Unmasking that Susan Rice would be proud of.


Courtesy of Auburn’s finest.


Berkeley it ain’t!





  • E. Rekshun

    What is it w/ black criminals and Facebook Live

    Orlando Sentinel, 04/19/17 –
    Florida deputies say an 18-year-old woman wanted on a probation violation tipped them off when she appeared on a Facebook live video from a Chuck E. Cheese restaurant.

    The Polk County Sheriff’s office said Markesha Wilkerson posted the video Monday from the children’s themed restaurant, including video of her smiling and laughing with a person in a mouse costume. Officers arrested Wilkerson for violation of probation on a gun charge and failure to appear.

    The other day, black male Steve Stephens shot an elderly black pedestrian in Cleveland. A couple of months ago, a group of four black teens tortured a white (perhaps mentally challenged) teen for hours inside a Chicago vacant apartment. A couple of months before that some black gangster captured his own shooting death.

    • It’s the black sense of theatrics. Facebook happens to be super common and accessible; it’s like the McDonald’s of video broadcasting apps in the GHE-to.

  • Wiless

    Excellent. Not so converged as the Berkeley Police.

    • Berkeley PD is probably part of the masked protests :)

      • Wiless

        Ha! No doubt.

  • Roman Lance

    As long as we don’t have to see anymore or pwned-chick from Berkeley they should unmask everybody.