trained to respond to attacks. He wasn’t trying to kill them, he was trying to stop them from getting up. Reportedly one of them was also reaching for her purse (possible weapon?).

    • David

      The counter is sacred in any kind of retail environment. It is your “moat.” Even the most outlandish male behavior in most of these videos does not cross that barrier.

  • Anonymous

    two thugette scum slap and abuse a service worker. leap over the counter and chase the man down – to what – mildly reprimand him?

    but the servile – take shit and grin – service worker – turned into a master with a rod. and delivered justice with vigor and style.

    an inspiring example for us all – rayon of the rod.

    • David

      They acted like children.

  • Anonymous

    a most delightful thrashing – with a metal rod. two-handed blows. masterful. cathartic. joyful. thrilling.

    • David

      It is disturbingly cathartic.
      I don’t defend it just like I don’t defend police abuse. But I have never been in a situation where I was defending my (perceived) life. I don’t know how I would act.

  • I think that there was a really good beat down back in, I think Baltimore over the summer. A couple of Black gals beat the crap out of some fal as the staff pretty much just watched. Oops! My bad! Turns out the “gal” beaten was a transvestite. No matter. I kind of get your point about the overdoing of these stories. But it does come down to who is is the Leftywhore, Obamawhore media. No, sorry it is NOT the Jooos! It is a bunch of like-minded SWPL types and there is no real conspiracy. What it is that unites these folks? There left-wing POV. Oh, you got the story source from MSNBC. Enough said.

    • David

      Most or your “Joos” are pretty SWPL themselves. SJPL. I doubt Christian Lander wanted to deal with the repercussions of that when he started up…

      • Yes, they are the secularists that I totally loathe. Kind of like Cafeteria Catholics. They don;t like to be RELIGIOUS Jews until some wrong, real and or imagined is done to them. You know who their biggest enemy is? George Soros. I really believe he is one evil dude. Yet the left idolizes him. As one who appreciates my own Jewish heritige, I totally think Glenn Beck is right about him.

  • Amy

    The women have also been charged with their part in the incident.

    “Police have charged the cashier, identified as Rayon McIntosh, 31, with felony assault charges, along with criminal possession of a weapon. Both women were charged with menacing, trespass and disorderly conduct. He is being held at the Manhattan Detention Complex on $40,000 bail, according to the Department of Correction website.”

    McIntosh reportedly kept telling them to stay down, and hit them each time they tried to get up.

    There is already a Rayon McIntosh defense fund page on Facebook.

    • David

      My credit union’s ATMs gives me 50’s and 100’s all the time. I hate it. Whatever the case, it’s a formality that most places inspect large bills. I don’t blame them.

      McIntosh is not a saint and I wouldn’t trust my life with him. However, it’s due to the fact there are people like him out in the real world that keep me from acting out and acting like a little boy when my cash is inspected. This is an awareness I’ve integrated into my well-being that these little ghetto princesses haven’t.

  • Shawn

    I have not problem with the guy defending himself in this situation. I think the metal rod was probably excessive, after all, they were not men. Unless of course this man was very small, I don’t see why he really needed it. MSNBC edited out the sound because it portrays Blacks acting badly.

    This clip made me want to watch Falling Down, a great movie.

    • David

      Falling Down, haha. That movie deserves a resurrection, doesn’t it?

  • Retrenched

    Yeah, because it’s the duty of men to sacrifice themselves for the good of civilization, while it is the duty of women to… umm… demand that men sacrifice themselves for the good of civilization.

  • rather, why should ONE MAN risk his life and step in between these two revolting animals? which one of them deserves protection? the one that just got out of jail for manslaughter or the female thing screaming queer at him and jumping over the counter.

  • David

    Yes, a STOP shriek has been clinically proven to stop all instances of violence.

  • jynxi

    If you tease a dog and he bites, don’t blame the the dog for your missing fingers.

    • David

      You blame the dog and sue the owner for all he has.

      • jynxi

        Feed and pet the dog and he becomes your best friend. Beat and starve the dog….well?