I love being a second class citizen

Hmm, so if this had been an illegal alien they might have hauled him in and an American congresswoman would be conscious?

Authorities say that since Jared Loughner had no outstanding warrants, he was sent on his way. Less than three hours later, he was arrested at the scene of a shooting spree that left six people dead.

“A wildlife officer pulled over the suspect in the assassination attempt against an Arizona congresswoman less than three hours before the deadly attack,” the Associated Press write

Oh, by the way.

I was leaving a Chinese restaurant in downtown L.A. in November. I was driving my girlfriend’s car and like most women, she had neglected to keep on top of her car maintenance. One of her headlights was out.

As I pulled left out of the driveway on Figueroa, the cop threw his lights on.
Stopped me, gave me a “fix it” ticket.

Yet, Jared Loughner gets stopped in the middle of a desert after running a red light and escapes off without so much as a citation.


Oh, once, I got stopped on the Hollywood Freeway for having tinted windows on my Acura Integra.

Another fix it ticket!

Fix it tickets are the civilized man’s way of saying “you fucked up and we’re watching you.”
Warnings are man’s civilized way of saying “you fucked up, but you’re white or Asian. You’re harmless.”