Vox writer uses Leftist motif of “false equivalency” to wash its hands of Sarah Jeong’s racism.

In the midst of this endless leftist splurge at Vox, I spied a very common leftist trope that is familiar to any of us who have had the misfortune of reading internet liberal diatribes for any period of time.  It is a recurring phrase that the Left dots every opinion piece with.  It is so egregiously used that I wonder what it is that brings them such smug satisfaction in repeatedly uttering.


 false equivalency


“False equivalency” has become the go-to editorial fodder of the Left.  They pepper every opinion piece with it.


Aja Romano


In the case of this 2,000+ word pointless exercise in hyperverbal ricocheting which attempts to defend and justify Sarah Jeong’s racist Tweets,  author Aja Romano conjures  the phrase to rupture the obvious analogy of the anti-White Tweets to the practice of racism as it exists, and has, in American culture against the acceptable victimized groups of color.  In tackling and hoisting the concept of “it’s impossible to be racist against Whites” theory, Romano tells us of Jeong’s 2014 anti-White Tweet,



In tweets like the one embedded above, Jeong appeared to be commenting on the idea that white people often believe they are being discriminated against when they aren’t. To equate “being mean to white people” with the actual systemic oppression and marginalization of minority groups is a false equivalency.


Again with the false equivalency.

It’s as if Liberals have copyrighted  the phrase and mindlessly pull it out of their semantic tool chest every time they are simply too timid to articulate the truth:  “You are not allowed to use logic to refute our liberal ideals!”

The modern Left’s gig is utterly feminine bitchspeak.

Solipsism is their beacon and intellectual North Star.  What’s good for the goose (as long as the goose is Liberal) is not good for the gander.  For once, instead of spending 2,000 words explaining, in a circular fashion, why their agenda is logical in its own self-contained absurd dimension, they use a curt macro phrase that signals exactly what they mean:  our reality is our own and you cannot appropriate it to link to the true, objective reality that is apparent to those with a mind.