Alisyn Camerota from CNN is a sanctimonious attention whore. And a loser.


Keep it up sweetheart, no one cares.





  • Wiless

    Hey, isn’t ‘Alisyn’ such a porn-star spelling of that name?
    Kinda like ‘Megyn’…
    Just sayin’… ;)

  • Mark J. Goluskin

    What a liar! When she was a Fox News Channel info babe, she was a total tool. Always saying the fair and balanced thing. Sounding patriotic and all that. She moves down the road to CNN and becomes a feminazi not wit. THAT is the real outrage.

    • Roman Lance

      The single tissue, single eye dab is a big tell. Nobody who is authentically crying dabs one eye at a time.

      That’s what fakers do.

      This chick is a faker…wait how about SJW fakir instead. Cause that one eye tear drop thing is some serious magic.

  • Wiless
  • Roman Lance

    Stupid solipsistic women folk. “your emotional emotion is making me emotional” or whatever.

    Those are some seriously punchable faces.

    Now I hear some tough talking near ex-governor is promising to deck trump if he gets in space during the 2020 election cycle.

    Like that dummy is going to make it that far.

  • Rifleman

    Now the question is – which interpretation is the winner politically – “Trump is unhinged, dangerous, unfit monster” or “Trump is a truth telling, non-neutered, don’t give a damn super hero”?

    Seems obvious that if all the voters are 14 year old boys Trump wins by a landslide.

    The problem is lots of White women like Alisyn Camerota are the actual voters so I gotta say its not a winning image. But he’s stuck and the media is going to put the worst spin on everything so he just has to hope his opponents are even bigger losers.

    Like Hillary.

    Beginning to think that the guy that does the cover art for @TIME is a secret Trump supporter

    This is a good meme, just not in the way they intended. Super Saiyan Trump? Bad. Ass.