A cursory examination of “shithole” in Social Extinction.


Shithole is a fantastic, hyperbolic exclamation. I rather enjoy the word, myself.


Its racial connotations are dubious at best. A shithole describes an unsavory, smelly, crime-ridden locale. If a preponderance of said shitholes tend to occur within the borders of certain nations on this planet, any racial implication is merely correlative but says nothing about the quality of said population.  Per se.


When you call an area a shithole, you are talking about that land, the society, the infrastructure. The people who have collectively banded together to create the shithole in question are obviously limited in skills and structural cohesion. Make of it what you will.


A shithole is just a shithole, end of story.


President Turmp is a madman. How can you not love a President with No Fucks To Give?


When a “reputable” news site like CNN prints the word in its entirety on the home page, you know that a juncture in cultural space-time has been reached.







As I said, I enjoy using the word, I throw it out all the time in normal everyday usage. Not sure what this defines about character of my “maturity,” but it’s simply too powerful a word to not fit into one’s verbal arsenal.  Or blog.


Like 32 times.







Holy shit(hole)!  That’s more shitholes than can be found in a West Hollywood parade.  President Trump would be quite proud of me.   The 32 posts below all include the word “shithole.”





I suppose “bunghole” might have been a less unsavory option for Mr. Trump to use..but would it have imparted the sense of scorn that we so adore in the God Emperor?