Angela’s Merkel’s Adolf moment…


Sometimes the stars line up just right and the sun shifts the shadows such.   A sliver of auspicious fate.


And all is right in the world for a fleeting moment.


Justice and truth and sanity are resurrected for that instant.





Inevitably, reality always returns, often with a vengeance.


But we laughed, didn’t we?



  • Wiless
  • Wiless

    LOL! :)
    Yes, we did.
    Now, Merkel is the exact opposite of Hitler in one way: she hates her own, idolizes the Other, and wants to see her country flooded with foreigners.
    But… she’s a childless, first-name-starting-with-A, two-syllable-six-letter-last-name ruler who wants to dictate the course of all of Europe, so yes, she is much like Hitler, in that way. ;)

    • Mark J. Goluskin

      I think in her case it is that she is guilt-ridden about the fact it was her nation that perpetuated the Final Solution. She reacted to the refugee crisis by emotion rather than long-term thinking. A lot like most liberals.

      • Wiless

        No doubt. You heard about this?

        I found it funny. A lot of Germans have a lot of guilt. They should get over their collective guilt; they’re not responsible for the sins of their fathers. But liberalism demands that we ‘pay’ for such, and so promotes the idea that we are responsible, and ought to feel guilty. And so German athletes can get so flustered by hearing “Deutschland, Deutschland uber alles” that they end up losing a sports match. :)

        • Pathetic. “Germany First” is so horrible, horrible!

          Germany is the embodiment of this collective guilt that destroys the vibrancy of modern successful cultures. There is no pride, only shame.