The Putin-Trump Show illustrates how the Left consists of socially retarded unfunny people.


The Left is unable to process humor of the type that Russian President, Vladimir Putin, muttered during an aside with President Trump prior to their joint meeting at the G20 summit in Germany.




Shrill chick reporters clamor to get a question in. Vladimir leans over in his seat while gesturing at the journalists and asks Trump:


These are the ones who insulted you?


Trump replies (with decidedly less saunter, as his role in the exchange is to let the initiating comic [Putin] own the intimate stage which is mockingly hiding in plain sight):


Those are the ones, you’re right about that.






Instead of accepting and comprehending the exchange on its face, the Left and anti-Trump forces defer to a forced narrative that accuses Trump of submissively and moronically kowtowing to a masculine and intellectual superior. The Left has wrung this exchange of all its non-existent Trump emasculation possible.  They have interpreted Putin’s words and body language as unimpeachable proof that the Russian has “AMOGed” the POTUS, when in fact Putin was merely chiding the reporter pool for being the weak, pencil-necked, hysterical cuckgroup that it is.   The sublime humor of the situation is that Putin, recognizing the elevated status of Trump’s and his stations on the international power stage, finds a dark humor in insulting the reporters to their faces despite the fact they are not privy to his immediate comment because of their flailing cries for recognition.  In effect, Putin created a transparent bubble housing him and Trump; one in which he openly ridiculed the press.  “Let them eat blank SD cards!”


Putin unmistakably has a more robust saunter than the elder Trump;  no one will deny this, but the interactions are respectful.   I suspect Putin and Trump share similar outlooks but express themselves in radically different manners.  Trump is a flagrant extrovert;  I suspect Putin leans toward the introverted end of the scale.