TSA at LAX cries “spy” over Russian playboy model, Victoria Bonya; another victim of the New Democratic Cold War.


TSA agents at LAX detained Russian model, Victoria Bonya, and questioned her about any Russian intelligence ties while implying she was affiliated with the KGB in a “spy” role.




Victoria Bonya




A FORMER Playboy model has claimed she was held at an airport in Los Angeles on suspicion of being a Russian spy.


Victoria Bonya says she was taken to one side after officers found a business card for a firm that produces hidden video cameras in her luggage.


Ms Bonya, 37, also said US officials asked her questions about Russian leader Vladimir Putin while her luggage was scanned.


She said: “That was a real blow. I thought I was going down and they would deport me.


“Instead of asking some real questions the officer decided to talk about our president.


“Finding out everything about my position, he started talking about the KGB.”


Ms Bonya, who recently announced her split from the son of Irish businessman Alex Smurfitt, claims she was also asked if she was a member of the secret services.


The model, who is based in Monte Carlo in Monaco, added: “I started laughing, as I really thought it was a joke, until they asked me the same thing for a third time.”


The ex Playboy model said she was finally allowed to go after officials checked her social media accounts.




How long before American intelligence begins angling for a Donald Trump data point in Bonya’s history so they can tie him together with another juicy tidbit of stray but inflammatory incriminations for the MSM to run with?


“He spoke with her 17 years ago before a television appearance…”


Bonya needs to check her phone and computer.   The Feds seem to have no compunctions deferring to Russian intrigue as a cheap ploy to tarnish President Trump.


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