Fat Lefty Bitch Syndrome.


I’ve met enough of these obese women to see a very real pattern. Knee-jerk liberals with a tendency to default to a blend of support/opposition to a multivariate bucket of issues but with a common thematic gist: an obsessive and compulsive drive to extend an unrealistically homogeneous society where people are expunged of differential identities. Shrill voices and bitchy self-righteous proclamation of lefty causes.


I think it’s because these fat pigs “utopia-ize” a world where their horrible gluttonous physiques are “overlooked.”


Because in the real world, who wants to see this?



Eye bleach sold separately

Eye bleach sold separately


And it’s much better if a fat woman can overcome male oppression by sublimating and gutting his relevance.  That is Lena’s shtick.



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  • Today I went over to my girl friend’s place and was surprised to see that she has gotten fat and also along with that came complaining. It is almost as if bad character and fatness are directly proportional to each other.

  • Mark J. Goluskin

    You know this cretin sexualy abused her little sister, right? She admitted as such. But she is a feminist so it’s OK. We live in sad times.

    • Yes, that whole thing fell by the wayside, didn’t it??

      • Wiless

        Just like Roman Polanski raping a minor; High Priestess Oprah or Whoopi (I forget which) said it wasn’t ‘rape-rape’, meaning wasn’t a deplorable who did it, so it doesn’t count.

  • Wiless

    That’s actually one of the less unflattering pics of Ms. Dunham that I’ve seen. If you’ve had the misfortune of seeing her nude pics / footage, you’ll really wanna hurl.

    Hellary thinks Trump supporters are a ‘basket of deplorables’, but Lena Dunham is a singular tub of deplorable, all on her own…

    • Yes…like most lifer chubby broads, she takes good neck-up photos. I’ve known of obese women who take the greatest face pics and post them online…if people knew what these “hot” babes really looked like they would run screaming.


      • Wiless

        Her face looks fine till she opens her mouth; then you see her bad teeth. Ugh.

  • Rifleman


    “When you’re attacking one woman, you’re attacking all women, because we see each other as sisters.”

    Said a 14-year-old Hillary Clinton supporter, one of the teenagers featured in a NYT article titled “‘It Really Does Get Into Your Head.’ The Election, Through the Eyes of Teenage Girls.”

    In the national poll, almost all the girls had heard Mr. Trump’s
    comments about women. Forty-two percent said he had affected the way
    they thought about their bodies, and the same share said the comments
    had not.

    “That hits me hard when people like Trump say people who are skinnier
    than I am are too big,” said Morgan Lesh, 15, in Moro. “It makes me feel
    extremely insecure about myself.”

    Forget about WW3 over Syria or Crimea or $20 TRILLION in debt or the ongoing deconstruction of America and Wall street vampirism on the US economy and Third world invasion of the US etc etc………………… what really matters, the only thing that ever matters are …………WOMEN’S FEELINGS!!

    • my feeling is that the media suggests to them that they are supposed to feel bad about his comments. If not for the power of suggestion then they would be unperturbed.

    • Priorities have become so skewed and corrupted that we’ve become a country of suicidal lemmings.