Happy Valentine’s Day…the cuckservatives cometh.


Any conjecture as to Michael Flynn’s resignation from his Trump post aside, why would a national politician resort to Valentine’s Day as a reason for not doing their job?


Strong alpha men who lead our country can’t be troubled to get their hands dirty because they are celebrating Valentine’s Day with their wives?


Republican Rep. Chris Collins says his party’s members are silent over the resignation of Michael Flynn because they’re celebrating Valentine’s Day with their wives.





Ah, the cuckservatives cometh.



  • Mark J. Goluskin

    Just so you know, Congressman Collins is a Trump supporter. Was early on. As far as commenting, there is a lot of this that needs to be sorted out before any members of Congress open their yaps.

  • Wiless

    It’s the Presidonald’s party now; they’re just along for the ride.