What the blogger thinks about the great Disney Emu vs. Turkey leg mystery.


There is much controversy and disagreement about the “turkey” legs served at Disney’s theme parks. The nation is in turmoil and friendships have been severed.  Tensions tear apart the dinner table and Donald Trump watches on in awe.


Some say yes…some say no.


Does Disney use umu legs in place of turkey legs?







Zachary Levi may be starring in Disney’s TV installment of the Rapunzel-inspired flick Tangled, but that hasn’t stopped the actor from spreading some fowl rumors about the turkey legs at Walt’s theme parks. In a recent appearance on Conan, SoCal-native Levi shared this tidbit: “I have friends that have worked for Disneyland, and I was talking about how the turkey legs tasted more like ham than they did like turkey, and they said, well they’re actually emu.” Conan O’Brien — to his credit — wasn’t buying it, chalking the whole thing up to an urban myth, but Levi insisted he heard it on very good authority.







Want to know what I think? I don’t give a flying crap. I don’t. I do my very best to avoid going to any Disney-related frivolity. Disney is utter garbage. Talking animals and the cult of naiveté rendered to suck in young children and brainwash them into being diligent and mindless consumers and purveyors of this facade of passivity.


Screw Disney.


Everything Disney is a recreation of something, of reality, anyhow, so why is it such a shock that they can’t just use turkey legs without indulging in make believe?






  • Wiless

    Emu doesn’t taste like ham; he’s talking out of his ass – or his friends were, and now laughing at him, because obviously, with a name like his, if observant, he wouldn’t know what ham tastes like, anyway.

    That said, screw Disney. They’re either money-grubbing or agenda-pushing.


    • Ahh…interesting. I’ve never had emu – but if anything, cured turkey and turkey leg do have a “hammy” taste.

      • Wiless

        Agreed re: cured and/or smoked turkey; very hammy in taste, I’ve also found.
        Emu tastes somewhat like beef. So does ostrich.

        • Hmm – I tried ostrich burgers a long time ago but I was much less adventurous then than I am now…

  • GuestLord

    Ha! I like the cut of your jib sir.
    Disney sucks slime-coated monkey balls. Especially when they use their access to childhood innocence to push progressive bullshit.

    • “Slime-coated monkey balls.”

      Disney in one sweet, concise description :)