Hillary’s choice of metaphor; perhaps we are not out of the woods.


My first thought upon reading this headline at The Guardian was that Hillary Clinton really needs to choose her metaphors more wisely lest we get the wrong visual, the wrong idea.


Hillary Clinton ‘ready to come out of the woods’ and rejoin public life



Hillary Clinton says she’s “ready to come out of the woods”



In my mind, it evoked an image of Hillary emerging from a dark forest, a malevolent force emerging from the shadows into the light.


Something like




Hillary from the forest




which really, honestly, is not far from reality.


Which is the reason the metaphor was a shocking one for Hillary to use so boastfully,  for it conjures such sinister symbolism.


Or could it be Hillary, in fact, chose her metaphor wisely and with foreboding insight?





  • Wiless
  • GuestLord

    I think perhaps in this case the choice of metaphor was the result of an addlepated mind destroyed by alcohol abuse coupled with a pathological need to be adored by the proletariat.

    I wonder if she is deeply disturbed by the fact that her inner worth is subject to whims of mere mortals?

    What a dark and dank spirit this woman must cart around in that decrepit and broken body.

    • What I find persistently amusing about the presidential politics of 2017 is that the adulation of Hillary is irrationally empowered by the demonization of Trump who, in all respects, is a much more likable person. Is he a saint? Hell no, but is the left’s venom misguided…?

      • GuestLord

        Yeah, I like Trump. I never viewed him as rude or triggering. I have a hard time wrapping my head around that fact that there are people who are actually scared shitless of this guy.

        I really don’t get their angst, Trump is a very even tempered person. Not anything like unhinged Hillary or that fake black Barrack.