President Orrin Hatch, next in succession of virtuous innocents to lead the U.S. after the Left overthrows the sitting President…


Yeah, whatever.


Color me not so worried.


A faceless sealed indictment issued by FISA (ironically) against President Trump which could be construed as the basis for impeachment.



Donald Trump is reportedly facing a sealed indictment, one that will form the basis for impeachment proceedings against the president and could result in him trading the White House for a jail cell.


The report claims that a FISA court has already issued the indictment, though it did not specify what charges it mentioned or exactly when it could be made public. While a sitting president cannot be arrested by the law enforcement or face trial, the indictment can lead to impeachment proceedings that would eventually lead to a trial after the president is removed from office.



When all is said and done and the dust clears, the Democratic usurpers will be relegated to the last clean Republican standing: Utah Senator, Orrin Hatch.




Squeaky clean and Democratic-friendly





I don’t know what I would cry over most in such a scenario: the loss of the last vestiges of that American revolutionary spirit, or the continued perpetuation of boring cuck Presidents who wear a cosmetic R or D on their sleeves in a cynical gesture of a political vibrancy that is long dead in this country.


Liberal nocturnal emissions will continue to rue our day as long as Donald Trump sits in the Oval Office. It’s become a thing of sport…how ludicrously low can these Lefty fantasies stoop?



Several sources familiar with the matter say that Senator Orrin Hatch of Utah is being given security briefings to prepare him for the Presidency.


Sources close to the legal community indicate that matters are proceeding rapidly in the forthcoming proceedings to remove Donald Trump from office, and to indict the co-conspirators around him.


Sources with links to the intelligence community described a sense of both inevitability and urgency over the unraveling of the Trump-Pence administration over their attempts to obstruct justice. “Trump’s presdidency ended May 9th,” said one source, referring to the overtly politicized dismissal of FBI Director James Comey.








  • Steve Fye

    Butthurt liberal snowflakes have tried everything and they continue to lose. I’ve never seen such determination to avoid the draining of the swamp. I guess many of them know they will be checking into the Federal Holiday Inn and they have to do and say ridiculous things like this “sealed indictment” BS to make them feel better.
    I can’t wait for the dominoes to begin to fall, it’s gonna be fun to watch as Pelosi, Schumer, McCain, Graham and the rest are incarcerated for their corruption and pedophilia. These evil baby rapers are seeing their days are numbered and they’ll stop at nothing to avoid the gallows, not to mention the loss of power.
    President Trump is working hard and risking life, limb and treasure to bring these demons to justice. He is commanded to do God’s work and I pity anyone that tries to get in his way.
    God bless President Donald J. Trump.

  • Mark J. Goluskin

    It’s absolute BS. Fantasyland that is the left.

  • Wiless

    Why wouldn’t Pence become President if Trump were removed from office?

    • He’s part of the “ring.” According to this story line, most of the GOP is culpable.

      Donald Trump and Mike Pence have both violated their oaths of office in plain sight over the unconstitutional dismissal of Director Comey, these sources say, and elements of the Judicial Branch are asserting the separation of powers described in the Constitution. This matter is separate from, and additional to, the substantive charges of collusion with the Russian state, and of money-laundering, sedition, violation of the Logan Act, and other crimes with which both Trump and Pence may be charged. As I exclusively reported earlier this week, Speaker Paul Ryan, normally third in the line of succession, will be excluded as the intelligence community has an intercept in which Ryan openly admits that he knew Sergei Kislyak was washing Russian money into the GOP. This will convict Ryan on RICO charges; as I have also exclusively reported this week, a RICO case exists against the GOP as a body.

      • Wiless

        Well, good luck with that. Part of me hopes the Deep State succeeds, and they end up with a revolution on their hands as a reaction.

        • Steve Fye

          Socially Extinct’s comment is more wishful thinking by those suffering from libtardation. The civil war they’re trying to induce is not going to be good for them. The military, law enforcement and the armed citizenry will eliminate them once and for all. It’ll cleanse our nation of most of the socialist/communist hybrids that think they can take over this country.
          If their financier George Soros (aka Satan) lives long enough, he’ll see that all his money has been wasted. He’ll fail, he’ll die and he’ll go to hell and burn forever as he should.

  • some random guy

    His eyes and facial expression denote anger which we’re supposed to read as strength but a longer look shows an almost babyish visage, no lines or wrinkles. He’s got no character, just a set of rules.
    A man or a womans face can tell you something if you care to look.

    • You summed up that face well.

      That’s the plump face of the Establishmentarian.