Garden of Eden


I haven’t been up here since 2013.


Say what you will about this Godforsaken Leftwing geographic shitshow, but its Central Coast offers some of the gentlest, dreamiest imagery in the United States.  And like all beautiful coastal areas, the finest people are drawn to live  there.  How do they pay for these houses in the absence of apparent lucrative industry?  I want to know the secret.




December, 2013




  • Wiless

    I did enjoy Central California’s scenery, as you may recall, when I visited:

    If it weren’t for the coastal elites and ghetto losers, ‘twould be a paradise of a state…

  • Mark J. Goluskin

    I do know, indirectly, a political analyst and he lives in Cambria. So it is the kind of work that one does that makes the difference.

  • Kirk

    From Lompoc To Monterey you are right. Pismo, Los Ojos, Morro Bay, Cambria, Hearse Castle, to Big Sur. It’s all stunning Scenery. Unfortunate you can not ride from Cambria all the way to Carmel by the Sea hopefully they repair that part of the highway someday. You are right though,” how the hell would the average person live there?… no work except for shitty service jobs. Oh wait you have to be rich and that is what Kaliforneea is all about the money and they are pushing average working stiffs like us out.