Taking candy from a baby (cow)


I know or have known several people (mostly women, hmmm) who hate eggs for reasons entirely unrelated to their taste.


They think eggs are ewww because of their fetus-like presentation; that whole thing about eating a pre-born being and the thought of the runny, yellow yolk grosses them out, like totally dude.


Which is fully understandable. I can see their point. I love eggs myself and I don’t really care what the hell an egg is, per se. It’s a great tasting, nutrient-rich food and I gobble them up.


On the other hand, I don’t understand why people have no problem drinking dairy milk. Isn’t that equally nasty? Drinking the mammary fluids of another species, something intended for little calves? In reality, shouldn’t we be drinking human milk? Makes more sense to me.




Sorry little dude, but your mom’s milk tastes so good.