L.A. idiocy…is that redundant?


There’s lots of it to choose from here in these parts.


This is no country for smart men.






  • Wiless

    Yo, where be da Ebonics?
    Dat sign be raciss n shit!
    (Of course, no one would ever say the sign’s message in Ebonics…)

    • To notice Ebonics is raciss!

      • Wiless

        Oh yeah; I forgot the new Narrative on that. ;)

  • Mark J. Goluskin

    I love the virtue signalling of this sign. Start with EspaƱol. End in Arabic. Have a little English in the middle of a crap Sandwich. Unreal. I wonder how the person with such a sign would be if their Hispanic-Arabic neighbor turned out to be an ISIS operative? Sheer idiocy.

    • Crap sandwich lol

      The English part is only an obligatory gesture served to make a statement. It was probably too expensive to fit every downtrodden language they would have liked.

      • Mark J. Goluskin

        True. There are so many downtrodden according to the left. But in our neck of the woods, it all fits.