Berkeley PD whoring out photo ops?

Found this on the interwebz.




Is this common practice?





I realize many police officers moonlight in various non-police roles (bouncers, private security, acting gigs), but this is on their own time and not officially recognized by their PD employers.


But this is on the City of Berkeley’s official website;  this is their police department’s public interface with the public. This dubious photo-op practice is sanctioned by the taxpayer-supported civic entity.


Given the less than apolitical practices of the Berkeley PD, I wonder if they would extend such an offer to Trump supporters?






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  • Wiless


  • Roman Lance

    So here’s how I see the “symbolic arrest” thing playing out:

    Cop: So you want a symbolic arrest
    Antifa: Yes, during the protest tomorrow

    Cop: Before you want your symbolic arrest let one of our on duty police officers know what you want.
    Antifa:Ok, thanks

    Day of protest.

    Antifa: Hello Officer I need a symbolic arrest
    Cop: Ok what is going to happen

    Antifa: Yes, I’m going to throw a rock a based stick man and then I need you do arrest me and carry me off while I’m Kicking and screaming.
    Cop: Ok, go for it.

    Antifa throws rock at based stick man Cop quickly apprehends and cuffs Antifa.

    Cop: Your under arrest for felonious assult and battery.

    Antifa: Ok, thanks … just drop me off at the corner
    Cop: No, you’re under arrest. You going to prison. What kind of idiot thinks we are just going to let you do that kind of shit.
    You leftist are complete moron’s.

    Antifa: Daaaddddyyyy…Heeellllpppp!!!

    Score one for Berkeley PD for the win.

    • Wiless

      Except they’d be able to cite the website as evidence, and the convo with the cop in court.
      And either way, the based stick man gets a rock in the head and the police don’t stop it when they know it’s going to happen…

    • Interesting angle…it’s a honeypot!

      Until they finagle “entrapment” out of that.

  • Mark J. Goluskin

    I am more surprised that Bezerkley even has a police department. I can’t imagine being a police officer in such a place. It must be like being a rent a cop. Seriously.

    • Yes, I can see them, driving around in scooters and arresting people for thought crimes.

      • Mark J. Goluskin

        That’s what they will be reduced to.