A shitty reason…


And now, I bring you, a wicked dose of understated morbidity.


My favorite sort.
The kind that does’t slap you in the face; it’s the kind that gnaws angrily into the subcutaneous layers of your soul and which, after several rattled moments, suddenly dawns horrifically across your foggy vision.






I appreciate alternative “angles” or perspectives, as you wish, which distort vapid unquestioned platitudes and twist them darkly, exposing that underbelly which hides in every well-intentioned “truism.


A corollary to this comic is the annoying observation people make when confronted with less than favorable outcomes, or presented with a set of circumstances that appears to promise as much. They say , soothingly, “everything happens for a reason.”


Well duh.


And mostly everything happens for really shitty reasons.  A shitty reason is nevertheless, a reason.




  • Wiless

    Ha ha ha! Great cartoon. My kind of dark humour. :)
    One thing that always annoy me is when some Christians complain that their prayers have not been answered.
    They forget that “No” is as much an answer as “Yes”; thus, they can’t know that their prayers weren’t answered, can they? ;)

    • Good point!

      I enjoy a great deal of biblical prose/wisdom.

      I don’t know why people insist on “cheapifying” it and turning much of it into slogans.

      • Wiless

        Because how else can you sell bumper stickers? ;)

        • Wiless

          More seriously, I think it’s just because most people are dumb, and cheap, dumb slogans are at their intellectual level; hence the appeal…

          • Wiless

            Which also explains why so many people like bumper sticker slogans.

          • Yes, they’re lazy enough that they are “concerned” about conveying complexity and wisdom but without the intellectual effort and rigor required for deep thought.

            Laziness and stupidity define human society.

          • Wiless

            Exactly; alas…

    • And a cheap, easy, Photoshop revision can never go ignored by me :/


      • Wiless

        Dude, that’s even harsher; ouch! :)

  • Intrepid Ape

    You would think the people who utter these “truisms” would see that as an opportunity for THEM to DO something good rather than simply spouting inanities and walking away.

    They hardly ever, i think, see themselves as the open window designed to bring peace to the suffering soul they’ve encountered.

    I wish people who feel the need to say these kinds of things, and do nothing, would just shut up about it already.

    They’re not helping.

    • It’s hollow words, all of it.

      Hollow words are the cheap KY jelly of human interaction.

      There is little substance or gravity to be found in life; in fact, quite the opposite, actually.

      Levity and inanity. People perpetuate this existence on a flaccid level of involvement.

      Hillary Clinton, the campaigner, is/was especially fond of this substance-less artificiality.

      • Wiless

        “Hollow words are the cheap KY jelly of human interaction.”
        That is a quote for the ages! :)