Patsy Cline’s dark past?

I recently had a discussion with my mother in which I tried to convince her Patsy Cline was part black. It’s so obvious to me. I would never have even stumbled upon such a ridiculous postulation if not for the old black and white video clip in which she belted out “Crazy” in that awesomely sexy, velvety voice. I had never seen Patsy Cline before but I was intimately familiar with her music because she is one of my mom’s favorite female singers of all time and I could always count on listening to Patsy almost every Saturday afternoon while my mom swept and mopped and did all her other weekly cleaning chores around the house. The smell of Pinesol and Patsy Cline’s maudlin twangy longings will always be conjoined in my memory.

Anyways, after watching the video, I was intrigued. The way I saw it.
Either Patsy Cline was publicly known to be of mixed blood; or, owing to the fact that she recorded music in a musical genre which, from the 1950s through the 1960’s was hardly hospitable for mixed race white women, she would keep such genetic information under tight wraps.

Even though, to my eye, it’s obvious.
But our old-time Country singers could not spring from the slightest bit of non-Caucasian parentage without risking alienating their fan base.

A simple Google search illuminated the fact that her theoretical black ancestry was not common knowledge, accepted or not.

On, under the not-so-vague suspicion, “Was Patsy Cline Caucasian or Black Singer?” the answer offered was the typical response to such a question about Cline: “She was white (Caucasian non Hispanic). Since people in those days did not admit to such things for fear of non-acceptance, she may not have come forth with that information. It is Unknown whether or not she was part African- American (Black).”

This link was the only Google result that alluded in any manner to Cline’s race in response to my Google query, “was patsy cline part black.”

My mom is convinced I’m crazy.
She won’t buy my theory. She tells me plenty of white women are dark featured and roundly buxomed and soulfully full-figured. Uh yeah, but how many white women contain all of the above?

Patsy had it all, man. Great curvaceous full-figured womanliness. Full cheeks, full nose, she had sexy meat and she had color. I think she was hotter than hell because of this full lexicon of classic black female physical traits against the parchment of porcelain white woman’s skin.

I think I once tried searching for photos of her parents, but I found nothing.
It’s too bad people feel compelled to live such illusions in the face of potential societal scorn. One’s ability to make money is contingent upon cultural illusions.

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  • SDaedalus

    This has some material about Patsy’s ancestry.

    There were a lot of musicians with part African-American heritage who just passed. As long as they didn’t overtly discuss it, and it wasn’t too obvious, people preferred not to ask questions.

  • Tarl

    I don’t see how such a thing could NOT have been known in Winchester VA, where she was born and grew up, in the 1930s/40s/50s. If there is no trace of speculation, that suggests it wasn’t so.

  • David

    Nice find there SD.

    Tarl, you’re correct in the respect that communal word of mouth carries the word of truth for its time.

    But many of the quantitative facts of the day don’t translate well to our modern info era. If it was discussed in hushed undertones in 1955, I don’t assume it necessarily translates into our information gathering generation. I would call that “lost in translation.” I wonder how many tidbit of underground knowledge have been purged during the transition to the digital age.

    • JQ240SX

      @David: It seems that people like you take some kind of a conniption when a White delivers as soulfully as Patsy Cline did. It’s like “what? She’s gotta have some Black in her….” You put on your racist goggles and turn on the tilt switch beyond nitpicking. One can only wonder who the real racists are ….

      Next thing you’ll squawk about is that Rocky Marciano (the only undefeated WHITE heavy weight champ, and of that era no less) was Black too.

      • Your Lowness

        LOL at your Rocky Marciano allusion.

        I was merely remarking that Pasy Cline looks multi-racial.

        Of course White women can deliver such vocals. Maria McKee for chrissakes!

  • David

    And actually, my main presupposition with this post was not the “was” she part black aspect of the story, but the “so what” aspect.

    The fact that we live roles in this culture but the roles are not our own doing.
    The roles are prefabricated ruts we can choose to fill (or not).
    Depends on what we expect in return. Do we expect fame, fortune? Well then, we will do our best to live out the role.

    Patsy Cline was just one of many who felt the need to fill a role to its most unrealistic level. Not of not being white, but of not being black.

  • kelly sidaway

    She was not black, not that there would’ve been anything wrong with that . I happened to stumble across this thread and thought I would let you know . The Hensley’s were Native American . I know this because I am a descendant of her brother . There is no African American ancestry in her . Thank you though for keeping her spirit alive by remembering her today .

    Mmm entirely possible. Cher had no qualms about disguising her N/A background. Would it have hampered Patsy Cline’s career? I think not. Wasn’t Johnny Cash part Indian? I have no idea. Do you know where I can find photos of the Hensley’s? This is the key, I would love to know what her parents looked like.

  • John

    Not a drop of negroid blood in the gal, period. This “story” is typical liberal claptrap, right out of the psychotic liberal loony bin with several dashes of liberal excrement. Cline did have some Indian within her, that’s quite clear. To lay any notion of negroid is beyond disgusting, insulting and patently an outright lie.

    Cline was, hands down, beyond words, an unparalleled talent to say the least.

    I agree that Cline was the great CW vocalist of her time but it’s fans like you who made her keep so many secrets!

    • Apple

      Wow… “negroid” and “disgusting” in the same sentence in the 21st century… talk about racist. No wonder Patsy and family kept any possible traces of “negroid” heritage a secret.

      And as for the family member who seemed a little offended and adamant that Patsy has no black heritage, It seems always fashionable and preferable for some white people to rather proclaim having “Native American” (or even Asian) ancestry oppose to African American.

      But guess what.. A lot of “white” people in America (especially in the South) do have African American ancestry and they may not be aware of it. During and post slavery, a lot of mixed/light skinned black people passed themselves off as “white” or even part Native American for obvious social reasons. They went on the marry whites and had off-springs. Do the math…

  • Mike

    Thinly veiled racist nonsense here. She was soulful, dark featured and sexy. Oh, then no way could she be white. Puh-lease. I think out of all her friends, family and associates (many of whom are still living) at least one of them would know if she was mixed race.

    • David

      Perhaps but no one is talking.

      I kinda figured this might be interpreted as racist, but that’s not my intention at all. How come there are no photos of Cline’s parents? She did not look like your typical Southern Belle.

    • Toni

      Why is implying that she’s got black ancestry racist? I think she does, but that in no way is meant to imply that white women can’t be soulful and sexy. We’re responding to they way she looks in photos and merely speculating about that as it relates to her voice. I think Amy Winehouse and Adele sound soulful, but neither looks black. Of course white women can sing soulfully, dance soulfully and be super sexy. Patsy Cline just happens to LOOK like a person of color.

      • Apple

        Thank you. You raised some good points. I think so too. As a black person, I was very offended by some of the comments here

        • Angela

          People will always say and do things that may offend you…its up to you whether you get offended or not ………….. Everyone on this thread is of mixed race aren’t none of us 100% anything but human …and that’s from my pal white Irish fingers

  • Amy

    She resembles my grandmother, who was around 3/4 white, the rest mostly Amerindian (Creek, Cherokee, Choctaw) and also a little bit of black ancestry (going way back to the 1600s).

    Patsy Cline’s Wikipedia page attributes her deep, powerful voice to a throat infection she had as a child:

    “A serious illness as a child caused a throat infection which, according to Cline, resulted in her gift of ‘a voice that boomed like Kate Smith’s.'”

    • David

      Wow, did any of that coloring make its way into your genes?

      Yeah, I don’t doubt for a second that Patsy Cline had a significant amount of “non-European” blood in her, but it’s the facade and obvious lack of acknowledgment which is like blood to my bloodhound nose.

      I would still like to see photos of her parents.

      • Amy

        Not really. My mother had dark eyes, thick dark hair, and olive skin, as her mother did. My eyes are hazel, hair’s reddish brown, skin tone’s lighter too but still sort of golden (and unlike Mom, I get freckles). Got an infusion of paleness from Scandinavian/German genes on Dad’s side of the family.

        Except for the little bit of Cherokee on the other side of her family, Mom had no idea how much non-white ancestry she had. Seems to have been a secret for many generations.

  • SouthAustin

    The technology exists today to determine whether this is true or not. A genealogical DNA test of a direct descendant could put this to rest once and for all. “Indian” ie Native American is the standard white southern fallback position for whites who exhibit any kind of non Caucasian features (followed by goat, dinosaur, little green men – anything but black ! LOL) so I would take those claims with a grain of salt. One thing people need to keep in mind is that many white southerners have black blood and are totally clueless about it. After slavery, many blacks who could pass for white, did just that.It’s not something that they would have broadcast to the world – a secret like that could have landed them at the end of a rope.

    • David


      I don’t give a shit what Patsy Cline was.

      But the fact there is so much opposition to the idea of her being black is just too damned amusing.

      • Mark J. Goluskin

        I don’t care, I mean I really don’t.
        When are we going to stop worrying about this crap? This calls for a serious WTF?!
        Most important to me is that I am an A M E R I C A N. That is it.
        Now my heritage, where the family tree is from, is Europe.
        My mom’s mom was from Edinburgh, Scotland. My mom’s dad could trace his tree, supposedly, to the Mayflower. Both my dad’s parents were from Odessa, The Ukraine. And ooooh, you already know this, but-DA HORROR!-they were. . .Jewish!
        Go ahead and make a big deal about that.
        I do not look at race when sizing up an individual. That is why people I know and like can be from any damn group. Who cares?
        Again, the group I care about is the American group. And that is what I am.
        Until we get there, all this race-obsesion does his hold all of us back.

        • David

          “American” is not a race lol!

    • Apple

      Exactly!! I didn’t see your comment until I poste

  • Meade

    Patsy Cline was part NATIVE AMERICAN. Its very common in Virginia and in the South to be mixed like that. She is probably Shawnee Indian or something from the Shenandoah Valley. Aside form that, probably German and Scotch-Irish. Her maiden name Hensley is English.

    • David

      Yeah, I’ve considered the Native American angle.

      I’m not convinced. Her physiognomy is more Black than anything else. Next someone is going to tell me she was part Thai.

  • N/A

    The reason she looks Asian or Hispanic and has dark looks is because she IS absolutely Native American and Native American Indians descend from Asians who crossed over and migrated to North America several thousand years ago, and then down into Mexico, Central America, and South America. This why Native Americans, as well as the Indians stills living in Mexico, Central America, and South America have a very strong Asian look. Pre-Spanish invasion.

    White Anglo Saxons do NOT have dark brunette hair, dark eye brows, or eyes. This is a clear and distinct sign of a person who is biracial, as there are only three (3) genetically pure human races, i.e. Black Africans, Brown Asians, and White Anglo Saxons. That is it. These are the ONLY three genetically pure races, and every person who walks the earth today is one, or more, or ONLY these three races. Many dark races in Southern Europe were ALL white Anglo Saxons at one time, until the Moors (black Africans) migrated and invaded Italy, Greece, Morroco, etc., forever changing the racial make-up of most all of Southern Europe, such as Italy, Greece, Spain, Albania, Romania, Morroco, and so on where the people are dark complected with dark hair, eye brows, eyes, etc…..

    Many biracial people now inhabit all corners of the world and only a few countries still have mostly pure races, such a African, Asia, and the Netherlands. But even these countries are slowly changing. Sadly, most people who are of mixed race, and those they love, pay a horrible price for it. Very, very tragic and horrible things happen to people who engage in interracial relationships, and to those they love who accept, support, and condone these illicit affairs. Just because people do it, does NOT mean it is okay. If we were all meant to be the same, sound the same, speak the same, look the same, etc., etc., etc., then that is exactly the way our Creator would have created us from the very beginning of human existence. You can believe whatever you want, but that is a fact. And if you engage in an interracial relationship then you too will pay a terrible price for doing so, just as Patsy Cline and many others around her, did. There are many, many examples of horrible and deadly tragedies connected to interracial mixing, such as Princess Diana and her boyfriend, Bruce Lee and his son, John Lennon, Judy Garland, Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, Christopher Reeves and his wife, Keanu Reeves, Natalie Wood, Laci Peterson, Nicole Brown Simpson, Sharon Tate, Dorothy Dandridge, Anna Nicole Smith, Jean Harlow, Steve McQueen, Paul Newman, Kirk Douglas, Chris Penn, Bruno Kirby, Matt Ruffalo, James Remar, Harry Houdini, Lenny Bruce, Marlon Brando, Cheyenne Brando, Loretta Lynn, Christian Brando, Bonnie Lee Bakely, Lana Clarkson, Johnny Cochran, Robert Kardashian, Susan St. James, Barbara Eden, Elvis Presley, Angelina Jolie, Olivia Newton-John, Victoria Principal, Andy Gibb, Kurt Cobain, Tommy Lee, Mike Wallace, Chris Matthews, Gene Siskel, Rodger Ebert, Allison Gertz, Chandra Levy, Jennifer Levin, Lana Turner, Virginia Hill, Bugsy Seigel, Pocahontas, Wyatt Earp, Billy the Kid, Alexander the Great, Cleopatra, Julia Roberts, Shania Twain, Carmen Electra, Katie Couric, Niki Taylor, Tiger Woods, Barack Obama Sr., Diana Hyland, Montel Williams, River Phoenix, Annette Funnicello, Ann Curry, Christy Turlington, Vanna White, Princess Grace of Monaco, Princess Caroline of Monaco, George Harrison, Linda McCartney, Micheal J. Fox, the Kennedy’s, the Jackson’s, William Shatner, William Holden, John Wayne, Vivien Liegh, the Onassis family, Denise Richards, Jenna Jamison, John Travolta, Sandra Bullock, Sylvestor Stallone, Christy Brinkley, Sam Kinison, Pauly Shore, Christian Slater, Suzanne Somers, Sean Penn, Josh Holloway, Brittany Murphy, Dana Plato, Brad Renfro, Jonathan Brandis, Burt Convey, Bob Crane, Dennis Cole, Alex Cord, Joanna Pettit, Josephine Baker, Halle Berry, Ann Jillian, Melody Scott Thomas, Hunter Tylo, Charles and Carol Stuart, Andrea Yates, Susan Smith, Goldie Hawn, Sony Bono, Natasha Richardson, Richard Harris, Lucky Luciano, Rita Hayworth, Liza Minelli, Ingrid Bergman, Clark Gable, Former Duchess of York Sarah Ferguson’s mother Susan White, Randy Rhoades, Vince Neil, Ozzie and Sharon Osbourne, and many, many more too numerous to name herein. If you too engage in an interracial relationship, you too will pay a very tragic price for it. Count on it!

    • David Out ‘n’ About

      Goldie Hawn, WTF? She’s as white as they come!

    • Mark J. Goluskin

      Dude, what is wrong with you?! How do you and WHY do you know all this stuff? And really, all the “crowned heads of Europe” did was inbreeding. Let me guess, I bet you have a “purebread” dog, right? I mean, if you think that people should be “purebread”, I guess your dogs should be too. Here is something to ponder. Most mutts have less health problems and live longer. And happier lives than you must. And I thought I WAS IN A BUNKER!

    • Layla

      I would not even know where to start with that list except notably you have included Caucasians with Caucasians over and over…also people of the Middle East are considered Caucasian, Caucasian does not mean white skin only, you were correct in that there are only 3 major racial groups recognized by most Anthropologists but from there you lost me. Looking at your list it also looks as if you have classified being Jewish as a racial group which is incorrect as well.

  • Marcusny

    Um, the last post here is offensive. There is no tragic price anyone has to pay for being in an interracial relationship. In fact N/A you make it clear that the majority of the world is of mixed race. The majority of the world is not living tragic lives. Get real man. Back to the original post. I too have thought that Patsy Cline was part black and I too only noticed it when I saw the videos. Some have said that it would have been known at the time, but that is not always the case. If one of her ancestors was of mixed race and could pass, lets say in the 1800s, then that person could have moved to Winchester and married and lived a life and never told anyone. Many people did this in the old days in order to live a life free of the horrible discrimination that N/A so proudly espouses. So David, I see it too. She definitely looks like she could have had some color in her and I think it is great.

    • Mark J. Goluskin

      Thank you! Besides, one thing that I did not mention is that two of my nephews are married to “non-whites”-Asians actually. And they are not living tragic lives. Such a douchebrain! And gutless! N/A!

  • Roxanne

    I agree with your completely. I have thought this ever since I was a teenager and feel in love with her. To me it is as obvious as you say.

  • sunee

    I agree. She looks part black. My brother’s mother-in-law is from VA and she has very white skin, dark eyes and brown “caucasian” hair. She identifies herself as African American. She could easily be thought of as white. Her ancestors are all very light skinned blacks. She married a light skinned black man. Her daughter, my bro’s wife, has porcelain white skin, but has black features. I’ve always thought Patsy looks part black. Her nose and her brow looks like a black woman’s face.I was wowed,but not shocked when Carol Channing admitted that her father was half black. Carly Simon’s mother is half black. ( I always thought both those women had black features). I bet Patsy was part black.

    • David

      Patsy Cline was so obviously part black.

  • Robert

    What surprises me most about Patsy Cline, is in write ups they always talk about how “plain” she was, and describe her as “plump”. Surely are they talking about the same Cline? To me, her features were strikingly beautiful. The big plump lips, those big beautiful brown eyes, her higher cheek bones, the gorgeous dark hair- perfect complexion. I think maybe by today’s standards, she would be considered a more plump woman. Patsy was very graciously bestowed. I often thought she did resemble Jessica Lange more than Bev D’Angelo. But Patsy was far from the homely way they describe her in books. Some do suggest she was considered beautiful for her day- but they often say she was not very beautiful at all. It really is amazing to me. She was really a gorgeous looking woman. One paper in the early 60s described her as Ava Gardner, Gina Lollobridgia, and Marylin Monroe all rolled into one.

  • Toni

    I found this page after feeling like hearing the song “Crazy,” just on a whim. I was on youtube and saw her photos with the video and she looks black to me, which is what got me googling and led me here. I’m black and she looks as black as me. My mother is African and Russian and my father’s mother was only a little black, mostly English and could have passed for white and his father was African-American. I turned out with dark hair, black eyes and features that look more European than African. A few people from my Grandmother’s family passed for white in the 1800s and I have cousins in New Zealand and Australia who had no idea of their African Ancestry until the 2000s. I agree with this poster, she looks black. If I did not know who she was, I’d assume she was biracial, without giving it a second though. Maybe she was part Native American rather than black, but she’s definitely not of pure European Ancestry. There are a lot of people in this country whose ancestry isn’t fully known to them. Whatever she was, she was awesome! Gorgeous and a spectacular singer. Love her!

  • JJ

    She could be. Way back when it was not uncommon to mix it up and hide it. On one of her songs she looks like a girl I used to date. That girl was polish and black. I would have never guessed until I saw here sister’s picture. Either way what a great voice!

  • R Evans

    How about her daughter does a Henry Louis Gates test ???????

  • Barbara Renick

    Many country and western singers are part Native American. I am sure she was from one of the “5 Civilized Tribes” (Creek, Cherokee, Choctaw, Chickasaw, and Seminole).

    Most Americans are mixed with oftentimes unknown heritages. Europeans are heavily mixed with Mongol, and North Africa is just a stone’s throw from the “White World.” The Moros of the Iberian Peninsula (Arabs) occupied Spain for centuries when followers of the three great monotheistic religions lived in relative peace together. The 3 Wisemen and Jesus himself born in the Middle East have mixed for a long time. Institutionalized Slavery in America has caused Americans much guilt, fear, anger, and resentment to this day. It’s in our genes.

    • Socially Extinct

      Yes, Patsy Cline might very well have been American Indian, but I don’t believe this would have been such a mark of “shame.” The fact none of her “alternative” lineage was ever mentioned must mean she is part Black.

  • http://N/A J. Lippman

    Winchester Virginia has long been known for its intermix true oof black and white locals…. Tough some try to hide this common (and obvious) knowledge!

  • Onelook

    It only took one look to establish that this divine beauty has black blood, her hair eyes nose cheeks smile hips and most of all her sultry voice can only be belted out from the hollows of a black woman. #noracistimjustsaying I know my people when I see them, it shouldn’t matter just thought its worth noting

    • Socially Extinct

      Thank you. Some people see clearly. It’s so obvious.

      The point of my post wasn’t whether or not she was part Black. This is a given. I’m just commenting on the fact she needed to shield the public from that “distasteful” truth.

  • plongwell

    Why is there a trend in so many of these posts to imply that being of American Indian descent is more desirable/acceptable than being of African-American descent? The level of emotion reflected in these posts says that it’s still a huge issue here and in our society. It’s a sad reflection on the collective us.

    • Socially Extinct

      Exactly. Kinda bears out my point about Cline’s mysterious ethnicity to begin with.

  • Bowmian

    I just watched an ad on tele and saw a video and thought OMG is Patsy Cline mixed race because she sure looks mixed race, I did a search and it brought me here. Of course it doesn’t matter to me what she is but I’m pretty convinced now that she definitely was.

  • T-Bomb

    Wow. What’s wrong with you people? Xanax exists, take it. I found this site because I was watching a spot for Opry Video Classics and it hit me that Patsy has features similar to a lot of my family. My Native American family. Beautiful features regardless of what race and NO, it’s not racist to wonder about someone’s ethnic background. It’s odd that people would think so. Of course, you always have rabble rousers who love turning nothing into something. Peace. Love. Rich, creamy coffee.

  • LadyLoo

    I also stumbled here by searching for “was patsy cline african-american?” being a mixed person, you often notice other mixed people. The fact that she was native makes sense, but many black and native people did mix in the south. This message board was AN AMAZING and informative look at social constructions and perceptions of race. SO ENLIGHTENED TO READ IT, and also some stuff here was totally bizarre.

  • John

    1/4 indian

    • Socially Extinct


    • Socially Extinct

      Actually, I meant to add about the Native American/Patsy Cline hybrid theory is that, from personal experience (I am no expert and I admit this), a lot of American Indian women I’ve met (the more “pure” ones) are not exactly oozing in curves.

      Patsy Cline was buxom and curvy, just like a black woman. Black women have some of the best thick bodies in the world. Her color can be explained as Native American influence, but those hips? Nah, that’s some Black shit there!!

  • Victor

    It’s obvious to me as well. I agree with the original post. What a tragic loss at such a young age. Patsy was amazing!

  • Robert

    I believe there was some African American ancestry there. I grew up in the Shenandoah Valley and Patsy was as popular with African American woman as she was with whites. It was as if they knew something about her ancestry! Miscegenation was very common in the Valley although socially it was frowned upon. Light skinned blacks frequently passed for white and became part of the white population without no one ever knowing their true origins. My mother grew up in Page County and moved to Front Royal, Virginia. In Page County there was a large population of light skinned blacks and upon moving to Warren County she would cross paths with them while they were trying to pass for white with their white spouses.

    Pats Cline looks like a light skinned black woman with full lips and a full nose. In African American circles she would be considered high yellow or a redbone!

  • Randall

    The following link shows her ancestry going back several generations. The names of all eight of her great-grandparents are listed. Seven of the eight were born in Virginia; the birthplace of the other one is unknown but is also likely to have been in Virginia, so her 14 immediate ancestors all stayed put in Virginia. Based on this information there’s no way to point to any one of her ancestors and say that one of them was black or Native American. We can only speculate about any non-white ancestry that Patsy had.

    • Randall

      Oops, I goofed. Only four of her eight great-grandparents are listed. Those four are from her father’s side. Maybe the mysterious non-white lineage is from her mother’s side.

      • Socially Extinct

        Interesting, that. Her maternal legacy was kept under wraps? Hmm.

  • http://Patsycline Toni

    patsy was definitely,black.look at the texture of her is so course.
    And her body is that of a black woman as well.the huskiness if her voice is a dead give away.


    I’m going to go with David on this. Patsy’s black, somewhere. But who cares? The good news is; hardly anyone. We celebrate talent.

  • Music Fan

    Like several others, I arrived at this page because I just watched the clip of Patsy singing Crazy, not having seen a picture of her before, and my instant thought was that she must be mixed race to some deree. Like being gay or Jewish, this was not something that anyone in mainstream media would have revealed in the fifties if they wanted to protect their career from effects of the bigoted attitudes that prevailed at the time (and still persist, sadly, as some of the comments here reveal). While we may never know definitely, I think David’s hunch is very plausible.

    • Socially Extinct

      Exactly. You understood it. Your gay/Jewish analogy sums it all up.

      What is most socially profitable at that the time?

      A Black Patsy Cline would have never been heard. I wonder how many other who did owe up to their lineage have been pushed into the netherworlds of historical anonymity?

  • BlkGrlDaphne

    I just happen to be a black chick that loves country music…Patsy did not have black blood in her; there are some European countries whose people have features similar to black folks but they are not black…same with some Native American tribes…but they aren’t black…my point is who cares what ancestry she was she was a great singer! My second point, let’s stop trying to say everyone is black. Let’s continue to enjoy Patsy’s music and let her soul rest in peace.

    • Bubba McBoo

      “Black blood ” I’m sure that 100% of HUMAN BEINGS have AFRICAN ANCESTRY.
      So we ALL have “black Blood”…

  • Freak Bubo

    This entire thread is uber ignorant.
    Patsy looks like an average Scottish woman.
    Having dark eyes/olive skin and curly hair is extremely common in europe (both northern and southern).
    You moronic posters missed completely that Cline is a common JEWISH name.
    Perhaps it’s more plausible to consider her “hidden roots” are German/Jewish…

    • Socially Extinct

      Why of course, the first thing I think of when I see Patsy Cline is SCOTTISH! What was I thinking…???

      BTW, “Cline” was her married name (from her 1st marriage). Her birth name was Virginia Patterson Hensley.

      Photos of her parents exist…it’s her siblings I can’t find any of…that would be a nice find.

  • David

    Yes, I thought of the Native American possibility as well.
    It seems the only album I remember my mom having was this one but I never gave it a second thought because I was…well, unconcerned. It was only the Youtube video which got my attention.

  • eddie

    your all guessing ! my sisters all have dark hair , eyes , skin, i have green eyes and blonde hair! im english and and can go back generations of forefathers and no indian or black lineage!

  • Socially Extinct

    What did your parents look like?

  • eddie

    my mum has dark eyes and complection, and my dad had black hair and green eyes” if you go to the republic of ireland half the women there look like they could be of indian heritage, if you get a proper irish colleen! take a look at andrea corr of the coors! if she were born in the states theyd probably be saying she must have indian ancestry!

  • Socially Extinct

    Ah, the mythical “Black Irish!”

    Some of those women are damned hot.

  • Bubba McBoo

    It’s not “mythical” many Irish have a “jew fro” it should be called an irishfro instead.
    Many Irish are swarthier than patsy cline was…
    Quite a few Irish are mixed with Moorish shipwrecked sailors from the Spanish armada.