The Motherhood-Victimization Complex rains on the Father’s Day parade.


Spied on my Facebook timeline earlier today.








Seems men can’t even enjoy a rare moment of dignified acknowledgement for their non-news-making roles in the daily task of fulfilling fatherhood duties to sons across the nation because the Motherhood-Victimization Complex can’t let the day simply be without piping in with some maudlin martyrdom to stoke their self-congratulatory sense of validation.


A mother is a mother, and if ┬áthere is no father around, she is still a mother. ┬áThat’s why we also have Mother’s Day in order to stroke their sad little sense of attention neediness.


No one sees fit to spread Mother’s Day across the whiny social cutting board in order to appease men who “do it all.”



  • Mark J. Goluskin

    YES! You write the truth! I am so tired of seeing all of that crap all over Facebook. Yeah, I get it that there are some single moms out there. Some did not ask for it. But there are some gals that in fact and indeed are intentionally single . . .MOMS! There are way too many good if not great dads out there who put up with this SJW virtue signalling. They need to stop!

  • some random guy

    You’re like a journalist at the battle of Armegeddon, David. Chronicling the end times so to speak. Is it morbid fascination? Like some cosmic car crash with torn and mangled bodies strewn about that you just can’t take your eyes off and feel ultimately compelled to describe?

    I’m asking politely, I really want to know,

    • Wow, great little poetic summation of all that is me. This is the Age of the Nihilist and nothing makes me happier than watching this vile, complacent consumerist culture slowly circling the drain of despair and death. Bring it on.

      Won’t be long before I rename this thing the Cosmic Car Crash.

      • some random guy

        Glad I could be of service.