Incel Chronicles: semantics of despair


I think back to my own elemental Incel stage of life which was eventually halted and spurned when I was about 26.

Wow!, sorry to hear that. So, I got ten more years of poon than you! And, at those young ages, sometimes as often as 3 times per day!

Yep, sad to say, I was Incel before Incel was cool.  So very hip of me.

Why are we so acronym-crazy in 2018?   I suspect it’s owing to our vocabulary laziness and impatience perpetuated by the expectation of instant results and answers.   Who has time to say involuntarily celibate when “incel” sounds so much slicker (and takes that much less time to say)?

In 1982, there were many men who lived quiet lives of involuntary celibacy.

That is an ageless affliction that spans back as long as males and females diverged along genetic differentiation (which was probably Day 1).  In 1982 we were just horny, blue-balled geeks who no one paid attention to, least of all women.  It was involuntary, it was celibacy, and it was ugly and pathetic.  There was no term for it;  we, everyone, simply knew what it was.  We were virgin losers who possessed no game, no looks, no attraction, for the opposite sex.

We were outcasts but our hate was channeled elsewhere in real life (which is all there was, really);  the internet is the greatest cathartic release valve mankind has ever invented.  If I had the internet in 1982, I suspect I would have been a wildly different man.  But instead, I learned to drink, I amused myself with video arcades, slasher movies, photography, my Commodore 64, baseball, and to a certain extent, carnal fantasy which provided very short-term satisfaction and release.  My life was full of the detritus of my asocial despair for I could not bare examining my stark loneliness for long without sinking into violent despair.

Today’s young men now have the entire world up their ass and in their business simply because they lack the good fortune to play a vibrant role in the mating game.  The repressed madness recirculates like a stale AC unit and alienation is amplified until the lunacy drives men to the violent ends of despondency.  Whereas women are now empowered, emboldened, men are subverted, imprisoned, voided of relevance.


It was 1982 or 1983.  A sunny afternoon.  I was sitting at one of those outside concrete benches that lined the trees of Cal Poly, Pomona.  It was a slow afternoon and I saw 2 girls walking in my direction from afar.  They seemed to be looking at me.  I turned away and acted like I was reading something.  As they approached, I heard one of them laugh as she told the other girl, “He looked better from far away.”

That quip clung to my soul like a fish hook for the greater part of my early 20’s.


Incels are not monsters.  They are lonely men who can’t compete in the mating dance.  They are lonely men castrated of masculinity with no options granted by this feminized society whereby they can reclaim their primal state.  We all must revert when progress is robbed from us.