Away from the windows…


Today, shortly after lunch, there was commotion and rustling in the hallways at work.


People running around like children. Yapping and going on about a rainbow. There was a rainbow and the news spread over the floor of Hollywood adults like a raging wildfire.


A Rainbow! Visible from the kitchen, madness cascaded through the crowd of workers who should have been doing something productive (ie, work) rather than flailing around like children spellbound by the latest dirge of insanity.


It’s been stormy here and this afternoon was the first moment when the sun peaked out in about day. In confluence with the rainy atmosphere, we were in for a treat.  A perfect storm of meteorological prism-atic wonder.


A rainbow. A motherfucking rainbow.

People swarmed the office windows, the kitchen specifically. I worked, a little, refrained, then went to the restroom and visited another floor to drop off paperwork. Away from the windows, far from them as possible.  I don’t do windows lightly.


My officemate flew to her obese feet and said, “I might as well go see.”


Before she left the office, I hollered, “If you see a flying unicorn, call me and maybe I’ll come look.”


Otherwise, I am not upsetting my day for a shitty rainbow. What are these people, children? The adult world is peppered with stillborn mental dwarfs mesmerized by inanity and trivial diversions.




Assuredly not Hollywood

  • Mark J. Goluskin

    Dude, you do not enjoy anything! So people got excited over a rainbow. BFD! You work in a lousy industry in a lousy city in a lousy state. A little rainbow after a rainstorm I find a welcome diversion from being in this leftist hellhole.

    • Of course I don’t! I’m the great non-enjoyer, the ultimate buzzkill.

      I am the Downer Incarnate.

  • Wiless

    They really are all overgrown children. I had one colleague last year, a silly Millennial chick, who decorated her cubicle space with sparkly unicorn graphics AND pro-homo rainbow decals. Like a little girl, developmentally disabled. She had a nervous breakdown one time over her workload. No wonder, given her mental age…

  • Wiless

    You should have said, “Ah yes, the rainbow: God’s sign of the Noahic Covenant, in which He promised Noah that He wouldn’t destroy the world again by a yuge flood, meaning we needn’t fear rising sea levels due to climate change; a symbol co-opted by Jesse Jackson and leftists for pro-homo and diversity agitprop.”
    Well, I would have said that. Or not, if I want to stay employed. But damned if I wouldn’t have been tempted! ;)

    • Wiless

      A few years ago, there was a rainbow occurrence during Toronto’s gay pride parade, and leftists cooed about how appropriate it was, how even nature was rejoicing over their cause, etc.
      They have no idea how blasphemous they were being, nor do they care.
      Oh well. They will learn, in due time.

      • Mother Nature is gay friendly in the post modern world, isn’t she? As if homosexuality is a Darwinian strength lol

        • Wiless

          Yeah, as if an aberration that does NOT produce offspring is somehow naturally selected for… (That’s something evolutionists cannot explain; how sexual perversions can be said to somehow aid a species in survival…)

    • That would have gone over like a fart in church!

      • Wiless


  • E. Rekshun

    I’m sure the rainbow hoopla can’t compare to the eclipse hysteria at my office from a few months back. Management passed out special dark glasses, and a few of the in-crowd managed to get on the roof of our ten-story office building for a better view.

    • Wiless

      Yeah, we all went outside to look at it, and same thing, management passed around the special dark glasses; others made pinhole cameras from cardboard boxes for viewing, most of which didn’t work worth shit. Oh well. Time paid to not work, while at work; all good. :)

      • LOL I was actually out sick from work that day. Nothing to do with the eclipse-ical theatrics, however ;)

    • People get very corny at work.

      Work culture is about not being genuinely yourself, and all about doing stupid shit for the sake of this banal sense of conformity. It’s soul death.

  • Roman Lance

    I don’t imagine people see rainbows very often in Cali right?

    I remember the first time I saw the Mountains in Utah I was floored by the richness and proximity of them to the town I was in. They loomed over everything. I had never seen anything like it up close.

    Maybe it was like that. Just startling to see IRL what has only been viewed in pictures. Besides it did have some good, your office mate was out of your presence for a bit that must have been nice, n’est-ce pas?

    • Rainbows are rare in SoCal insofar as rain is rare. When it does rain here, everybody turns into a drama queen. The news media goes haywire with its coverage. Any simple storm of 2 inches of rain is treated as Armageddon and all shit grinds to a halt on the roads, and Oprah’s mansion is overrun with mudslime ;)