Kamala “Harris” Khan, the latest Marvelette super-heroine will banish pork chops and bourbon from the world.

All that crap issuing from Marvel Studios should be fun and suffused with superhuman levity. That’s just me. Personally, I hate all that comic book shit. I have never seen a Marvel movie and I have no intention of doing do. It’s not for political reasons whatsoever, although I gotta say….the cinematic behemoth’s actions of late are becoming quite tiresome.

Now we learn Marvel is shooting for a new superhero of the Muslim persuasion. Sweet!

Nothing says Behold Our LIberal Tolerance & Virtue like a Muslim superhero.


Muslim superhero Ms Marvel – AKA Kamala Khan – will become a prominent figure in the Marvel Cinematic Universe after Marvel president Kevin Feige confirmed Marvel “has plans” for the character.

In an interview with the BBC, Feige said that “Ms Marvel … the Muslim hero who is inspired by Captain Marvel, is definitely sort of in the works.”


Dat name.


This is vile Hollywood signaling on so many levels.  The Left Coast libs are to be commended for all their clever subliminal insidiousness and messaging to all their socially engineered minions.

A Muslim superhero.  What a concept.  The quest for world domination empowered by super powers;  beware heathens, Ms. Marvel wields a neck-splitting sword like no other, and she will jettison that pork sandwich out of your hands before you can take a bite.  Her overriding mission is to rid the world of alcohol, pork and Christians, and there is nothing that flimsy DC cuck, Superman, can do about it other than to convert to her religion of peace.



Kamala “Harris” Khan


But really. What is Marvel trying to prove. Is the continual barrage of modern, SJW subtexts really necessary? Marvel’s big screen garbage is insidious for it burrows deeply into the audience’s psyche and creates nubile generations of conformist lemmings all serving the globalist agenda of an amorphous brand of indistinguishable one-worldism.

And, most importantly, a worldwide market of cinematic consumers who happily spend money on superhero trash which they are brainwashed into believing is entertainment.