I know a female psychopath


I do.


If you read the extensive literature, you’ll learn there is no clearly official psychological category known as “psychopath.” However, in the DSM-IV, any previous reference to this “mental condition” is now lumped in with anti-social personality disorder.


So I’ve know this female psychopath for about 7 years and initially I fell for her resounding magnetism and hard-edged joie de vivre like most other bored, foolish guys. I was her easy prey during the period of my separation and divorce because after 7 years of marriage, I was hardly discriminating or sharply perceptive in what I chose to decorate my trophy case with.


Female psychopathy is especially nebulous because it is easily misinterpreted for normal histrionic female behavior. In fact, I would assert that many of the trademark distasteful feminine behaviors we observe and tolerate in young, modern women, are merely personality ingredients that normally live on the psychopathic spectrum. Most women are not psychopaths, but the behaviors they are prone to exhibit which can be construed as psychopathic are merely cosmetic manifestations of the lack of basic grounded character. They are not inherently “evil” people. They are just women who have been molded by the dystopian social dynamics of the late 20th and 21st Centuries.


The modern self-absorbed woman, while prone to manipulation and cold-hearted appraisal of others, is nevertheless not vicious at heart. It’s her youthful ebullience and adulated persona which excuses her levels of disrepute. This is the woman who will mellow with age and much of her “faux psychopathy” of youth will wither away along with the last vestiges of beauty. These egotistical-minded young primadonnas are not psychopaths. They simply display the chameleon-like symptoms of psychopathy without truly possessing such a diseased immutable personality.


This chick who I know is a psychopath.


She displays all the common insidious attention-whorish, entitled traits which attract idiotic men like flies. But her psychopathy is only clear after years of watching her function and fuck over everyone she comes in contact with. In the spirit of self-transparency, I will be honest about my motives: she has fucked me over as well, but not in the typical sexual or relationship context you are probably guessing. I will not go into details, but I have played the part of one of her victims.


To behold her face, stare into her vacant eyes, is to study icy pools of soulless opportunism. She will manipulatively extricate herself from countless difficult situations while earnestly proclaiming her regret and shame beneath the veneer of disingenuous confession. Those who don’t know her will think she is a kindhearted person. She is kindhearted to the extent it will only benefit herself. Her callousness is shielded behind layers of artificial warmth and overplayed exuberance but is hidden so astutely that at times it appears she’s incapable of noticing it, even in herself.


According to DSM-IV, the antisocial personality is described thus:


The symptoms of antisocial personality disorder include a longstanding pattern (after the age of 15) of disregard for the rights of others. There is a failure to conform to society’s norms and expectations that often results in numerous arrests or legal involvement as well as a history of deceitfulness where the individual attempts to con people or use trickery for personal profit. Impulsiveness if often present, including angry outbursts, failure to consider consequences of behaviors, irritability, and/or physical assaults.


Some argue that a major component of this disorder is the reduced ability to feel empathy for other people. This inability to see the hurts, concerns, and other feelings of people often results in a disregard for these aspects of human interaction. Finally, irresponsible behavior often accompanies this disorder as well as a lack of remorse for wrongdoings.


I thought of all this because I have witnessed numerous interactions among graduating 8th graders recently. Thirteen- and 14-year old boys and girls embarking on petit adulthood, displaying, in miniature, all the troublesome traits which many of them will grow into perfecting over the next 5 years in preparation for the big bad world. One thing that strikes me is the extent to which girls have begun the genesis of utter self-absorption and vanity which paves the path which will lead them into the adult versions of theselves. They are psychopaths in training.


The psychopathy of young women is best described as transient or situational. Their brand of psychopathy is opportunistic because it engulfs the void society rewards pretty young females with. Most of them choose the path of least resistance and happily fulfill the role with frivolity and debasement. They are psychopaths because they can be. Our world does not demand deep character, only a simple sitcom-like charade of acting out and hysterics will work fine. Once they get older and the well begins to dry up, reality returns like a hammering blow of dismay and though it may be too late for true depth to emerge from the cobwebs of their character, women nevertheless learn that they can no longer act in the overtly self-assured and blustery manner of their younger days.


For this reason, the female psychopath is not generally discernible until she is well into her 30s because genuine psychopathy will flourish independently of reward or punishment, or its possibility.


The description of a psychopath above is very useful because it stays away from the common allusions to criminality. Much of psychopathy occurs in the absence of criminality, especially in women. The act of committing spurious acts of crime seem to be the province of testosterone-hyped, big-minded males. Women psychopaths commit gentler versions of interpersonal crime which is nevertheless destructive. Women psychopaths destroy souls, but the worst thing about their psychopathy is that they convince themselves of its non-existence by artificial displays of feminine tenderness and trite corniness. This solipsism is a self-preserving hallmark of the female mind as Ferdinand’s classic post detailed.


The female psychopath I know has indeed committed a serious crime which does not involve murder or property damage. It is a gentle crime in the respect its putative aims were noble. She diminished the seriousness of her actions behind this Robin Hood facade. Here is the thing: even though she candidly told me of her deeds, I doubt their veracity. Lest it appears I’m on a personal vendetta, there are many other people who share my opinion. In fact, a former friend of hers confided to me that this woman is a “compulsive liar.” She is, and many times she admits to lies blatantly as if taking some sort of perverse pride in her ability to spin surreptitious tales. I truly have no idea whether her “crimes” were real. And she has been in physical altercations as well where she relished the role of aggressor. Her sexuality is apparently unbridled and does not discriminate. She is unrestrained by the common hesitations of civilized society and she is dangerously impulsive. Her level of deceit is bottomless. She will turn 37 in September and she shows no signs of maturing or mellowing out of this “stage.” Of course not, she is a psychopath.


As a female psychopath, she has refined the art of sinister human manipulation. Her evil shenanigans are carried in words and insinuations and clever elicitations of behavior which she is adept at triggering by whoring her self-respect out. My favorite game which I did not realize she played until word got out from others I know, is her practice of befriending people and attaining a level of trust whereby they feel comfortable “opening up” to her. Having reached this insider level of acquaintanceship, she will frequently bad mouth or talk shit about a mutual acquaintance, co-worker, etc, and thus freed, her confidant will in turn feel emboldened and speak ill of the person as well. This female psychopath, thus Trojan Horsing out this morsel of gossipy info, will race off to the person who was spoken ill of and relay what the person said of them (without including the fact that she prompted it by speaking harshly of them as well)! She has winnowed her way into some favorable situations by relying on such duplicity. She does not use this method in a foolhardy manner and she does not trivialize it by conjuring it to sooth the most fruitless situations. She reserves it for those times she stands to gain directly.


She is my psychopathic female friend!



  • S_

    Most Texans, male and female, are psychopaths. It’s part of their culture; it’s a major cultural characteristic of Texans. Like, oh, refusing to admit any wrongdoing or having caused any offense – instead, just doing the “act-nice-and-smile” thing. When confronted further, still refusing to entertain the notion that they’ve crossed any interpersonal line, and just responding with something passive-aggressive. When incontrovertibly confronted, violently projecting the very things they’re doing onto the person confronting them. That isn’t psychopathic? It’s frickin’ normal among Texans.

    It’s not just the women, but when there’s sexuality involved in the dynamic, it’s worse. Part of that comes from Texan men’s being so easily managed by women, thanks to the malingering Southern Belle archetype in the Texan culture.

  • James Von Brannock

    Psychopaths don’t have friends. You must be an associate.


  • I Pledged Allegiance

    Wow if the age and birthday were different I’d swear you are friends with Natalie Scibetta (strangedream)

    • Consider her Googled. She does look a bit unhinged, I’ll give you that. Psychopath, who knows…

      • I Pledged Allegiance

        Oh and her webcam naughty name is OpheliaOrion . I found out that there’s a site called fuckbook lol . Her picture on there reminds me of those commercials about the poor helpless animals who need our money to help them while Sarah McLachlan is singing in the background..

        • It’s more enjoyable to squander my hard-earned dollars paying for dark smelly children to have cosmetic surgery for their repulsive harelips. (Oh, sorry, cleft palate or whatever the bullshit is they call it now).

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  • Wow.

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  • Ben

    This is the best web page on the Internet.

    I was dating a female sociopath, narcissistic personality disorder, psychopath etc. for a few months. And I had no idea these empty devoid of humanity people existed. Zero empathy, pure spite and callousness, no response to anything unless u put them down somehow. Always walk away from every interaction confused and sad, delusional and despair feeling – and super chemically addicted to them. It is the most bizarre thing ever. (But she’s really hot, so it’s worth it?)

  • Tess

    I am not a psychopath or anything like that but there is a big difference between a man you pick to manipulate without him knowing it and a man who wants to be used and manipulated by you, how can you ever feel guilty about a man who wants you to use him??? I don’t think there is a harm in using someone who wants to be manipulated, someone willing to max out their credit cards on you even though you already told them that you don’t even like them and will never like them. I get those guys all the time, everybody knows the type of men I take seriously but they insist on trying (even though they know they aren’t my type)… Who is to blame??? they are begging to take the chance and they know they will lose at the end. Sometimes I meet guys and they get too comfortable with me, they tell me their problems and secrets and since they become to close to me they also know the type of man I want and look for but still they insist on taking me out and wasting their time on me … I mean sometimes a woman is bored and she might say yes to date just because and that doesn’t mean that we are psychopaths ( I think they are just smart)… I read one comment here of someone saying that after him knowing how she played him she still uses him, so that means he likes to be used and manipulated I guess some men just feel good when a woman uses them. We are adults and we should know better, I call it survival… my advice to all the victims is “if you know she is mean and she is just using you just get away from her, it might hurt but what can you do she is just using you and she will get rid of you whenever she feels like it or whenever she find another person to play with, learn ur lesson and move on…life continues and the most important relationship you will ever have in ur life is the one that you have with urself so love urself more than any women out there”…. and the ones that were used and they want to fight you back because of all the money and time they spend on you…. hahahaha how I love them and is very funny to see them all upset, well at least they learned their lesson right? I hope so!… and no I’m not a psychopath, I have a family and I love them and I would never harm them or play them. I am an animal lover and I treat my pets like family, I am a normal person :)

    • Socially Extinct

      True. There are many men who get off on the submission game, whether directly with whips and restraints, or indirectly with promises and pussy behavior. I really can’t blame bitches for taking advantage of such situations. Some guys just deserve it.

  • Heather

    I don’t know who is more sick, the psychopaths or their repeat victims that posted on this site. I think the psycho-babel term for the repeat victim is: co-dependency. If you are co-dependent, then get help immediately.

    As a woman, I understand women rule in the realm of influence. When used well, this trait brings good things to society, like well behaved and respectful children, who learn to become a productive caring adult. When used poorly, only evil comes of it. Mass media is mostly to blame for the apparent rise in female psychopathy, whether temporary or permanent. But they are only half of the problem, as the saying goes: it takes two to tango. Those who digest a steady diet of their morally depraved garbage are also responsible for this mess.

    Honestly, it was bad when I was young, but now? My mouth was agape in horror as I asked my sister and her boyfriend if this stuff was really on regular t.v. and not cable – they assured me that it was regular t.v. In the show, the children were running the household instead of the clueless and stupid parents. And the parents were absolutely wretched – wretched people. Really? Many social behaviors are learned, through modeling, and if this is the garbage children watch, why are we so surprised by the results? Garbage in garbage out.

    Hitler of all people understood that if you repeat a lie long enough, it will be accepted as the truth. He also targeted the youth with mass media propaganda. The lie women believe and act upon in this day and age is, as propagated by mass media, that men are useless, or toys to be used and abused. Why? Because that is how men treat women, so they say. Is this lie true? No, well at least not for the most part. Most men I know want a woman who is loving, frugal, , industrious, gentle, modest yet enjoys the marriage bed, and gives good council, but submits to her man’s final decision without pouting or withholding affection. Where is this Proverbs 31 woman modeled within mass media propaganda as a desirable way for a women to act ? No where, at least not any more.

    Our society’s sick and twisted female role models go against God’s initial intent and design for a woman’s role in society. Even God tells the idolatrous Israelite nation that a prostitute is more righteous than the adulteress in this: at least she gets paid and know what you are getting for your money – sex. In other words: they are honest and upfront whores. God is far more lenient on an honest sinner than on a hypocrite. But does that make prostitution a more attractive solution for society than educating women in their proper role in society, that of being a self-less, chaste, nurturer and help-meet, and asset for her man? If it does, then sadly, this society is lost!

    • Socially Extinct

      Very wise, Heather.

      I concur completely.

    • Jake

      Nope. Feminism is to blame. Women just want to pump and dump men which is difficult. Men will be hostile.

  • Catwoman

    Do you know whether or not she was actually diagnosed by a psychologist?

  • Rob K

    You seem to be confusing whorishnes (emotional and physical) with psychopathic traits. Its a common mistake.

    Not everyone needs to be attentive to each others needs while reaching a personal goal. Sexual , personal, or otherwise, we are not required to care about each others feelings. A psychopath is someone who lacks empathy for others as their default personality. This is usually regardless of their life experiences. Empathy usually comes naturally for most. As an example though, a tragedy in life will most often lead people to feel empathy for others experiencing a similar fate. A psychopathic personality will not feel empathy even after the experience. In fact they will often fine blame and fault in others even though it may have just been fate or their own doing.

    She may have empathy but her other goals are primary to her for whatever reason. She may be conflicted, and simply not know how to express her empathy to you and achieve her personal goal. She may not realise she can have both. Or maybe she does but she realizes you are not capable of understanding her ability to provide both. So she discounts you as not being up to her speed when in fact maybe you are each a work in progress.

    All that said, I have to agree, there are more female psychopaths than male. Ive met many.

    • I Get Occasional E-mails Informing Me that Someone’s Posted on This Page …. Since They’re not Addressed Directly to Me I don’t Read Them ….

      However, I got Feedback from My Host-provider & it Showed I was getting Traffic from This Site, so a Big Thankyou to The Host ….

      Wherafter I finally Broke The Rule I’d made above, after Replying to a TRANSPARENT Moral-Imbecile above ….

      The Post I’ll Be Responding to Will Be The Last & It BEGS for CORRECTION, if-not the BULLSHITTER’s Extermination !!!!

      I’ll go through it Line by Line & then I’m ADIOS …. And A Big Thankyou Again to The Webhost for The Traffic I’ve had from His Site, to My Site :- http:Christlike.be

      I Expose Psychopaths on My Site & I’m Presently Updating It for The Big Push …. It’s A Place of Morality & Empathy …. FUCK ALL Psychopaths !!!!

      So, I don’t Know if the Post I’m going to Comment was addressed to Me or Whoever, none-the-less :-

      The Imbecile Writes :- “You seem to be confusing whorishnes (emotional and physical) with psychopathic traits. Its a common mistake.”

      RIGHT AWAY The “Psychopath” is playing it’s Ace-Card, if it SUCKERS You with That 1 Then it’s Game-on for the TRANSPARENT Moral-Imbecile ….

      eg WHERE Does WHORISHNESS Come-From, The Imbecile doesn’t Explain, simply tries to Sneak that 1 past You …. He’s a DUNCE CUNT ….

      The Emotional shallowness He Speaks of LEADS to The Physical Choices which would allow a Fee-Male to degenerate into Being a Whore …. It’s not a Choice You CAN Make if The FRONT & Back of Your Brain are functioning Properly & Capacious, Respectively ….

      Moreover, if the Whore is wired back-to-front in the Centre of Her Head, She’ll Enjoy it anyway, so Whoring is a Fanny-Magnet for Fee-Male Psychopaths ….

      There is NO Mistake Made in Classing ALL Whores as Psychopaths, the Mistake is in FAILING to …. You CANNOT Be a Whore & An EMPATH, it’s an IMPOSSIBILITY !!!!

      ie You have to FUNDAMENTALLY Lack “Self-Awareness” & have the Amygdaloid Capacity of a fruit-fly …. eg A Whore’s PERCEPTION of REALITY is NOT Reality, She’s essentially a Glorified Insect …. However, at Least She’s usually Honest, unlike the Shit-Fountains Who Prey on My Fellow Man Right left & Centre. ie Little Blame-shifting Morally-imbecilic Gob-Shites Who Need HAMMERED & Launched ….

      I RECOMMEND The Whore-House rather than Stooping to the level of being a Whipping-Post for a Man-Hating miniscule Minded control-freak, Who is pathetically Core-Inadequate behind All Her SHITE …. ie She KNOWS She’s inferior & gets carried-away lording-it over The BIG Man She’s bullying, She Needs HAMMERED & Launched …. You’d Save money & Have Greater piece of Mind, GOING to The Whore house (Don’t let “Them” come to You ….)

      It’s Abundantly obvious that Psychopaths are unconsciously Self-loathing Animals looking for An Innocent Easy target to Prey on, to attempt “projective identification” …. They’re IMBECILES Who lack the Mental-Equipment to Exit in REALITY !!!!

      Furthermore, They’re driving Empaths to Extinction & the More Obvious The Empath the Sooner They’re assassinated ….

      I Have NO TOLERANCE for People Who “lie, Pretend & Hope” (oh, My,” I can Spit-Through Their confabulations …. A Psychopath is like an African-Shit-House fly or Any Salesman, They’ll GO ON & ON & ON rather than Admit defeat, “IF” They think There’s a chance You’ll Believe Them …. They’re fucking GARBAGE & They KNOW It !!!!

      So, regardless of Who the DICK (ie Psychopath) is Referring to, in It’s Reply, it’s TYPING SHITE & Hoping You Fall-for it from the get-go, when the Appropriate Response is to Track it down to it’s Hovel & Incinerate the insignificant little shite & Purify The Zone !!!!

      That’s ONLY it’s Opening-Gambit !!!!

      If Your Instincts are Triggered, it’s Because Psychopaths “ARE” Truly REPULSIVE …. Trust Your Instincts, HAMMER Them & Then LAUNCH the subhuman Vermin ….

      It’s NEXT Gem :- “Not everyone needs to be attentive to each others needs while reaching a personal goal. Sexual , personal, or otherwise, we are not required to care about each others feelings.”

      Have You EVER Read more Shit in All Your Life …. What a Fucking TRANSPARENT Dunce-Cunt, the Gibbering Psychopath is …. ie It’s a nauseating Hypocrite trying to Feather-it’s-nest …. What a DICK-Head !!!!

      EVERYONE “NEEDS” To Be Attentive or They’re a fucking USER, AKA a “PSYCHOPATH” !!!! …. Moreover, if They’re using the Person to achieve a “goal” You need No Further PROOF that They’re a fucking “PSYCHOPATH” ….

      He refers to “We” very Tellingly, Psychopaths drop “Tells” unconsciously & also consciously to get-off on Their “delusions” of Grandeur …. When it’s Their “delusions” that Torment Them & give-rise to Their Atrocities, against Self & Innocent Others, time after time …. They’re Space-Garbage & Should Be drowned & Burned !!!!

      So Anyone as Imbecilic a Bell-End as the Tit-Head I’m EXPOSING “Should” TELL Their Prospective Partner that They “DON’T CARE ABOUT THEIR FEELINGS & ARE SIMPLY TRYING TO REACH A PERSONAL GOAL” !!!! …. What a TRANSPARENT DUNCE-CUNT The FOOL is !!!!

      Talk about SUBHUMAN …. IF a Psychopath Meets A Human-Being & Says That Sentence & The Other Party Goes-Along with it, Then FINE & GOOD Luck to You …. However, UNLESS That’s Made Clear FROM THE VERY Beginning, it’s a Piece of Shit, with a TINY Mind deluding itself at Other People’s expense …. ie A Time-wasting LUNATIC !!!!

      It then rambles on :- “A psychopath is someone who lacks empathy for others as their default personality. This is usually regardless of their life experiences. Empathy usually comes naturally for most. As an example though, a tragedy in life will most often lead people to feel empathy for others experiencing a similar fate. A psychopathic personality will not feel empathy even after the experience. In fact they will often fine blame and fault in others even though it may have just been fate or their own doing.”

      A Psychopath is Someone Who doesn’t Develop beyond 5, like the Poster Who penned that Pish …. They’re SEVERELY Mentally Handicapped across the Entire front of Their Brain, as Though They’d gone Head 1st Through a wind-screen into a Tree !!!!

      Moreover, Their Amygdala, like MOST People’s is FUCKING TINY …. The TWIST that Makes Them a Psychopath is the VENTRAL TEGMENTAL REWARD Centre, which is Wired Back to Front & to which They “INGRAIN” Their PATHOLOGICALLY IRREVERSIBLY, until it’s TOO Late & it Becomes Rigid & “inescapably” HARDENED …. Whereafter They go looking for a CELL mate !!!! …. (FUCK Being That Guy !!!!)

      They’re Essentially a dirty Beast, ie a “JUNKIE WANKER” jonesin for a Hit against ANYONE Who’ll Give Them the time of Day, Especially Those Who Are OBVIOUSLY More Evolved than the little shite ….

      Moreover, the Psychopath is Capable of Great Honesty, to the extent which it’s capable of Grasping Events …. However, since it’s PLAGUED by Jealousy (AKA Unconscious Self-Loathing) it will “Always” exact pseudo-revenge against Even-Those They Admire, EVERY SINGLE TIME WITHOUT EXCEPTION FOR ETERNITY …. (See, Jesus & Judas & Cain & Able & Moses & His Brothers & so on ….)

      A Psychopath can have A High IQ but essentially is an Emotional-Dunce & Your Sworn Enemy, hiding-in-plain view, Sitting Right beside You Trying to Work-out how to GET what it wants from You, including Hurting You for sadistic pleasure it’s Addicted to “&” to bolster Their flagging “delusions” of Grandeur ….

      Furthermore, if They can con You in Any Way, They feel superior again & if You stop being a Challenge They’ll replace You with another “Object” …. They’re VERMIN !!!!

      The pseudo-powers-that-be KNOW that MOST Fee-Males are Psychopaths, as did Caligula, Who discovered that AFTER You Destabilise, then Divide & Conquer ALL You have to Do to Destroy A ONCE “Healthy” Society is simply Pseudo-EMPOWER Fee-Males, THUS Fatherless Children, Who are nearly 70% more Likely to Grow-Up to be Anti-Social personality Disordered as Their Pathology was Allowed to Run riot without A Dominant Male Guide, with Emotional-Intelligence ….

      Moreover, a Single HATE-FILLED Mother “PREYS” on Her Children, as Caligula Knew, as She’s a BLAME-SHIFTING fucking RETARD & has Exclusive access to The Man She hates Children, without BALANCE & is Protected by the pyramid of paedophiles in Your Legal system …. More than 2 Thirds of Abused Children are abused by Single-Mums ….

      More than 70% of Crime is Committed by Fee-Males, whilst You’re Still encouraged to Think of Them as The Saner & Trustworthy Sex, when EVERY SINGLE FACT IN REALITY “PROVES” Other-WISE !!!!

      Furthermore, They’re now MURDERING Men at an Exponentially EXPLOSIVE Rate …. Even the PRETEND figures released by Your paedophile governors, ADMIT that in the last 10 Years alone There’s been a 100% Increase ….

      You KNOW what the Response of the Garbage-with-Tits would be to That don’t You !?!? …. “GOOD !!!!” …. “Men are Aw basturts !!!!” …. now that They’ve GOT Their 5,000 Loaves & Fishes NAIL Jesus to a Tree !!!!

      Jesus needed only to spend 1 Night with a low-functioning Psychopath Whore to Realise He’d been Being Christlike to People Who were simply LYING Jealous MURDERERS Wishing Him Dead & wanting Him to fail & to rob Him & betray & prey on Him !!!! …. He opted for crucifixion after that as What Was The Point in Being EVOLVED During UNEVOLVED times of UTTER Lunacy !?!?

      Moreover, I Spent a few Nights last Year with a Fee-Male Serial killer (1 of 5 & a half I Studied) Who had almost undetectably shallow Emotions & around 30% Affective Empathy, Zero Cognitive Empathy & No Object Constancy, moreover, She was Atypically wired back to Front & was Addicted to the Rush Her otherwise flat-lining tiny-mind got from Perversion, furthermore without a Moral-Conscience Centre at the Front of Her napper it was Like Being in a Cell with Hannibal Lectre, fava beans & all …. AFTER WHICH “NO CUNT” Can Fool You !!!!

      ie You See A Psychopath as CLEAR as Day EVERYWHERE They rear Their UGLY Heads …. eg You have PRIMARY Psychopaths & Secondary Psychopaths, however, You Also have Tertiary Psychopaths & So On …. Right Up until You Get A NORMAL ORDINARY Person …. Whereafter You Get Degrees of Empathic Function & Larger Amygdalas until You Get A Christ …. (HELLO !!!!)

      In Jesus’ Last Days He was Cracking a Bullwhip in the Temple, Kicking Ass & Taking Names …. He’d Realised that It’s MORAL to HAMMER & LAUNCH People & ROAR The Truth into Their DISHONEST ever-bullshitting tiny-minds, as Even the LOWEST functioning of Psychopaths FUCKING KNOWS Right from wrong, They CHOOSE wrong & LIE to “cover” for Their PERVERSE Addiction & Their Core-Inadequacy !!!!

      Many Psychopaths are Talented, however, The World can Do without Their Addition, for what They Subtract isn’t A FAIR Deal !!!!

      The Imbecile I’m Exposing went on to Jabber :- “She may have empathy but her other goals are primary to her for whatever reason. She may be conflicted, and simply not know how to express her empathy to you and achieve her personal goal. She may not realise she can have both. Or maybe she does but she realizes you are not capable of understanding her ability to provide both. So she discounts you as not being up to her speed when in fact maybe you are each a work in progress.”

      If She puts GOALS before Empathy She’s a PSYCHOPATH !!!! …. You don’t CHOOSE to Stop Being Empathic You EITHER “ARE” or You’re NOT, due to ACCESS to Your Left-Frontal Lobe through the Uncinate Fasciculus …. Moreover, Empathy Is An ADULT Capacity …. Even-If They have Some Access There it will be INFANTILE & Arbitrary & Self-Focussed at Best …. (AKA A FUCKING PSYCHOPATH !!!!)

      What Clearly DEFINES a Psychopath is The PLEASURE They get, VOID of Self-Awareness, as Any “SELF RESPECTING” Human Being, WITH Self-Awareness COULDN’T Enjoy what They do, even-if They got a BUZZ out of it, eg If I was struck by Lightening & Started Getting Pleasure out of Having Sex with Cats, I’d simply Have Myself Castrated rather than Turn it into a Way of Life, Due to Having SELF AWARENESS …. ie “Respect for Others” is a CORE Component of Self-Awareness !!!!

      That Said, IT’s MORAL to TELL The Truth WITHOUT fear or favour to JABBERING Fuck-Wits, the LAST of Whom I’m Exposing Here, even-though They may-well of Not been Writing to Me & A Thankyou to The Host Once more ….

      There is No “REASON” to put GOALS before HUMANITY, it’s the EPITOME of Psychopathy & the Apologist for it has Been Exposed in all it’s slimy gory Moral-imbecility !!!!

      It highlights that the Fee-Male Psychopath may have Affective Empathy, but lacking Cognitive Empathy & BEING A FUCKING USER will “PRETEND” & Keep-silent, whilst Covertly abusing, using, robbing & whoring, WHAT A GAL !!!!

      Her lack of Ability in Those Fields is Due to NEUROANATOMICAL “Handicaps,” Dysfunction, Incapacity & Wiring …. Moreover, It’s A FUCKING “CHOICE” !!!! …. A Psychopath has No RIGHT & No JUSTIFICATION to behave in the SHITE way the pseudo-apologist FAILED to make a Case for …. They should be DROWNED & BURNED !!!!

      At least HAMMER Them Verbally & LAUNCH the fucking Self-Confessed Vermin & All Their DELUSIONS & desperate CONSCIENCELESS behaviour …. The IDIOT doesn’t realise that You CAN’T Have A CONSCIENCE Without Empathy !!!! …. Empathy IS A Conscience …. Moreover, if You’re FUCKED between The Eyes, then You Have No “MORAL” Conscience & if You’re Fucked in Your Right Frontal Lobe then HELLO DAHMER !!!!

      Your Leaders & EVERY Tier of the Shit-Pile Pyramid ARE Psychopaths PERIOD !!!! …. They “lie, pretend & Hope” (Oh My) & PRIDE Themselves on Innocent People affording Them The RESPECT THEY DON’T DESERVE for Being a MAD lying CUNT Who DESERVES to be Fucked & Burned !!!!

      If A Fee-Male Psychopath DOESN’T “Care” Enough to “Deduce” that She can Have Her PSYCHOPATH GOAL “&” A Relationship, Then She’s a FUCKING DUNCE CUNT, like the Imbecile pseudo-apologist …. ie She Doesn’t CARE Enough to WORK Out a Solution, because She’s the Depth of a Sheet of Paper …. She’s Walking-Shit with Tits !!!!

      ie A fucking user, Who Should Be HAMMERED Then LAUNCHED as Otherwise You’d have to BREAK Her or DOMINATE Her whilst She Atypically covertly works against You Longing for the Day the tables turn & She can exact pseudo-revenge, Even-If You’ve ONLY Had Good Intentions towards Her throughout, for Years …. They’re No WORTH it, as They Don’t STORE Any DEPTH of Emotion with Memory, IF ANY, thus They Never “APPRECIATE” People …. They Often FEEL “Nothing but Cold” inside & Only Store Specific Memory rather than A BROADER More Intelligent Spread of Emotion-Couple Experience …. Furthermore Their Handicapped brains SCATTER the Emotion so the lazy Dunce simply Recalls past Events as Meaningless Pictures, in Their meaningless Life, cut-off from The MEANING OF LIFE “Hard-Wired EMPATHY & Compassion” Love & Honesty …. You FUCKING DUNCE CUNT !!!!

      It’s HIGH Time MORAL Men STOOD Up & REALISED FUCK ALL These pieces of Shit We’re TRYING to Help, as WHILST We’re TRYING To Help “THEM” They’re DELIBERATELY CHOOSING to Work Against Us & PREY on Us, trying to Cause Us BRAIN Damage & Make Us FAIL in Life, which They’ll then Abandon You because of They’re dysfunctional RETARDS & Need to KNOW Their place, whilst Your oppressors (ie leaders) Tell You to SYMPATHISE with Them OTHERWISE that Makes YOU the Bad Person for TELLING The Truth About Them !!!!

      I Repeat, It’s MORAL to BULLWHIP Them, as They KNOW Right form wrong & CHOOSE to Live the way Your Society ALLOWS & ENCOURAGES Them to, See Caligula & Cue WW3 !!!! …. You Have Been Warned PyroMANIACS !!!!

      As for a Psychopath’s Self-delusion, ie LYING PATHOLOGICALLY until They’ve created a situation of See-If, then Being Ham-Strung by The Predicament They’ve yet-again Created with Their Handicapped blame-shifting Brain PERMANENTLY looking to Punish INNOCENT Good People They’re jealous of …. They ARE Capable of Loving, like a 5 Year old, but FEAR You SEEING Them as They ARE …. I repeat, You’d have to Stay on top of Them at All times & I ASSURE You They’d be building up to exact revenge for the Slightest of Slights, UNLESS You had CONSTANT time-outs …. They’re DELIBERATELY Exhausting You & Can FORGET You Exist in a Heart-Beat, as You’re only an Object to Control for Self-Gratification …. They’re ANIMACULES !!!!

      If A Psychopath doesn’t want to Suffer the Fate “ALL Psychopaths Suffer” Then ALL They NEED “DO” Is TELL THE FUCKING TRUTH You SUBHUMAN GARBAGE !!!! …. It’s NOT Hard, You’re NOT Important, in Fact You’re FUCK ALL & You KNOW You Are !!!!

      So GIVE It A Try, Tell The OBJECT You want to prey-on & abuse that You’re a pathological lying lunatic Who NEEDS “Time-Out” After time-out endlessly if You’re to have the Semblance of a Loving Relationship, where Doggy gets It’s Reward & SELFLESSLY Gives The Appearance of Reward to The Object in Return to Continue the HEARTLESS Relationship …. Where FUN can Turn to RAGE in a Heartbeat & ALL “CHOICES” are DELIBERATE !!!!

      TRUST Your Instinct, as in 1 Word Psychopaths are Deliberately “REPULSIVE !!!!” …. Essentially They’re a 5 Year old Idiot Who pushes boundaries & GUESSES & Hopes to produce a negative outcome to SHARE it’s tiny-mind’s misery …. THEN …. It wants to be Instantly Forgiven whilst it systematically destroys You, because it CAN & Your Pseudo-Society Is BUILT Around it ….

      Over 70% of People are PSYCHOPATHS, Ranging from Primary all the Way Up to Pleb !!!! …. I’m A Primary Empath, As Evolved as It Gets, which Means I’m THE Prey !!!! …. When You TELL The Truth regardless of The con-sequences, You’ll Never be Alone faster & May as Well paint a Target on The Moon ….

      When You’ve Spent Several Days Alone in a Room with a Psychopath Who WANTS things to Work Out between You both, WHILST preying on You, WHILST Studying Them & You SEE what A Brain Is Like WITHOUT Executive Function & They ADMIT to Having No Moral-Conscience & You SEE Them Derive Sadistic Pleasure from TRYING to hurt You, whilst You Play Possum & so on …. You can NEVER be Fooled again & if You Are NEVER for Long & The SOLUTION is ALWAYS The Same, HAMMER Them & Then LAUNCH The Cunt & Have No more to Do with Them, Then EXPOSE The Vermin on My Website http://Christlike.be

      The IMBECILE’S Brain, has a Hell-Bent Corpus Collosum, thus Missing Out the Frontal-Part of the Brain & Can Pass Information around QUICKLY & Coldly & can Calculate against You in an impressive yet Self-Destructive way which leads to Dresden being Carpet-Bombed …. The Bigger Picture is lost on Them & They’re the BORN Loser EVERY time, Unconsciously wishing YOU would INGRAIN Your pathology as They Have & Even if They DESTROY as much of Your Life as Possible I ASSURE You They Wake-Up some time later RAGING & Seeking another ENEMY again …. They’re GARBAGE & Shouldn’t be Taken Seriously Ever ….

      However, TAKE Them Seriously, Play Possum & See what SHIT You’d Have Been Doting on, would’ve been like to You Otherwise …. So, Baby’s SHOULDN’T Travel at Speed, yet Your Society puts Fee-Males behind the Wheel, encourages Them to Shove Hubby out the Side-Door & Then BATTER Their Kids until The Crash …. WW3 Is Coming, as NARCISSISTIC RAGE borne of UNREALISTIC Expectations has reached “fever pitch” ….

      MOST Fee-Males don’t Exist in Reality & You can SEE the State-encouraged RAGE Looking-for-a-way out to GET at You, when You Meet Them in ALL Walks of Life …. Since MOST Fee-Males are Psychopaths They Should be SCREENED with a P.E.T. Scan Machine or Better Still, They Shouldn’t Be ALLOWED Out & Should Be Told SHUT THE FUCK UP & RAISE YOUR KIDS With A Father & don’t have UNPROTECTED Sex UNTIL You MEET A “GOOD” Man, HOW MANY TIMES do You NEED to Bleed from the CUNT to Know You can Get Pregnant DELIBERATELY without a Contraceptive !?!?

      Most People are Subhuman Garbage & I RESERVE My EMPATHY for Those Families I’ve Been Helping WORK Their Way out of Poverty, for the last 17 Years, whilst Your Pseudo-Leaders continue to Throw Them into The Jaws of DEATH & FUCK Them at Black-Masses in Aberdeen !!!!

      I was Targeted in Scotland for TELLING The Truth, as Everyone is Being by the Psychopath Garbage …. When TELLING The Truth is deemed a crime, HOW BIG are the crimes They have in Mind !?!? …. Moreover, Telling The Truth has ALWAYS “Hurt” People, as Most People, Being Psychopaths, are LIVING a lie & That’s WHY Reality Hurts, Thus Their CORRUPT Brain deludes to Hurt REALITY “BY PROXY” …. Christ’s “Being” The Proxy ….

      Psychopaths are UNIFORMLY Predictably Stupid & I don’t Give a fuck about Them anymore, having SCORED My Knuckles on the Grounds of Hell for Decades Studying the fucking Garbage …. You CAN’T “LOVE” Peter Sutcliffe out of Carrying a bag of Hammers, You Can Sweet-Talk Dahmer out of Charging His Drill …. You Can’t PLEAD with Myra Hindely to Stop RECORDING Children BEGGING Her, the Perceived FAIRER Sex, for MERCY, which She Latter flicked-Her-bean Listening to …. You MUSTN’T “Hold Back” The Truth from Rosemary West Who Got OODLES of Pleasure from murdering Fred’s Daughter so the Animal’s Own Daughters could Ascend to the Thrown of West …. They’re JUNKIE WANKERS & Should Be EXPOSED, Then DROWNED & BURNED !!!!

      MORAL Men are fucking COWARDS !!!! …. I TOOK ON The Whole “System” in Scotland & I Assure You They were GUNNING for Me …. I have Exposed Them & Will Continue to Expose Them on The Updates on My Website ….

      The TOP SECRET “They” don’t Want You to KNOW, is That The UNIVERSE Rewards Moral Positivity, CONSTANTLY & QUICKLY …. Conversely, The LAW of The Universe is to PUNISH the DELIBERATELY Morally-NEGATIVE “slowly” until it’s TOO LATE !!!! …. (See, Jacob Marley ….)

      Primary Psychopaths NEVER Stop CRAVING Their SUPERFICIAL wants, to HELL with Them, I Have SEEN that They ALREADY Feel the FIRES of Hell, in Their Perma-RAGING “Lunatic” Brains, in Their BULLSHITTING, Unimportant, “Talentless,” Hollow, Shallow, DERANGED, demented, Hate-Fuelled, DELUSIONAL apology for a Life …. They’re “GARBAGE” going straight to the firey pit !!!!

      There are MORE Fee-Male Psychopaths than Male Psychopaths & They’re REPULSIVE Vermin, Who See Reality superficially, because They’re SEVERELY Mentally handicapped with a MINUSCULE Mind which thinks it can Get-away with BULLSHITTING & if it can’t it Will Find Another You (Cue, Adelle) …. Ask Yourself HOW BAD has Society got when “Self-deluded,” Serial-killing, Child-abusing, Torturers with Tits can BLEND IN !?!?


      Kind regards
      Erol The Wise & Magnificent Has Spoken ….

      • I Pledged Allegiance

        Thank you. I feel better now :)

      • CSW

        wow…you got that right! I like you ! I just feel bad, knowing you have been through everything you have been through. I can imagine just how much of a burden it is to know and have seen and been through all of what you have. I don’t like this burden at all.
        I miss being naive and not having to see the ugly truth, but you can only be hurt and victimized so many times in life, it becomes inevitable to face it

    • LR

      And female sociopaths/psychopaths get raped and abused in return for not acting like real women. Society is hostile towards antisocial women.

  • Dave_2050

    I was going through my emails and found a link to this blog. I’m now up to over $67k to the psychopath and I swear not another dime!!! My life with women is so screwed up. But I have found another outlet. I met a prostitute and she is sort of crazy. I told her I won’t pay a dime to have sex, I just want to hang out. I find her stories fascinating!

    A month or so ago I met a couple and the guy was pimping out his gal. The gal was a dream come true and was being used for money and a meth head. I tried the meth and could not believe what it did to me…unreal! I had no appetite, forced myself to eat and when I lay down after 40 straight hours of being awake my eyelids flew open. Anyway, the gal wanted me to get her out of that life because she felt something bad was going to happen. We kept in touch for a while and then poof, she’s gone just like that. I was ready to spend thousands to get her back home. I actually fell for her lock, stock and barrel. I’m such a sucker for a woman and her story.

    I am jumping headfirst into one psychopathic relationship after another. I’m finally starting to see how these people work. It’s actually making me stronger…stronger to say no but at the same time I’m looking at what I’m doing and wondering if it’s me that’s being psychopathic and luring in victims.

    I started delving into something that I thought I was looking for because I felt like a victim and now I feel as though I’m shooting fish in a barrel. I see now how a psychopath can have multiple victims and juggle them. I’ve got my toe in the water but sort of refuse to take the plunge. Taking the plunge would be saying things like I love you, I need you, I want you…etc. I refuse to go there…..but what a ride!

    I get to the point now where I place myself in some danger and have a knife or a gun in case something goes wrong. And now my psychopath who gets me for money says she’s being stalked…..and I’m thinking, man, if she did to some other poor smuck what she did to me, I’d be stalking her if I had that kind of mentality. And now here I am, on the other side of the fence free to do whatever I want and am seeing how a psychopath can operate.

    Before the relationship with my psychopath I thought I was fairly normal. Now that my life has been tossed upside down by her I feel as though I’m totally out of control and love it…..or do I? She still calls and most I ignore…she texts and I answer some. Why won’t she go away? Why can’t I tell her straight up don’t ever contact me again?

    The last bit of money she got, well over 2k she swore she’d pay in a few days….that was over a month ago…..I think now I can finally say no to her….but did it ever take a long time……and what gets me now is I find I’m replacing what I lost with her, with a whole lot of other people….women who probably use me but can’t mentally get to me….it’s like a sick game now…..and all I ever wanted since I was maybe 18 was to find a woman to love me like I love her.

    Can I blame my behavior on anyone but myself? No, not really, but boy oh boy do I ever wish I’d never met her !!!

    • Amy

      Hey Dave; long time no “see.” You were at $64K to this same psychopath February of this year, yes? Do enablers of psychopaths have the equivalent of AA or some support group somewhere? Because I think you need a support group.


      Johnny Cash and Merle Haggard, “I’m Leavin’ Now”


    • Dave_2050

      That was a good song……it hit the spot.

      Interesting support comment. Lots of people seem to help.

      You just did…thank you.

      • admin

        Wasn’t Merle Haggard the one who sang “If Drinking Don’t Kill Me, Her Memory Will?”

        • Amy
          • admin


            George Jones specialized in the “only death will overcome my lovelorn misery” subgenre! “When The Grass Grows Over Me” and “He Stopped Loving Her Today” for instance.

          • Amy

            If you’re looking to cry in your beer, you can’t do any better than George Jones.

  • Paul

    Hey, just wanted to stop by and say hello and thanks for the post. It’s helping me settle whether or not a former relationship partner was in fact a female psychopath. I am becoming convinced that she was not because I don’t think she was a pathological liar. But still was very dangerous as a sociopath with a deep seeded hatred of men inside her since childhood. Her psychopathic behavior would of course lash out at her “love” victims. She did in fact have an issue holding down relationships in the past but now may be coming out of that. I’m not sure and I do not care so much what has happened with her since then. However, for my own peace of mind I needed to know what happened. It’s been a very scary ride that has made me revisit my haunting past. I likened her of the Arabian succubus, a beautiful girl who roams the desert looking for men to devour, she shape shifts and turns into her true form: a hideous beast that consumes the man with her vagina of sharp teeth. She could be different, she could be better today, but back then she was definitely evil inside. Knowing this girl has made me more aware of the systemic issues we face in America, one being the collapse of the family unit in this culture and rampant sexism from both sides. I think America is very sick right now and these psychopathic / sociopathic people coming out of the woodwork are a symptom.

  • l88

    lol what a load of woman hating bulls**t
    yes you got played.
    we all get played.
    and yes society does push women AND MEN to behave like shallow discussing individuals.
    if she was a psychopath you would know rather quickly.
    there are hundreds and hundreds of psychological conditions why do people always jump to that one?

    i just read Marie’s comment – and this does sound rather close to a diagnoses but it’s always impossible to tell without interviewing the pt

    • Sadly, Your “desperate” pseudo-conclusion “reveals” YOU for What You ARE “Kid” ….

      ie You Clearly SEE A “Woman” as Being a Psychopath, which Proves YOU Are one !!!!

      A REAL Woman Is An EMPATH !!!! …. Spot The Difference “IF” You Can ….

      eg You can Only Be Played, by a Player & a Player is another Word for “High-functioning Sociopath” …. ie Someone Infantile “&” Void of Conscience, ie An EMPATH “CAN’T” Play You ….

      Your inability to Be Able to grasp That BASIC Concept & Your Obvious State of “Denial” at Seeing YOURSELF in The Character of The Psychopaths “Profiled” above, “underlines” Your lack of Insight & UNDOUBTED Sociopathic Mind-SET ….

      For The RECORD :- You pitifully “HOPE” Your “false” comments can Alter Reality, However, Where I Exist I Feel NO Need to Justify Myself to an “Infantile, sexist, Self-deluded Pathological-liar” …. ie YOU !!!!

      Also, Your callous Laughter at the Plight of Those Who’ve Been targeted by “criminal” Congenital-idiots We’ve Attempted to Help, “underlines” again what You ARE, ie Void of Conscience or Empathy & Atypically “hiding in plain view,” hoping You can Alter Reality by “Typing” & FAILING in Your “attempt” to pass-on Your barely-concealed Self-loathing “Kid” ….

      I Did My Best to Reach Out to The Gentleman Above & With All due Respect, I & Any Mature “Adult” Human-Being couldn’t Care less about Your “Infantile” devil-may-Care response OR what You Think about “Anything,” as You’ve disqualified Yourself as Being a delusional “Chancer” ….

      I Won’t return to CORRECT Any more of Your Infantile, desperate, con-venient, bogus-conclusions from Your insecure little “angle” Kid ….

      The Accurate Conclusions I’ve Drawn are Based on Empirical Evidence, Neuro-Anatomical Study & Lengthy Consideration & most Recently “P.E.T.” Scans which showed a lack of Activity in The Psychopath’s Prefrontal-Cortex & Frontal-Lobes ….

      Conversely, it’s obvious You just open Your Mouth & let Your “Self” deluded backside rumble ….

      You Clearly “imagine” that Men Should simply Accept Psychopathic Female Behaviour, which means You never have to improve on Your limited & ingrained neurological inheritance …. Although You “failed” Here, I’m certain You’ll keep looking for a “victim” to share Your “misery” with …. God Help Them !!!!

      I repeat, TYPE what You will Kid, “I” Will neither be Reading or Replying to Your “transparent” failed “projection” …. As You’re not about to “Develop A Conscience” or “Insight” Any Day Soon …. BE Good, IF You Know what’s Good For You !!!!

      Kind regards,

      • tatiana

        Sweet holy mother of God it just keeps going!

      • tatiana

        OK so I just watched your stand up, and I think you might have forgotten to put the jokes in?

        PS. What shampoo do you use?

        PPS. How does it feel to be genuinely mental?

    • tatiana

      We questioned what he said! We are clearly psychopathic Fee-Males too! Argggghhhhh!

      • Cheryl

        I just read Erol’s article and then read the lunatic ranting after it. She’s a disgrace to our sex and the embarrassing ‘epitome’ of everything he insightfully wrote about and exposed. Even after he lampooned mentally handicapped chicken brained females ‘lying pretending and hoping,’ straight away he gets a psychopath ‘hiding in plain view’ lying pretending and hoping that she’s got magical powers to ‘hurt’ an adult’s feelings because ‘the big baby’s’ feelings were hurt, by ‘the awful truth!’
        At nowhere in the article do I see a reference to her, yet she’s left response after response after response to a poster who’s clearly stated they won’t even be back to read what he ‘predicted’ would occur. For a moron to then sit down and write exactly what he’d ridiculed and to do so so predictably, talk about ‘retarded?’ The mind boggles, I’m so glad my dad and brothers taught me love for men, growing up, instead of the delusions that baby women never grow out of, in their self aggrandising dark little world of ‘destroying until they’ve proven they’re superior’ to those who can’t yet see them for what they are, then when someone tells the truth about them, they go into SHRIEK mode, which I actually applaud him for exposing, lock stock and two smoking tonsils.
        I feel sorry for the majority of guys who don’t yet realise that most amoral animals we call women ‘are’ psychopaths, most of the whores I went to uni with knew they were. Like Erol I won’t return to read whatever the ‘irrelevant’ pig trots out next, she’s proven herself to be an imbecile and what’s more I watched ‘Erol on fee-males’ and was blown away, I laughed until my sides were sore, so now I’m ‘infinitely’ confident that Titiana is a ‘lunatic,’ which means she’s yet another mentally handicapped shrew, hoping to be taken seriously long-enough to get her quota of shrieking done, without being able to see what a deplorable wretch that makes her in ‘reality’ and she never will. Her painful world ‘is’ lying, pretending and hoping that the ‘insignificant’ chicken-brain’s pecking will cause ‘truth tellers” brain damage, to match her own. Before Titikaka plays the martyr card or makes up more squawk, I’m off for a soak and a look at Erol on common people. I won’t be back either, she can babble alone.

  • Hi Dave, (Not to be confused with David)

    You took My Reply in Good Faith, as it could’ve seemed insulting, rather than Helpful, which I’m Glad You Realised My Intentions were !!!!

    As for the faux-suicide pity-play, think Ted Bundy …. I was recently arrested for Doing My Level Best to Show Christlike “Understanding” to a fee-male serial-killer & because I Stood-Up for Myself, She fled, but then has pursued Me remotely ever-since …. Remember, You can sum up even the WORST psychology with 1 word, “BULLY” !!!!

    EVERY Bully IS a coward & hasn’t EMOTIONALLY Developed beyond Kindergarten phase, thus Their DESPERATE attempts to Appear to Be MORE than They actually are, They’re TALENTLESS, Mentally-Handicapped Children Who’s EVERY Action PROVES That FACT !!!! …. I’ll do My PITYING of Them, from a SAFE Distance !!!!

    However, with This CORRUPT Court System, run by & for IMPOTENT “primitive” People obsessed with trying to make You as miserable as Themselves, for the over-arching MEGALOMANIACAL aim of LUNATICS, even DISTANCE can’t Save You from their “tendrils” …. Thus Why I’m going to Move to a Country where there IS Freedom of Speech to Tell The Truth about SERIAL-KILLERS ….

    To underline, when a Fee-Male Says She’s going to Kill Herself, Bill Hicks would tell You to Encourage Her as Afterwards “The World would be a Lighter Place” …. However, all I’d Say is Carry around the FREE-Phone number of a suicide-hotline & Wish Her WELL with it ….

    Remember, A Relationship is TWO WAY Traffic …. ie In the Words of Janet Jackson, “What Have YOU Done for ME Lately !?!?” …. Ask THAT of THEM !!!!

    We’re Genetically engineered to Be the PROVIDER, in a Country where We no Longer Need to BE the Provider as Females have EVERYTHING & They’re STILL not Happy, because WITHOUT “Surrendering” to A MORAL Man Their Lives aren’t WORTH Living …. ie They’re “void” of MEANING ….

    Think how EASY Western Females have it, compared to the rest of the world & if They STILL can’t Manage & NEED You to Help Them, Then that ALONE Proves how grossly INCOMPETENT They are & no-doubt that They’re simply LYING to You to FLEECE You, for which You’ll NOT Receive gratitude You’ll be MOCKED behind Your Back, to the coven or Worse to Your FACE ….

    You shouldn’t Have to BUY Affection, no ADULT Woman would REQUIRE payment for Her “services,” as An ADULT Woman Would Want A Soul-Nourishing Relationship Where She REALISED that It’s In GIVING that We Receive & would Naturally want to Be “KIND” & CARING to You ….

    Keep Repeating to Yourself WHAT Have THEY Done For ME !?!?

    I repeat, Give Them the Suicide-hotline & Wish Them “Well” …. Even if They’re to be believed, it’s not Your Responsibility to wet-nurse Someone Who’s So SPOILED that They can’t APPRECIATE Life in the FIRST World & moreover, if They’d need medication & psychotherapy which You can’t provide & You should ONLY Offer Your “Friendship” IF They could Provide PROOF of That Treatment, for Their Sake as Much as Your’s ….

    Moreover, if They’re FOOLING You, You’ve PROVEN that You CAN’T See the Wood for the Trees, with such cold-hearted thieving IDIOTS !!!! …. Repeat, That Word Dave, They’re IDIOTS ….

    I was GRATEFUL to the serial-killers (plural) I met, because They Told Me REPEATEDLY that EVERYTHING They do, even in Their most Crazed of moments, is a Deliberate “CHOICE” !!!! …. Think about That for a While ….

    The other thing I was grateful for, was by Studying Psychopathy I was Able to UNIFY All My “THEORIES,” which I’d Written about My Entire Adult Life & even-though I was 100% Sure I was Right about Them, I wouldn’t FEEL 100% Confident if Challenged by a Finger-Pointing bullshitter …. However, after Studying Empirical Evidence & those Experiences I Then Pulled-Back the Curtain & Confronted the wee wizard of Oz & Grabbed Him out by the Horns ….

    Those Horns are :- “Theory of Mind” & “Blunt Affect” …. I Could’ve Danced & Sang, when I FINALLY Did what I’ve NEVER Done in My Life, I Actually STUDIED & afterwards I Realised that I’d been targeted by Dozens of sociopaths, which Made Me grateful to the serial killers again, as at least They’d been QUICK in Their Attacks ….

    eg Jesus tried to Do what I’ve Done in My Life, ie He Tried to HELP what He THOUGHT were Mentally-ill People & sinners etc, however, 1 Night with a sadistic, Moral-imbecilic prostitute (Mary Magdelene) & He came racing from His Tent Shouting, “PETER, You’re going to renounce Me THREE Times Ya Bampot ….” …. “THOMAS, You don’t Believe A Bloody Word I Say ….” …. “And JUDAS, You’re going to get Me NAILED to A bloody TREE !!!!”

    The Reason Jesus Had a last Supper, was because of the People He allowed to Attend it …. Think again, about Jesus KNOWING what They were going to do & then LETTING Them, because He “Realised” what His Penultimate Words Echo throughout time, “Father, Forgive Them, for The Know-Not what They Do ….”

    ie He meant, They have No “Theory of Mind” & “Blunt-affect” (Emotional-response) …. ie They’re ANIMALS !!!! …. (Jesus was 1 of the 1st HUMANS …. They tend to KILL Them on This Planet ….)

    In light of the long-distance Female You never-met Dave, They’re the BEST 1’s to LEARN from, I had the SAME Experience & if it hadn’t have been for Her, I’d not have been as Wise going into the Physical Relationship with a serial-killer ….

    eg I was TRYING to lose weight for My Stand-Up, I’d gone up to 17 & a half Stone, ie 1 of My Social-Experiments …. She’d NO IDEA that I’m Naturally nearer 12 & spent many Year not far off 11 stone ….

    So We Spoke for Months & She exhibited EVERY Sign of the Malignant-Narcissistic-Psychopath, a subject I’d yet to Study …. However, all along She was doing the REVERSE of a Hansel on Me …. ie She asked Me Every Day what Weight I was & when I Finally Announced that I was under 12 Stone She SHOUTED as Though I wasn’t Listening, “OH, WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO DIE ? HURRY UP & DIE !!!!”

    All along, She thought that SHE had been keeping Me from Eating, whereas I’d been Deliberately skipping Meals to lose the weight & ALL the time She’d been Talking to Me She imbecilically felt She was “manipulating” Me into missing meals & since that Wasn’t the Case, it underlines that They don’t Exist in Reality & how utterly “despicable” the self-loathing broken-brain of the projector ….

    Female serial-killers kill slowly & this society has emptied the asylums into the street, as part of the deMORALisation program …. As You HAVE TO Ask Yourself, HOW BAD is Society when a Malignant-Narcissistic-Psychopath can BLEND-IN !?!?

    Our PERCEPTION of Females has to RETURN to The Way it ONCE Was, ie If She’s NO Grace & Doesn’t Behave Like A LADY & prides Herself on GOING FOR the “unselfaware” MACHISMO You See (in the Video David Posted,) then She’s NOT “GOOD” ENOUGH for You ….

    Since They KNOW They’re Mentally-handicapped, They REALISE that if They lie pathologically & CHOOSE to BE “lower” than the lowest of the low, Our HUMAN Radar doesn’t Normally SCAN on That level & so We don’t Detect The Snake in the Grass, until it’s too late & We’re Smitten by Them ….

    ie When You CARE About Someone, as an Adult Human being, it’s Not EASY to Switch that off & Walk away, however, I’d Like You to PRACTICE “Hugging” Someone You CARE About In Your Mind & Simply leading Them to the Door & Saying Goodbye FOREVER …. The BETTER You Get at That the Wealthier You’ll be & the longer You’ll Live (You’re Welcome !!!!)

    eg Since They DON’T Think You’re GOOD-Enough for Them, because of Their Left-Frontal-Lobe dysfunction, (ie “Delusions” of-grandeur) then When They SEE You CARE about Them, to Their ANIMAL Brain They interpret that as POWER & can Then MANIPULATE You in the BASIC ways You can imagine ….

    I was INNOCENT in All My past relationships, I got into Them out of Natural Desire for Sex, but I always struggled with it not SEEMING Humble to miss-out Females from “the gutter,” as I was Raised in the Gutter & wouldn’t like to be over-looked because of that …. However, if You can Smell the sulphur off Them, don’t LOWER Yourself, it’s NOT a lack of Humility, it’s simply Self Preservation, Wisdom, Self-Respect & “Exercising” Your RIGHT to FEEL The Love You’re “CAPABLE” of Giving Being Reciprocated, For REAL ….

    I’m GLAD that You’re Going to FOCUS on Respecting Your Self MORE & Not Settling for ANYTHING LESS than The “Kindness” You Show Others, in Return …. ie A Fair Deal …. (eg If You deMORALise Relationships to a Business Deal, You should Still at least Break “EVEN,” whereas In True Love You Make A Profit, because UNLIKE Psychopaths You CAN “APPRECIATE” as You STORE Emotion with Memory ….)

    I’m Heartened that You’re going to Focus on What Makes YOU Happy, YOUR Interests, instead of funding INCOMPETENT Fee-Males Who “waste” Every “Opportunity” in Life that Comes Their Way …. Because They can’t Tell shit from shinola …. ie They’re a greedy baby casting spells at the bottom of a money pit ….

    You’ve pretty-much got the TYPES of Psychopath Who were onto You SUSSED …. To Paraphrase Jesus, Go now & Sin against Yourself No More …. His Famous Question was, “WHY cast Your pearl before swine !?!?” …. I’d Like You to Think about The Operative Word of That Question for the Coming Weeks ….

    Jesus Also Said, If People don’t Respect You then Knock the dust from Your Feet as a Testament to Them & then leave Them to Their “fate” …. (He was Simply A MORAL Human Being, Whom They tried to Goad until He was cracking a bullwhip in a temple, whereafter the Goaders (ie Malignant-Narcissistic-Psychopaths) finally HAD Him Nailed ….)

    You Said You “Appreciate” The Advice David & Myself have Given, which means You CAN’T Be a Psychopath of either anti or pro social variety …. REJOICE In The MORAL-Compass of Your Prefrontal Cortex Circuitry & the FULL Range of Your Amygdala’s Emotional Repertoire & Your CONFIDENCE Borne of A CLEAR Conscience & Your ABILITY to Store EMOTIONS with Memory, even if Those are Emotions Your GRANTED Your Self whilst Enjoying Something You’d otherwise have been HELD BACK from by a time-wasting BRAT Who “WANTS” You to be miserable “in-stead” ….

    P.S. Remember, You’ve Got to GIVE to Live, but there are COUNTLESS Animals Who simply don’t DESERVE “IT” !!!! …. Thankyou for SHARING Your time, The Appreciation Is Equal ….

    Kind regards,

  • 1stly, David, (Not to be confused with Dave,) Whom I Congratulate You on Inspiring, as-much as I Congratulate Dave on Being “Open” & Ego-Syntonic Enough to Be Guided by You “away” from Obvious “DANGER”

    I Appreciate Every Word You’ve Written, We live in times where the average gobby-baby-woman (AKA a “chancer”) takes “relentless” advantage of The Male “Chivalry” Chip …. Ergo, Said gobby-baby-woman can screw up Her snout & Shout something “NASTY” & false, (ie Projection,) which the Average Male will recoil from & then Proceed to “Petition” the poisoned-dwarf to See Him as She KNOWS He is, ie Innocent, but when He TRIES to Petition Her lop-sided Court of injustice, since She KNOWS She’s a shit-fountain She PROJECTS Her self-loathing onto Him & “abuses” Him further to “temporarily” feel better about Herself …. AKA Moral-imbecility ….

    Conversely, where He to simply “Reflect” Her Exactly as “She” IS & Bravely be even more Precise in His “Independent” Insight into Her Transparent shortcomings & failed attempt at “fascism,” then undoubtedly the gobby-baby-woman would, in a “routine” way, imply that He’s a hypocrite & a bad man, (ie Projection ….) ….

    To whit the Response is to Say, “You can’t alter REALITY by Talking enough shite You INFANTILE pitiful apology for a Human Being ….” …. (Of Course, You MUST Be Prepared to go to bed Sucking Your Thumb & take on more to do with the ANIMAL Ever again ….)

    Fee-Males CAN’T Function in an Adult Relationship, They FLEE from REAL Men …. They SPECIFICALLY Target Men Who They DON’T Feel that much for, so They always having IMAGINARY power over the Man, “BECAUSE” They CAN Live WITHOUT You, as They IDIOTICALLY Believe They Deserve Brad Pitt !!!!

    The Ultimate ambition of such gobby-baby-women is “Projective Identification,” ie So that YOU feel “inside” the way They Allow Their-Own Self-deluded INFANTILE & Self-Entitled Psychology to continue …. They then pig-ignorantly totter-off feeling “temporarily” purged of the bad feelings They manufactured about Themselves & like any spoiled-brat wants to shift the “blame” onto Someone else for ….

    REMEMBER, They HAVE “No Love” to Give, They’re simply looking for a victim, as that’s how They See Themselves, ie Society has Heaped Such Pressure on Females that They Unconsciously feel Victimised at coming up “short” ….

    You’re Of-Course Right David, that there’s been a nauseating increase, in what I 1st Lamented in Youth & especially over the last 20 Years …. The West is an AbomiNation !!!!

    Those in seats of pseudo-power, are ALL Malignant-Sociopaths & once-again Their Obsession is “Projective-Identification” …. eg Hitler was a Malignant-Narcissistic-Psychopath, Who hadn’t Made-It Emotionally beyond 6 Years of age …. Even when He BOMBASTICALLY Trumpeted that He was the BIGGEST “liar” on Earth, People still Couldn’t See that He was a Mentally-Handicapped 6 Year old Who HATES Himself & His Life, as in His 1 & Only Life He was Born a JOKE, ie Cut-off from the Very “Meaning” of Life He Saw Others Enjoy ….

    So, You can SQUASH the ENTIRETY of World War II down into 1 Paragraph …. Hitler, realises He’s Mentally-Handicapped in KEY Areas of His Brain, feels there’s no MEANING to Life & that His life will amount to nothing anyway,(ie He has No Moral-Conscience or Remorse, suffers Delusions of Grandeur, is “Void” of Empathy, has No Object Constancy, suffers Emotional-poverty & from Moral-Imbicillity, etc) …. So He decided to KILL Himself, but since He REALISES that People BELIEVE Him when He lies, He Decides to “SEE” just how far He can COAST on Those lies & how many People He can KILL “before” He does Himself in ….

    It turns out You can Coast Quite far on “fearless” pathological bullshitting & delusions-of-grandeur …. The answer to His query was, “17,000,000” …. The MORALITY of Those Who fought “against” IMMORALITY Needs to Be USED Today to fight AGAINST the present Chess-moves by the GOONS in the west Who’re hell-bent on BULLYING poorly-run “MORAL” Countries, where the Women Dress Morally & the People Pray Morally & the Men are Head of the Household ….

    A couple of Psychopathic soldiers show-up, rape a Moral Woman, in front of Her Husband & the MORAL Man is then filmed Shouting, “AAIIIEEEEH, as He attacks the RAPISTS” …. It’s Splashed all over the TV by the drooling Infantile Malignant-Sociopath’s lackeys & HEY PRESTO, another Innocent MORAL Man is “branded” a TERRORIST by the BACKWARD-Sociopath, for the Gullible at the Nuremberg Rally to Say, “YES We Probably NEED a war now ….” …. (Meanwhile, high on a hill, an IMPOTENT Mentally-Handicapped power-MAD 6 Year-old General gets His 1st Erection of the Year, at the Thought of All Those ABLE Brained People DYING at His COMMAND ….)

    Men ALONE went to the Trenches during Word War II, whilst the Females went out to Work in Their absence, in-between having sex with Cowardly German-American G.I.’s for Chocolate & Nylon-Stockings, whilst Their Male counterpart was shivering in a muddy trench in France ….

    When the Men arrived home, suffering from P.T.S.D., the “empowered” Women didn’t want to assume the role of the “House” wife any-longer & shell-shocked Hubby didn’t put up much of a “fight,” having just FOUGHT a WORD WAR !!!!

    Consider, Since “MALE” Malignant-Sociopaths were in charge at that time, there is NOTHING that could have MADE Them release Their vice-like grip on pseudo-power (AKA destruction, as just witnessed in the war They Deliberately & Needlessly STARTED) so as Yourself “WHY” would They Give Women the Vote & ALLOW Them to Keep Their “illusion” of Freedom in the Workplace (AKA Slave-labour) ?!?!

    The answer of-course, was Written by Caesar Himself, in the Book Reagan’s Henchwoman has Exposed on Youtube, ie The “Dumbing down of America,” AKA The deMORALisation of Society, AFTER it’s Already been “divided & conquered” through War, espionage & propaganda !!!!

    ie Swapping Male & Female Gender Roles, even-though The Dynamic between Men & Women has Existed for MILLIONS of Years SUCCESSFULLY …. The unsurprising “result,” is the gradual deMORALisation of Society, AKA “Projective-Identification” ….

    eg Fatherless Children are 40% more-likely to grow up to be Sociopaths, ripe for Exploitation for Caesar’s power-grabbing foreign campaigns & to guard against & “oppress” Their-OWN People ….

    Moreover, Fatherless Children are more-likely to under-achieve & be abused, ie 60% of abused Children are abused by single “FEMALES”

    If a Female has a CHOICE between Dating a Man or a Woman, She’s 50% more likely to be abused if She dates the Woman ….

    Men are abused in at least 50% of Domestic-abuse cases reported, yet Men are infinitely more likely to be Convicted & the Female freed ….

    The “KEY” to Understanding Everything I wrote above is as follows :-

    Imagine Yourself as Being born, like Hitler, ie Mentally-Handicapped in Your Prefrontal-Cortex, ie Your Orbital-Frontal, Ventromedial & Cingulate Cortex, (AKA Your Devils & Angels) …. Moreover, Your Left & Right Frontal-Lobes are dysfunctional & also Your temporal-lobes behind Them …. Furthermore, Your Amygdala is disconnected from All of Those Limbs of The Mind, due to a defunct “Uncinate Fasciculus” …. Add to that an atrophied hippocampus & blocked Calcium Channels in Your Right-Hemisphere & last but Not least a “perversely” wired Ventral Reward-centre & Basal Ganglia, “etc” …. All this whilst having low levels of M.A.O.A. Chemistry in Your flat-lining lop-sided Brain ….

    The RESULT is Someone Who derives No Pleasure from “Life,” BUT gets a BUZZ from Visiting the Exact-Opposite on Those They’re pathologically-envious of, which They become “Addicted” to …. Such-People don’t Exist in Reality, as They have no Insight (ie Self-Awareness) & without Empathy Your Life has no MEANING !!!! …. (ie With Those Mental-Handicaps, indicative of ALL Sociopaths & Psychopaths, You just feel “cold & hollow” inside ….)

    So, in that “FERAL” state, the ONLY Meaning to Your Life, is the illusion of “power” & cheap-thrills, which san-conscience You’ll do Anything to acquire, as long as it’s without “punishment” …. Since this is a permissive society which doesn’t mete out “consequence” for even the most depraved of actions, then descenting voices can be dismissed or “silenced” …. Thus Psychopaths & sociopaths becoming INCREASINGLY “Anti” Social, agains the Society that BLINDLY Supports Them …. Think, Gazelles !!!!

    Q) What do All the Following GREATS have in Common ?!?! :- John Lennon, Martin Luther King, Gandhi, Jesus Christ, Socrates, John The Baptist, Saint Euphemia, Saint Dorothy, The Kennedy’s, Abraham Lincoln, Hemingway ….

    A) They were all murdered “Publically” by Pathologically-envious, Mentally-Handicapped “impotent liars” !!!!

    Think to Your Self, if They’d Nail the “non-reactionary” JESUS (Palestinian Communist Lumberjack) to a Tree, if They’d shoot the “non-reactionary” Gandhi in the balls, if They’d shoot the “non-reactionary” Martin Luther King through the Chest & the “non-reactionary” John Lennon through the Throat & the Kennedy’s through the Head & Abraham Lincoln through the back of the head & force Socrates to make an impossible Choice, what Chance have YOU or I got !?!?

    It’s IN the Last Example that We SEE what ALL Fee-Male Psychopaths are hell-bent on …. Socrates Wisely chose poison Hemlock …. However, the other Option was “Death by a thousand cuts” !!!!

    The fee-male serial-killer, with the Emotional age of a 3 Year old, (Identical to Hitler’s Profile) Who targeted Me & continues to to This Very Day, because She’s pathologically envious of My “Innate Goodness” & wants revenge for Me not dying or allowing Her to Hoover Me down into HER game, “hijacked” many a sentence I Said to direct My Perception to just how depraved She is, ie When I Mentioned Socrates She highlighted that That’s what She tries to do to Her victims …. Death by a 1000 cuts (for sadistic narcissist pleasure She’s addicted to …. You COULDN’T make it up ….)

    The OBVIOUS Solution to that is to TELL The Truth at ALL Times & don’t LET Anyone SHAKE You from that, for Their “delusions” of grandeur …. eg If You’re wrong then They’ll HAVE A Conscience & Will Forgive You …. If You’re Right then You’re meting Out CONSEQUENCE for Their puerile sadistic actions (ie Chancers ….) & more Importantly putting Great DISTANCE between You & Your SWORN enemy, Who HAS NO Love to Give ….

    Sadly, the way Society has been “configured” means that if there’s any way the VILLAIN can RECORD Your HONEST “Reflection” of the perverse apology for a “Human” Being, the salivating law-courts are lurking to “hoover” You in to Produce the EXACT OPPOSITE of “Justice” ….

    So to CONCLUDE, if You’ve got the Same Mental Condition that would See You murder A Great, it’s because You feel DOUBLY “impotent” around Such People & can’t “Feel” like Top-Dog when Someone Can Be HAPPY “without” the trappings of wealth & pseudo-power at Their disposal …. They CAN’T allow Their “illusion” to be so EASILY Shattered by A Bit of Shouting from the RABBLE …. Thus fascism, ie The Silencing of Men around the world …. So Your VICTORY is Simply Finding Your Way to A Smile & Then Staying There, whilst Enjoying FEELING The MEANING of Life In Your BODY !!!!

    eg Last Month, A “Man” tormented by the Family Court-System, doused Himself in Petrol & burned Himself to a crisp outside the Court House …. It’s a GIANT money-making scheme, which DELIBERATELY Produces injustice …. Borne of the Fact that Most MORAL Men are Cowards or non-reactionary or MURDERED :-

    ie The impotent Male CAN’T feel Happy if Potent Males are Happy, as Those Pesky MORAL Men didn’t MURDER & SCHEME relentlessly & ruthlessly & invest WADS of Cash to Acquire “The Authority” & The Right to PUBLIC SWAY (AKA, by imbeciles, as power) …. So They MAKE UP laws “OVER-NIGHT” to TORMENT Such GOOD Men with ….

    In-so-doing They FREE Females even-more from the SUCCESSFUL Relationship which “ALL” Her Ancestors Gave rise to ALL Her Descendants through & since the law-courts are as lop-sided as the Malignant-Sociopath’s brain, the Culturally-BONZAID gobby-baby-woman takes full “Advantage,” to EXACT unwarranted revenge on The Innocent Man Who’s to BLAME for Her Imbecilically Choosing to torment Her-Own Psychology about “Her” feelings of “inadequacy” by Comparison to Him & THE TRUTH He’s Told Her about Her BULLSHIT Self-image …. And …. To Teach The Innocent Man a lesson for BEING MALE, when SHE wants to be 1 !!!! …. (You COULDN’T make it up ….)

    ie Society has heaped such pressure on Females that They struggle to Cope with REALITY, ie They’re being Encouraged to BE Male when They “CAN’T” be …. A Fact lost on Them which UNDERLINES How Mentally-Handicapped MOST Western Females are, in at least Their Left-Frontal-Lobe & Amygdala & Depth of Emotions (Don’t forget Psychopaths only have proto-emotions, like a 3 Year old Child ….) …. Yet They’ll try to Convince You that Women are the EMOTIONAL Feeling 1’s, when EVERYTHING points to Them Being simply Self-Absorbed, whilst MEN Are EMOTIONALLY Voluminous, Thus The COUNTLESS “GREAT Art” Works of Emotional-Origin by The Talents of MEN ….

    If You DON’T Take the “Blame” for Your Actions in Life & there are No Consequences to Teach You to take Blame then Your Pathology becomes ENGRAINED & You NEVER Grow-up & with Society Geared towards KEEPING You that way You have no incentive to, UNTIL it’s too late & the Gobby-baby-woman is Staring ALONE at a Kitchen-wall Crying inconsolably (like a baby) next to a Spent bottle of Vodka, feeling Cold & Hollow inside, knowing that SHE ruined Her 1 & only Life & ONLY Has Her Self to “blame” …. (Oh well, off down the pun to hoover up another “unsuspecting” YOUNG Man & TOY with His HUMAN Emotions, because He’ll no doubt TURN-OUT to Be GUILTY of the CRIME of Wanting Sex, which is worthy of Execution in Her lop-sided court, even-if She’s AGREED to Have Sex with Him BEFORE They got back to Her’s ….)

    Feminism is Fascism, otherwise it would be Called “Humanism” …. Observe the HYSTERICAL screams emanating from it’s Screeching supporters in Their VAIN attempts to SILENCE Honest Observation ….

    Guys Need to Have A STANDARD They don’t ALLOW Themselves to Date below …. That’s NOT arrogance or a lack of Humility …. eg An Elephant “can’t” mate with a Mouse …. ie Can You Imagine Einstein or Brad Pitt dating the Female in the Video link You posted ?!?! …. It wouldn’t work because She’s fit for F-All …. That’s The MOST Important Aspect of Male Female Interaction, What’s She CAPABLE of, ie What Can She DO for “YOU” !?!? …. (AKA A “Fair” Deal & A “Good” Foundation & an ongoing “Litmus Test” of Her SANITY !!!!)

    There’s always the Whore-house, if We Need to Sink that “level” of Life-Form & the Internet where there are Countless Grinning Man-hating Goons aiding masturbation, without You having to “Contribute” to the IMMORAL “industry” ….

    Females NEED to simply Be TOLD The TRUTH, ie They’re NOT Men, CLEARLY …. & …. They don’t WANT to be Men, as I’ve NEVER Seen Them in ANY job that MOST Men “Do” …. They DON’T want “True” Equality, otherwise that would be Reflected in The Legal system & Everywhere else, (Which it ISN’T) …. They aren’t GRATEFUL for the TIRELESS Efforts of Men, Who INVENT, then Deliver, repair, fit, maintain & build EVERYTHING, then hand it to the spoiled brat for Her to slam the door in His Face …. Because They can …. (ie They want Their Cake & They want to eat it, AKA SPOILED “LUNACY”)

    Sadly, Western Females are PROVING Why Our Ancestors WERE Right to Lock Them in the House !!!! …. Yet BECAUSE of That DECISION by Our MALE Ancestors We’ve been Passing On The Genes of Females Who’d Leave Us IF They had a Choice, so “LET THEM” Leave Us …. Let Us Go & Find Women Who WANT US, in The Way We Know We DESERVE to Be “Loved” …. And leave the Lioness to STARVE on the Serengeti Sans Gazelles ….

    To paraphrase Jesus :- Western Men Must REPROGRAM Their Chivalry chips & LEAVE These spoiled, “demented,” infantile, IMMORAL, hate-filled, “shallow,” infantile, tasteless, FALSE, disrespectful, bitter, arrogant, vain, delusional, gobby penis-envy CLONES to Their “FATE” & the RUTHLESS White Male Malignant-Sociopaths behind Them …. ie Rent Out Your Home & MOVE to An “unspoiled” Country where there aren’t as High a volume of Congenital WHORES & Malignant-Narcissistic-Psychopaths …. (Where the Court-system doesn’t Encourage the “empowerment” of Moral-Imbeciles ….) …. And Live Like A KING There, with the RENT from Your Western “Trench” !!!!

    However, that’s What the powers-that-be WANT, ie They CAN’T get a Hard-on UNLESS the Potent unhandicapped Male has INJUSTICE heaped upon Him to the Point where He has-to LEAVE His Country, as They perceive that as being “power,” in Their ANIMAL obsession with it, void of Any-other MEANING to Their lamentable Existence …. Thus They LOVE to Do & Say the Exact-Opposite, “imagining” Themselves to be “Clever” ….

    With You abandoning YOUR Country, due to the MADE-UP rules of INFANTS & the INFANTS Who profit from “them” …. It plays right into Their hands, as the impotent “in-charge” WANT an army of concubines Who worship the illusion of power, without “Competition” …. Like the German-American G.I.’s, Who had the Whole of Britain to BONK whilst the British were Out in bloody trenches fighting against Malignant-Narcissism ….

    Suffice to Say, a paedophile or a rapist or a serial-killer or any recidivistic criminal have the SAME thing in common, ie Apart from being “fearless,” They don’t Store Human EMOTION with MEMORY, ergo They’re doomed to REPEAT it ….

    Then When GREAT Men & Women come along Who Say, “Here, Let’s STOP ‘repeating’ this LUNATIC-Serving MORAL-imbecility & Let US Do Something which ‘BENEFITS US’ ALL & Advances US As A Species, on an UPWARD Spiral, rather than the vicious-cycle which will lead US to another holocaust & world-war & KILL “US”” …. They MURDER Such WISE Visionaries “in plain view” !!!!

    I Plan on Starting Again in Africa …. However, as You may have noticed, most Malignant “businessmen” have Already started “hoovering” up vast areas of the Country to PREVENT Me from Putting It to “GOOD” Use, so They can IMPRISON it & use it for DESTRUCTIVE ends ….

    Having CONSIDERED Everything I’ve Said, I Make Only ONE Heart-Felt Recommendation :- If You ARE A Moral Man You OWE it to Your Self, Your Family & Those Who FEEL Love for You in Their Body, (where Psychopaths feel NOTHING but cold & hollow,) You OWE it to The GREATS Who laid down Their 1 & only Lives in Your Honour, You OWE it To The INNOCENT People You’ll Never Meet, You OWE it to the Martyrs You’ll never Know about Who died in excruciating injustice, You OWE it to Your Fellow-Man & the Future Generations to Come & You OWE it to The “MIRROR” You Look In EVERY Day, to “TELL THE TRUTH” to EVERY Person You CAN …. ie My RECOMMENDATION Is, That I Strongly Advise You to “RIDICULE” the IMMORAL & Immorality …. AND …. Continue to RIDICULE Those Who WILL instantly ATTEMPT to sneer You into silence with nasty “lies” …. Such People save You the price of a P.E.T. scan ….

    Remember, more-often-than-not the Malignant-Sociopath KNOWS They’re fooling Themselves, They’re simply blame-shifting, which is Why They’ll try to Make YOU feel that You’re “deficient” somehow, when ONLY They are Deficient to The Tune of 1 Soul ….

    “Projective-Identification takes advantage” of the Fact that if You HEAR enough bullshit You end up believing at least some of it …. Until eventually A Person can DENY almost ANYTHING, even the Nose on Their Own Face …. Exactly like those Who POINT a finger back at HONEST People, with 3 crooked talon pointing back at Themselves & the MOUNTAIN of Cruelty behind Them which They intend to throw Your picked-clean bones onto next ….

    ie WHILST You’re going through the Moral-agonies & “deliberating” over what the FINGER is imp-lying, They’ve already run-You-through with Their short sword, HOPING that that endeavour on Their part MAKES You the fool & as They derive PLEASURE from watching the look of Betrayal on Your dying Human Face, THEN with the “temporary” omnipotent-delusion producing DRUG They’re addicted to in Mind, over the “destruction” They’ve wrought, They can think You are a fool …. Are You !?!?

    As for the “Girls” in the Videos You Posted David, My Enduring Thought was of How Many Black Kids I’ve Asked, “Do You Sponsor Any Kids in Africa ?!?!” …. The blank puzzled look at My absurdity, led Me to Ask Them, “Why do You Think ‘I’ Sponsor Kids in Africa ?!?!” …. They’d no Idea, but hazarded a Guess, whereafter I’d point out that I’m what’s perceived as WHITE & yet that I Donate nearly All My income to Saving BLACK Kid’s Lives …. EVERY Time I’ve Done-so There’s ALWAYS A Moment where NOTHING Happens at ALL, even when I Leave a Silence for 15 Seconds …. I Then Ask, “What Colour are You ?!?!”

    I Thank You for Your time & Your Site, Keep Up The GOOD Work !!!!

    P.S. If You Fancy Seeing My Stand-Up Routine on the Subject, “Erol On Fee-Males,” I recorded It BEFORE I was targeted by a Pathological-lying serial-killer (AKA Malignant-Narcissistic-Sociopath) …. CLICK the Adverts & a Donation goes to BLACK Kids :-


    Kind regards,

  • Dave_2050

    I’ll tell you something Erol, you’re making a lot of sense. One other woman who I’ve known for a long time and lives many miles away, has said several times in the past months she’ll kill herself if I don’t end up with her. Here’s another one that has really got to me. I knew this other one only by phone..started with work…grew to be friends but never met. Eventually she got me twisted around her fingers to the point where she had control. After 10 years and getting frustrated I said no matter what I’m going to see you…she was dying of a disease she contracted recently and agreed to meet and every time I tried she had an excuse. Finally I told her that’s it, I am coming to see you and she knew I wouldn’t take no….she was bedridden, where could she go? Well, the week of me making plans to go up, it was a 10 hr drive, she died. It was then I found out why we were never to meet and boy oh boy did she get me good. Although we were great friends, she still managed to keep something secret from me. Talk about a head game !!!

    You’re right about every single thing you said. NC is the only way to make this happen. And although I feel I have respect for myself, I believe you when you say I don’t. Although that’s a tough one for me to get my head around, it makes sense. And no women for a while makes sense. I’ve got plenty of other things to keep me occupied and happy. And that woman in the video is the exact type I’m talking about when the guns come out. And the other is much more sublte and knows how to bleed me. And the one that threatens suicide just wants back control of me. She had it, until all the other psychos came circling around like vultures. Then they all got a bit of control. Yup, I had one psycho too many trying to get control and now it’s got me wanting to run full blast in the opposite direction. Great advice you gave and I truly appreciate it. You too David, you got me going a while ago and I’ve become a different person having learned from my experiences and wading through blogs.

  • Hi Dave,

    I’ll take Your Reply step by step :-

    You’re Right, I’ve got a 100% Insight into “Whether” A Female is a Woman or an Infantile or Mentally-Handicapped ergo “dangerously Infantile” Personality ….

    If A Female “isn’t” Adult You MUST “Choose” Distance from Her & remain No-Contact “Forever” …. As, by the age of 26 Your Psychology is usually so “Engrained” it’s irreversible & would make a Relationship with Such a Person “Self-abuse” ….

    A Great RULE is “1 Red Flag” & Choose Distance …. If They can PROVE that it was a Genuine “mistake” & it DOESN’T Happen again, then “Forgive” Them, but if You get a 2nd Red Flag then You MUST Choose Distance & No-Contact Evermore ….

    Sadly, Fee-Males are encouraged to Remain Infants beyond “the point of no-return” & as a result Their Pathology becomes Engrained …. That will continue as-long as there’s No “CONSEQUENCE” for Their spoiled-actions ….

    It Suits the snakes-in-suits on-high to deMORALise Society by “punishing” Fee-Males by encouraging Them to “destroy” Their lives, by imbecilically imagining They can Play a Man’s Role, etc ….

    When it MANifests itself as “immoral Self-destructive vulgarity,” which leaves Them hollow & used-up, when it’s too-late & They’re a day-late & a dollar-short ….

    You don’t “Develop” beyond Infancy if You lack of Self-Awareness & wallow in Self-pity, “Blame-shifting,” ie disavoing Your True “Self,” or if You have Left Frontal Lobe dysfunction ….

    Sadly, if a Fee-Male doesn’t make it Beyond Infancy, then She THINKS Exactly like an Animal, ie She’s “mind-blind,” so She Sees You the way an Autistic Child does, ie You’re an “Object” …. The ONLY thing They understand is “Consequence” & the Only thing They “begrudgingly” Respect is fear ….

    My Advice is to Simply Be Honest & Choose Distance ….

    You Said, no matter how hard You Try to remain N.C. it never works, but of Course You’re “lying” …. (No offence “intended”) …. I “Understand” How Hard it is to SEE Her as She IS, suffice to Say, Imagine Her with a Cock & Balls, phoning You up & Asking You for money & then treating You like garbage & THINKING about You as Being a STUPID Gullible Sap, which IS Exactly how She thinks about You ….

    She’s a SPOILED 1st world Whore & there are COUNTLESS Children dying whilst She paints Her faces & imbecilically drapes Her “hollow” body in Your hard-earned cash …. You’re an “enabler” …. I repeat, See Her as a Man, because that’s how She “Sees Herself,” whilst She Sees You as a weak woman …. (No Offence ….)

    As for Your deadly sexual-fetish, which the femme “fatal” You’re associating with is Encouraging in You “Masochistically,” it’s obviously Your openness to “suggestion,” when offered intimate or sexual “reward” that makes You as gullible as You are to Fee-Males who “HATE” You …. (No offence intended)

    I repeat, They’re NOT Women, They’re hate-filled angry little Gay-boys in Genetic-drag, riddled with Penis-Envy & Self-loathing, Who want to take that out on Any OBJECT Who’s as BLIND to what They ARE as They are to Themselves (Self-Awareness ….)

    You DESERVE Respect, however, sadly, in This World, unless You Respect Yourself (ie Red Flag Awareness) then You’re a Walking Target & may as well be an A.T.M. machine that’s developed the ability to Speak ….

    You KNOW in Your OWN Analogy that You’re a Moth to a Flame, which is PROOF that You don’t LOVE Yourself …. You SHOULD be Doing MORE things for YOU & You Alone …. IF I could have ANY Influence over You, I’d ask You to Donate to the Worthy Causes I Support, as I’m trying to Save Kid’s Lives & raise awareness ABOUT Malignant-Narcissistic-Psychopaths ….

    “You” KNOW the Answer to ALL Your questions …. The REASON God NEVER Speaks is Because The Answer’s IN “The Silence” ….

    If You DID Distance Yourself from Fee-Males for a number of Years, You COULD Still “Visit” the odd whore-house “or” simply watch Free Porn …. The “MOST Important” FACT of Life IS That You ARE Alive & You’re WASTING Your Life on demented man-hating psychopathic whores Who want to rob, kill & treat You like shite ….

    Whether You Are SHITE or Are A MAN Who “Deserves” to Be Loved DEPENDS on the Love You MAKE & Give to Those Who “Deserve” that Love …. I have NO-One in My Life for That Reason, yet I Receive Cards & Drawings etc, from Happy Kids from All Over the World, Who’d otherwise have been in a “shallow” grave, had I not “Sponsored” Them Directly ….

    I’ll be uploading a New Section to My Website over the Coming Day where You can set up a Subscription through pay-pal, where You donate “1 penny” per Day (or any amount) & with Enough money, Eventually I’ll be Quite Literally Able to Move Mountains …. As left to the Mentally-handicapped LUNATIC powers-that-be, Children will continue to drop like flies, as long as Good Men simply DO nothing ….

    Psychopathic Fee-Males can be Addictive as You can PROJECT Your Own Self-Worth into Their incapable untrustworthy hands, when that’s a GAMBLE You’ll ALWAYS lose …. You can ONLY Feel the Way YOU Allow Your Self to Feel …. Which Depends on What You DO for Those Who Deserve Your time, money & Effort & that Again Depends on Whether They can “APPRECIATE” You, which depends on Their DEPTH of Character, which NO Psychopath is Neurologically “CAPABLE” of ….

    Psychopaths ONLY have 1 “Trick,” once You SEE the wee wizard-of-odd Behind the Curtain You don’t Get fooled “again” ….

    I Wish You The Self-Respect You “Deserve” !!!!

    Kind regards,

    • David

      Great stuff, Erol. I love your Expression!

      More than ever I believe females are allowed to remain mired in infancy by doting, weak parents and a society that is additionally commandeered by the Lesbo/Feminist Conspiracy. Even when the female is not clinically psychopathic, it still creates an opportunistic, serpentine individual who has learned to progress in life by means of exploitation and ruthlessness. Character is not formed in a vacuum yet ALL the modern female knows is the vacuum of modernity. And when you are presented with a truly psychopathic female with the additional element of a society that does not stress female character, you have trouble.

      The female psychopath I knew also enjoyed exploiting men’s sexuality by taunting and eliciting sub-male behavior.

      Check out this video that Robert Lindsay posted over his blog. The archetypal modern female urban psychopath.

    • Dave_2050

      I read your response for the first time sometime this week. I started a reply and am not sure if I sent it. Here I am again….haven’t read it again because I still remember your words. I appreciate the time you took to reply. I’m going to scroll up and read again now.

      Mmmmm…same effect as the first time.

      Sure I’ll contibute.

      And thank you. At times you were brutal but it seems that’s what it’s going to take me to wake up. I am reaching everywhere to understand.

    • tatiana

      Amazing! There’s more!

      Oh dear poor Erol and Dave, they sure do meet a lot of those evil pscychopathic “Fee-Males”! Maybe the problem is not with the evil wimminz (should I say “Wimminz” or better yet “WIMMINZ”) but with them. Or maybe they just do genuinely attract the crazy ones, crazy does tend to attract crazy, although Erol seems to be the one who is genuinely crazy, while Dave just seems to be a little slowwwwwwwwww.

  • Dave_2050

    Damn, I thought I was done with this blog and got an email alert. read your stuff Erol….sounds like you’ve got a good grasp on how a psychopathic woman thinks….I’m still off in la la land thinking I’m done with women in general. Just made it $64k in 32 months she’s got out of me and haven’t seen her in 8 months…..no matter how hard I try no contact, it never works because I’ll hear from her eventually, usually not longer than 2 weeks and I cave and send money like an idiot.

    And the other psycho I know…the one who admits she’s one…well I went to watch the suber bowl, next day was all about relaxing…..well near the end she gives me the gun and I load it and she wants me to finish her off and then do myself in. I rather would want to rub the loaded gun with a bullet in the breach and safety off while we make love. It was a strange night. How is it I am attracted to these types of women? Or what is it that draws me to them like a moth to a flame. And how does the other one continue to get cash from me? Why can’t I stop? Actually I spoke with a therapist over the phone. He didn’t charge me but gave great advice. He said no women for at least 2 years and move the hell away !!!! I think I’m addicted to psychopathic women or at least am putting up flags that say SUCKER !! I did love the initial stages with the one woman….she became everything I was looking for and more….then poof!….just like all the research suggests, she changed the game and I am still hooked but trying hard to break free…all right….vented enough!

  • Hi Guys,

    “Good Read” …. I was targeted by a Fee-Male serial-killer, She was My near-constant on-line companion for 6 Hours per Day, for 3 Months straight …. She was “reluctant” to go on the phone ….

    She was in My Life Physically for 1 Day & because of Her 3 Month long “pity-play” where I’d Selflessly Championed Her “Pseudo-Recovery,” I took Her up on Her generous offer of borrowing £400 from Me …. I Gave Her £700 to make-up for Her suicidal-chronicles ….

    Before the Next Evening was passed She “CHANGED” into what can ONLY be described as a Different “Species” ….

    I Decided to Do what I’m renowned for & “play possum” …. I Watched the stuff of Nightmares & as I Always do in My Sociological-Experiments, I Stood-Up to Her at “Key” intervals, which “Reset” Her psychotic-bully Counter & increased Her Imbecilic ire ….

    Over the Coming Days & Nights She became ENRAGED in a fashion which can ONLY be Described as Primeval …. I Continued to Play-Possum, whilst intermittently Standing-Up for Myself ….

    In Truth, I was “Very Disappointed” Emotionally, as I’d Formed Attachment to Her & felt “Harrow” for what Her Mental-Handicap had robbed of Her …. I’d become Locked into Several Emotional-Contracts, borne of the Empathy & Chronic-Sentimentality I “ALONE” was Capable of …. (I “Also” Naturally wanted Sex with Her, which turned out to be the Worst sex of My Entire Life, Bless Her ….)

    The SECRET Key to Surviving a Genocidal Malignant-Narcissistic-Psychopath Who’s “addicted” to the Inadequacy-relieving delusional “feeling” of omnipotency, at the point of the “Object” of Her pathological-envy’s death, is simply to “Pretend” to be Someone Else & OBSERVE the Emotional-3-Year-old HACK away at Your False Impression ….

    ie I Beat Her at “Her” own puerile “game” …. When She Realised She’d “failed” to ware Me out, I Came to “Understand” & be “Glad” of the Experience …. So from a “safe-distance” I “tried” to Encourage Peter-Sutcliffe out of Carrying a bag of hammers ….

    For which She committed 44 crimes against Me & counting, so I Decided to Expose Her on an off-shore Server which gets past UK & US Identity-Rights laws, for which the serial-killer then had Me “arrested” …. (ie Her 45th crime ….)

    She’s guilty of 6 counts of Culpable homicide :- eg She “relentlessly” causes You P.T.S.D. until You kill Yourself …. She specifically targets People Who, like Myself are Uber-Empaths Who suffer Clinical-depression, due to Being “unconsciously” affected by How under-used by the “oppressive” Society We live in ….

    Malignant-Sociopaths run EVERY Country on Earth, They follow Caesar’s hand-book, ie Phase 1 :- “Divide & Conquer” …. Phase 2 :- deMORALise Society, by “swapping” Male & Female Gender roles …. The “result” :- Fatherless Children, Who’re 40% more likely to become “sociopaths” ripe for exploitation …. AKA Projective-Identifaction ….

    Western Fee-Males are Their Own worst enemy & sadly Most of Them think They can alter “Reality” by Saying “nasty things” …. When We pulled an “frustrated” face, My Late Grandmother used to, “The Wind Will Change & You’ll STAY That Way ….”

    ie If You don’t Mature Emotionally within the 1st Quarter-Century of Your Life, IT becomes VERY Difficult, as Your Psychology becomes “ENGRAINED” …. ie You fashion the bars of Your Own prison, but like ALL Spoiled “brats” Such “shallow” Moral-Imbeciles lack Self-Awareness, thus choose to pass it on to Innocents ….

    Here’s the Expose’, She’s in The “Vault of Guilt” (HER Court Case is in May, AKA Projective-Identification :-)


    Kind regards,

    • tatiana

      Dude, before I say anything else, you really need to sort out your capitalisation issues. That is some whack shit right there, and that’s even before I get onto what a ridiculous and misogynistic rant you have just written.

  • shirley jean

    Dude— you, and your fans, need professional help. With both your mental health and your writing. I came across this all by accident and looked at it because it sounded interesting, but it isn’t; it is stupid and psycho dressed up with big words. Didn’t you ever learn that good writing is mostly the result iof rigorous editing? Christ.

    • Big words? You think?

      My mental health is fine but I have to admit I enjoy the thought of me having “fans” a little too much for my own good. Thanks for that pump.

      Are you a female psychopath?

      • tatiana

        She’s right though. What a load of drivel!

  • Marie

    I read this and it made me feel sane again. I thought I was losing my mind. Ok, this is hard for me but here goes. I am a middle aged woman. I have a 21 year old daughter who I believe is a pyshcopath. It would take forever to reveal eveything she has done to me and many others. She is highly dangerous, a pathological liar and a superb manipulator. SHe is a parasite who lives off the wealth of a man and give nothing whatsoever in return. She has no morals, no sense of shame, guilt or remorse. She has no empathy no compassion no conscience whatsoever. I have tried to tell family that I believe she is a pyshcopath but I dont think they really believe me. Like most people, they think of a pyschopath as a ted bundy or myra hindley figure. I suspected for many years there was something very wrong with my daughter but being a pyschopath never even crossed my mind. She has all the traits of being one. The more I read about pyschopaths the more scary it got. I agree with the experts. You can never cure a pyschopath. There is no treatment. You cannot reason with them. They are to be avoided at all costs is the only advice given. I agree totally with that advice. Therein, lies my problem. In the last couple of years I have avoided my daughter but now she has given birth to my grand daughter. How can I walk away now? I know my grand daughter will need me one day. She needs me now. What do I do? Walk away and leave a baby I adore in the hands of a cold monster? Someone said a pyshcopath destroys lives, they destroy souls. That is so true. My soul is being destroyed a little every day. But I cant turn my back on my grand daughter. I hate my daughter. I can honestly say I wish she were dead. I know thats a terrible thing to say but believe me when I say this world would be better off without her in it. She will continue to destroy people all her life and cause heartache and misery everywhere she goes without feeling one little bit of shame about it. She drives a very expensive car and lives in an expensive house. She does not work. She is living off some wealthy married man who has no idea what he is dealing with. I cant warn him cus I dont know who he is or where he is. She just managaged to get him to give her 5 and half grand a month more in her account by telling him she needs some private treatment for cancer. She thinks its funny. She has different men on the go but is making plans to marry one of them, for reasons other than love. She has no idea what love is. She has tried and continues to try to split myself and my husband up. She blackmailed me and said I could only see my grand daughter if I gave up the man I love. I chose my husband but it nearly killed me. She would not even send me a photo of my grand daughter. When she finally gave in cus she wanted to go out and use me to babysit she then implied my husband was a peadophile and everything I do is wrong. This is just the tip of the iceberg my friends. I could write a book on the things she has done to me. I haven’t tears enough. The lies she has told about me are so bad that I’m shocked someone has not tried to kill me b4 now. I brought her up on my own after my 1st huband walked out and then when she was 13 she suddenly left to live with him so she could do her own thing. she told people i had her sexually abused,that I watched and told the men what to do. because she is such an actress and accomplished liar ppl actually believed her. she has stolen from me, smashed all my windows at 1am and much much more. I can relate to exactly what you have gone through. at least you have escaped. i cannot. i cannot walk away now. i watch my little grand daugher bored out of her mind every day, cus her mother wont let her have any toys to play with. so i have her as much as I can and take her out and let her play. please pray for me.

    • Name (required)

      I can’t imagine how that feels. It’s bad enough if one’s sibling or parent is a psychopath. But your own child? That must be terrible.

      I hope you can at least remember her as being an innocent child at one time. To have some good memories.

  • cosmic

    I had the misfortune of meeting and falling in love with a psychopath female it ruined my marriage, it ruined my life, was heaven at first then I realised bit by bit that she was mentally sick and had no morals, and would say and do anything to get what she wanted. She lied all the time and fuck and male she could find. She stole money. She stole valuables. She would say or do anything to trap her prey and bleed it dry. Steer well clear

  • Dave_2050

    So what is your escape plan? Were you bullshitting me about something? When I think I’ve found a path that will work out I’m honestly confused on how to make it happen. When I focus totally on work I get a high from serving customers. I make friends and most of us are mutually compatible…we help the economy..it is good…a psychopath who leeches is undesirable to me now. I see them out there…I think…they are clever, but there are more of us than them. How are they able to permeate into society so easily and fool many people? In business..in love?

    • David

      My plan was a bit of a satire and will never happen. I never posted about it, but in a nutshell: I think the federal government should, 1) legalize prostitution, 2) grant each man over the age of 18 an annual tax-deductible prostitution allowance.

      I think if men en masse had the ability to get laid on demand, you’d see most harmful and destructive mental dysfunction subside radically.

      • Dave_2050

        Hi David,

        #1 one is good and has been legalized in some states.

        As for #2…I think a flat tax of 25% on income across the board for every working American would stimulate the economy and yes, to have visits with a prostitute, for both women and men should be considered for tax incentives. I think you have a good idea especially if getting laid on demand for both sexes, instills an atmosphere of creativity and drive. I’m sure there are many people out there, if given the opportunity to have sex and companionship with no worries, would lead to relieving destructive mental dysfunctional behaviors.

        I think you are onto something. It may not be the greatest thing for married people…or maybe it would be …nonetheless…it’s not that bad an idea. It’s not a bad idea as well to keep the money here instead of bombing the fuck out of innocent people in other countries and spending it on a losing proposition. It disgusts me that 60% of working people support 40% of those who don’t. And what is even more disturbing is the goal and path of the present government to have 40% of those working to support 60% of the lame ass losers that won’t get up and go to work 5 days a week.

        You have a good idea and it least it makes money instead of costing us. You have my support. I think it’s a win win scenario.

        You are a great American and your ideas are positive. I love the red white and blue and think guns are fine. The Tea Party movement is good for this country. It’s people with balls saying we’ve had enough. 60/40….WTF !

        • Amy

          “…getting laid on demand for both sexes”

          This issue is so often discussed as if men are the only ones who are doing without.

          • David

            I don’t believe it’s doing without as much as it is the ability and potential to get laid at any time. I’d estimate that 90% of all healthy single women between 20-60 are theoretically able to walk out their house this minute and get laid within 30 minutes. For men, in the same demographic, I won’t venture on the odds, but it is a lot less than 90%! Granted, most of this is due to evolutionary antecedents.

          • Amy

            I would assume that many women who are still healthy enough to be interested in sex are too old and/or too fat to be desirable to most men. Maybe I’ve been brainwashed by the media, but it seems to me that women often become sexually “invisible” before they get old enough to lose interest in sex, assuming they ever do.

            Then there are the ones who are stuck in sexless marriages–men and women both–for whom walking out of the house and getting laid is a nice thought, but….

          • David

            I’m very much a believer that males are a depraved and lustful lot who will have sex with almost anything. Whether they own up to it is another matter… It’s as if evolution has over-compensated in granting us the drive to breed. Give us too much rather than just enough.

          • Dave_2050

            Not sure why a guy could not get laid when he wants…especially if he is married. Prior to my psychopath encounter, my woman and I were lackluster in that department. My wonderful psychopath unlocked something in me…thank you

            We all have our limits….perhaps we’re not a depraved lot unless we let ourselves believe that. Once in a while we get our shit together and make it work out….don’t you think?

          • Dave_2050

            I would never think a woman is too old to get laid. Perhaps you have been brainwashed. A good woman no matter her age or size is exactly that. A good woman.

          • Dave_2050

            but what?

          • Amy

            Re: #1 Women can also become physically unable to have sex. The physiological dysfunction is harder to get around when it’s the man’s problem (the pills don’t work for everyone), but for example some women develop conditions (e.g. vulvodynia) where it’s very painful to have sex. Then there are heart issues and what have you. Google “sexless marriage”–lots of married people, men and women, have found themselves in this situation. Though in a lot of cases it seems husbands or wives (usually wives, but husbands too) just lose interest and don’t want to do it anymore.

            #2 It’s not impossible for an older woman to get laid, but scientific studies have demonstrated repeatedly what most of us knew already–that men are attracted to fertile women. A woman’s fertility begins to drop at age 27–that downward curve getting steeper the older she gets. (One sad factoid connected to that–the hippocampus, a part of the brain essential to decision-making, doesn’t mature fully until age 25. So if a woman wants to go the traditional marriage-and-children route, that leaves only two years that she’s best able to size up a potential partner while still at her peak attractiveness and fertility. Mother Nature’s a bitch!)

            #3 But…some people do remain committed to their marriages even without sex. Some want to remain faithful to the marriage vows (“in sickness and in health”), for religious reasons, because they still love your spouses, they want to keep the family together, or they just don’t want to be cruel–to kick their sick spouses to the curb just so they can have sex again, as much as it sucks to go without.

          • Dave_2050

            I think you might be making the sex thing with couples as they get older a bit of an issue that can be overcome. I hear what you’re saying, believe me, I went through it and it drove me to an affair, but since then, I and my partner have rekindled something that was lost. In fact, even during my affair I refused sex, not because I didn’t want it, but mostly because I felt I was paying for something. It’s a long drawn out screwed up story and now that I’m trying to get back on track with my partner, I refuse sex because I just don’t feel like it and I don’t even have to have a headache. My situation is a strange one for sure. For once in my life I’m feeling more like a man than ever before because I got so screwed mentally by women that I found a spot I’m comfortable saying F it, I’ll do what I want. Not sure if all this makes sense but in my heart I’m becoming more happy and getting closure from a relationship with a psychopathic woman. She did a number on my head and now I have a totally different outlook on how a female can control a guy. Whether it’s with sex or tears I still have to consider my own sanity before I cave in to demands. It is a very nice spot to be in mentally because before I was pussy whipped and gullible. I have plenty of empathy and just need to know when is the right time to give in and when I need to make a stand…..thanks for your input!

          • David

            It’s an odd and unfamiliar path for men to say they’re “not in the mood.”
            The peer pressure and cultural expectations make this a shameful thing for guys, but many times, guys simply are not in the mood. Caving in, they try, and their love-making is half-hearted (or it fails).

            Men always want sex is one of those tired myths, up there with men are more sex-crazed than women.

        • David

          Unfortunately, a flat tax and government-subsidized prostitution allotments will die the same lonely death.

          • Dave_2050

            Ha….I’m going through this blog and happened upon your comment. Half hearted and leading to whatever. That nails it good. I’ve went through some strange shit lately and you always seem to help me make sense of it. Thank you!

  • Dave_2050

    Ha…I know now..or at least feel somewhat inclined to think I am a magnet for psychopathic women. And that makes me feel like a psychopath because I always ask myself, is it me? Is my behaviour twisted and am I the manipulator? But, if so, why do I continue to fork out money and subject myself to mental abuse? Last night the one psychopath said to me, “There is nothing about you I love”

    In the morning I repeated the statement where it was cleverly watered down to a point where her love for me is undying. I was mistaken and no doubt wrong and confused. And the one I’m done with got me for $750 2 weeks ago. We were done and I still fell prey to her whims…and this was in a stage of no contact I so desperately need.

    Brothers beware of women professing love. Many of you may feel an urge to stray. Those of you who have found true love will know it. Be careful of a psychopath who is able to create an illusion of perfect love only to have it dismantled piece by piece at the expense of many things you hold dear. Also consider why you stay in a failed relationship, and what that women will do to hang onto control of your soul, only to draw you right back into the spot why you drifted in the first place. In the meantime, if you have been drawn into a web created by a psychopath and fall back into the arms of another, prepare yourself for an onslaught of self contradicting behaviour making you question your own sanity.

    I like to enjoy sports and poker on tv. That has a tendancy to ground me a tad. And blowing off a round or two with a 12 gage is comforting as well….always controlled and not too crazy!

    And thanks David….I’m still waiting for me to say NO!….or say nothing…that would be the ultimate.

  • Dave_2050

    Listening to a song she knows gets to me…want to blast a few shells off…but don’t want to wake Annie,,,would rather suggle her..I’m guessing she’d be ok with that…I am whining but I KNOW I’m a psychopath that has met a nice match…you compared to all the others are something else…you are my karma….can I fuck 4 women. you included and bitch about anything?…and have another I can fuck…and preach all my bullshit crap and expect anything other than what I feel? What I did was lunge out and think if you are doing it to me, I’ll do it to you..mmmmmm….got a great psycho feeling going on….I can get over you because there are others I can’t stop contacting

    I am getting a hate on for women…nothing nasty…just I don’t need them…they fuck me up,,,,and I want my space and they won’t give it to me….ha….what a bullshit comment…if I wasn’t confident I’d label myself a loser..I got shafted…fuck…..I deserve it…looking forward to my trip and some crack…..fuick it….I will be with a woman who will put up with my indulgence……I’m psychopathic and really only mI truly know

    • David

      Dave, I think we all realize Game is bullshit. It is a niche market which only work for a niche audience. Game is bullshit. It lures men into false hope while they fork out stipends. There is nothing to be gained!

      Nah man. Game is a dead end.

      I am formulating a new escape route for the modern man who has been estranged by feminine pop culture and the Era of the Attention Whore.
      This is a last-ditch effort.

      “No man left un-laid” is my movement.

      Standby for details.

      • Dave_2050

        It’s so strange how I continue to beat myself up and start to believe I am psychopathic. I’m a firm believer a guy should be able to have female friends along with all his fishing buddy friends. For some reason a large percentage of the women are able to get me for money. I got a text and call from a female friend yesterday and I ignored it, then another call. Finally I read the text and listen to the voicemail. She doesn’t work and needs $100…..and maybe a little more please? Like a total putz I go out of my way and fork out $200….what the hell is wrong with me? And the sad thing is, I could get sex but I don’t want it because then I feel like I really owe them money. ME owe them something !!!!

        Looking forward to your escape plan bud !!!!!

        • David

          Wow, how do you attract that, are you wealthy? Granted, my social circle is small, but I’ve never been asked to lend out that much money. I have gotten the small, piddly $1.00 requests, but $100? Sheeesh, a that’s big No!

  • Dave_2050

    thank you to whoever runs this blog…nice

  • Dave_2050

    Thanks….those are kind and insightful words to hear. I did hear from her yesterday after 2 wks of no contact and the subject of the text revolved around someone elses pain and sufffering that she has to deal with. This gets to me and sets me up. I hope after all I’ve given her she doesn’t ask for more money. The sad part is she has such a hold on me I doubt I could refuse. It’s like I’ve read many times, they’ll squeeze you until your usefulness to them has truly reached the end. I need to be strong and focus on the woman I know loves me for who I am……not the one who painted an amazing picture of love and was able to cast it aside with no regard for my feelings. Ah well, such is life my friend.

    • Tom

      Women are mostly all psychopaths. Women are also more violent than men, and more likely to use physical violence against men. Women are much more likely than men to suffer from mental illness, and are known to manipulate people and lie profusely. Every woman I have met has a psychological problem and uses manipulation as well as physical or emotional/psychological abuse to get what they want. My mother is a psychopath. She was a nurturing woman and my childhood is filled with memories of my loving mother and of course my father, who she emasculated, and treated like dirt. As a young child I did not understand what was happening with my mother and father. They fought, a lot. Always about her wanting him to do something for him, and him not doing it for her. A prime example would be him not doing “chores”. He worked 20 hours per day, everyday, all day and night, except for Saturday night which was his night to go out to his male friends place to drink beer with the guys. She was a stay-at-home mom with 2 children and we were easy children to care for, very well behaved due to her strict rules. She had all day to do the dishes, the garbage, and clean, since we were at school all day long, and once home, we were often outside. I was babysat for free by my friends mom and spent most of my time at his place with my sister or with my sister staying at home with my mom. Either way, she had it easy. To demand my father do chores after he worked 20 hours was insane. And when he did not want to do it she beat him, cut him with glass she threw at him, verbally abused him. Sometimes she would take me and my sister and drive to a city 5-10 hour away staying in hotels along the way, until finally in the city she chose where we’d stay in a hotel for a week or two, making him wonder where his children were. It was cruel. I’m surprised he stayed with her and never once hit her. As I old she beat me and in my mid-twenties, I became unable to care for myself due to a genetic illness, and was given a limited income to live on. She had been charging me to live in the home my father paid for me to live in, he still pays her 5000+ dollars per month support. She has control of my bank account, mail, medications. She takes 1700$ a month from me, and all I get out of it, is a moldy basement bedroom, with no working bathroom, and many electrical problems, and health hazards. An entire basement apartment with working bathrooms, sinks, shower, and kitchen, furnished costs approximately $400-900 depending on location. City locations are more expensive. I live 1 hour from the city in the country, where entire homes can be rented for 1000$ a month. I asked her if I could pay her 1000$ rent, and keep the 700$ for myself, and pay for my own groceries, necessities etc, and she said no, that I could not afford it and that I actually am costing her money. She is nutty to the most extreme degree. I am not costing her money, I am giving her more money than the accommodations she gives me are worth nothing. They are worth negative dollars, due to the fact the basement I have to live in is infested with black mold in all of the rooms, and also contains asbestos in the basement room next to mine, and raw sewage from her toilet and my toilet back up into the house, due to the fact she has not properly repaired the pipesi n the home and the ones leading out of the home. She will not give me receipts of the money I give her because she wants to keep control of me in every way. with no receipts I cannot do taxes properly, and not get my tax return of 800$ which I could use to enroll in an online course at a university/college that interests me, to give me some joy in my day which is filled with pain, hospitalizations, infections, cancer, due to my genetic disability. S o with no receipts I cannot prove I live here, so if she gets angry, or I tell her what she is doing with my money is not right, and she is overcharging me and being abusing, controlling etc, she will tell me to get the “f” out and I will have no proof I live here. She tried or threatened to kill me last year. She drove into oncoming traffic in a rage and said this was the end of my life and pulled away at the last moment saving us from certain death or severe injury, and then proceeded to hit me hard in the face. She is evil. Women are evil and abusive. As they age they become more evil….Do not give them money or control. Do not impregnate them!

      • Gay State Girl

        Mental illnesses are usually used as an excuse for bad behavior and often times allow for a softer punishment. Certainly you were not implying your mother’s behavior falls under that category?

      • Gay State Girl

        Women are generally more manipulative, but I would not refer to it as a mental illness. That justifies it.

        I know a rich old couple who have a middle aged mildly retarded and he married a woman who took him and his family for a ride. She made him sign for financial obligations for her children from a previous relationship and locked him in the basement at night. They are now divorced, but his parents still have to pay child support for his ex step children.

        • Scrapbook

          This is the primary reason I do not really get on with many women, or people in general. I have a wide range of useful skills and good income which is a bit of a problem as people expect you to trust them out of the box. It doesn’t happen, I can tell someone who is full of shit at a 100 metres but unfortunately they flock to me. Obviously I’m not trying to say I’m and angel but where on Gods earth do all the decent individuals hang about as most people are absolute problems. I had a lodger recently and he was a complete piss taker and a complete liar. Things would go missing, get moved or broke, things that belong to me, and then when I ask him about things he goes nuts. Who else is there to blame when hes living here, what a complete moron. When I am around these people I actually feel insane myself and all I am asking is for a fair deal in a given situation. It seems to me that giving before you receive is actually wrong in this world unless you enjoy feeling ripped off. Bit of a morbid post I know but to be honest I could go on all night about the absolute crap, indecent shit you see day in day out.

      • Phillip

        We seem to be living parallel lives in many ways. My family background was very similar. There is one difference…although my mother was abusive to her family, she was never as psychopathic in the control and greed department. But I have lived for a short period of time with a female psychopath who had a group of elderly people hostage taking money and foodstamps. They were just personal money cows. It was like walking on eggshells just knowing you would soon be bullied for money or extortion. She was also a master of switch and bait. Most of her victims almost became sycophants. I’m sure you can relate. I could elaborate. There’s no end to the evil in her. Who can fathom the human heart? No one. But when it’s full of darkness, it’s just too much to bear.

      • LR

        That’s what gets women raped and abused but men have more mental illnesses than women and are more violent.

  • Dave_2050

    I just got done with a female who I swear is a psychopath. After 3 years I went to her first ex, she had two, and asked him what is it about her I can’t figure out? He looked and smiled and didn’t say a word. I asked again and he said “she’s a pathological liar”…..then he said she’s a psychopath. I had to look that one up because I had no clue….I thought guys like Bundy were those kind of people.

    With my newfound knowledge I started to do go through my list….sold two houses, filed for divorce, ended my job, stopped talking with 95% of my friends, and right up until 2 weeks ago gave her 52K in the course of 26 months…..she’s went through 4 1/2 times that in 3 1/2 yrs and always cried about not having money.

    In the 3 1/2 years I had this relationship my whole world was turned upside down. The only good thing is I’m not taking shit from any woman ever again. Even my wife got me for every damn thing I had and I started over with nothing, just debt. The cool thing is, in 6 months I’ve bounced back and am in the black. My wife wants to be back with me and that’s cool….I think. But get this, I stumble across a chick online and end up talking with her, mostly about my woes with the psycho gal. About 2 wks ago, when the psycho gal and I end it (right after I wire her money) I tell this other gal I don’t want to keep this thing with her going…we’d never met and it was weird. Anyway, the other day this gal sends me a text. She wants me to sign for a house in my name and she’ll live in it. I am so done being an easy mark. Thanks my little psychopath for helping me grow some balls and shutting some of this bullshit down once and for all. It is unreal what some of these women can be like. I wonder if I’d actually moved in with the psycho if I’d lost my balls. I’m guessing I got off easy !!!

    • SteveSteve

      ‘my wife got me for every damn thing I had and I started over with nothing, just debt. The cool thing is, in 6 months I’ve bounced back and am in the black. My wife wants to be back with me’

      Can you not see the huge flashing warning lights there? Your wife was happy to take your money and leave you. Now that you’ve got more money, she wants to start over again. Originally I phrased that as ‘she wants you back’ but obviously she no interest in you unless money is involved. No doubt she’s spent the money she got first time.

      The real question is, why do you let all these women do this to you?

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  • “I know a female psychopath”

    Ever since the patriarchy stopped teaching women to be sugar and spice this has become a given.

    • David

      Haha, my essential message is that they are mostly sugar and spice but modern society has molded a coarse cocoon which is nurtured by immaturity and only softens and breaks once the girl needs to search for food after it is not brought to her any longer.

    • Hey, SHe does it because IT WORKS. She gains favor with little risk of sacrifice. It is her version of extorsion anyways, it is not the same way she will treat a man they are attracted to or the one they respect just like children, they know with whom their tactics work, they know that grandma will give her what he wants everytime but that doesnt mean he will be spoiled, the child will behave differently in your prescence and will not attempt to ellicit uncalled for favors from you if he knows it will not work with you. same with women. she perfectly knows who to mess with so it is very important to be wary of these manipulative behaviors

    • Hey, SHe does it because IT WORKS. She gains favor with little risk of sacrifice. It is her version of extorsion anyways, it is not the same way she will treat a man they are attracted to or the one they respect just like children, they know with whom their tactics work, they know that grandma will give her what he wants everytime but that doesnt mean he will be spoiled, the child will behave differently in your prescence and will not attempt to ellicit uncalled for favors from you if he knows it will not work with you. same with women. she perfectly knows who to mess with so it is very important to be wary of these manipulative behaviors good call

      • Dave

        Hey….long time no talk here. I read back through a bunch of things here I’ve read and replied to in the past. I feel so much better these days. I’ve been talking to and letting God into my heart. I’ve been letting Him guide me and am finding myself not getting into crazy situations. I still have much work to do on myself. I’ve shifted my focus to what I want and not what others want from me.

        All I had to do was ask God for guidance. I feel on a brink of happiness I’ve never experienced. I still have stinking thinking to overcome but I see light at the
        end of a self imposed dark tunnel. I am moving towards a happiness I’ve never known. I am escaping the bond of the psychopathic trance. I swear I am free.

    • joe

      I married a psychopath who was very abusive. this woman would black her own eye, put scratch marks on her neck. Finally i called the cops to report her for domestic violence, she accused me of rape. steven king couldnt make up a better character . i plead to harassment although i never touched her. if she showed up in court and lied id get 20 years . i didnt want to take the chance. if anyone is with a crazy woman cut your losses and get away from her.

      • Out ‘n’ About

        Children and Women are essentially given the almighty Victim’s Free Pass in American society. It’s Orwellian, the degree to the absolute ability the law gives them to cast guilt on a whim’s notice.