I went Barack but never went back. How does one “unvote?”


I did a terrible thing. Eight years ago.


A certain commenter in these parts will not let me forget what a terrible thing I did. I prefer to not deny or weakly excuse my actions, but rather to place them within the context of my life’s status at the time and the specific cultural milieu in 2008. Financial derivatives came home to roost and the housing bubble burst. The economy tanked. Industry went belly up. 2008 seemed to demarcate that ambiguous no-man’s land between the old economy and the new economy, and though the subsequent years have been an unsettled mess of economic re-acclimation in which we can’t seriously boast of finally arriving at a collective peace of mind, there is an air of “stability” and predictability that have somewhat, probably wrongly, settled our nerves.


2008 was a time of unsettled revolution and the struggle was real.


I am not a Republican; I am not a Democrat. I owe allegiance to a sense of disconnected ideals only, and at the time, Barack Obama seemed to represent what I felt we needed at the time to overturn the apple cart. I was blinded by his burgeoning cult of personality. I believed the pitch. I bought it. I voted for Barack Obama in 2008, and this commenter will not let me forget about it, here and on Facebook.


I wanted to believe, I wanted the illusion to be real.


I’m on a grand search, chasing the illusion, the harbinger of change and social revolution.


Alas. Obama turned out to be an Establishment puppet who brought the same old shit to the Oval Office, albeit in a slightly darker package. Nothing to see here.


Quickly disappointed, thoroughly jaded, I did not vote for him in 2012.


On Facebook, this little tidbit in which said commenter proceeded to once again imply and surreptitiously hint about the dark shame of my voting history, circa 2008.






Out of nothing emerged one of my better nuggets of wit to have been birthed by this brain in quite a while.


That’s right, in 2008 I went Barack, but I never went back. ┬áNever.


I wish I could “unvote” someone, the same way you can “unlike” on stupid Facebook.



  • Wiless

    To unvote, you must get a time machine, go back in time, and stop yourself from voting.
    Let me know when you’ve got a time machine; forget unvoting, we could change history, along reactionary lines, to prevent progressivism from ever coming into being! :)

  • E. Rekshun

    I didn’t vote for Obama, but I did vote for GWB, twice, and that was exponentially worse.

  • Rifleman

    They’re not sending us their tallest folks!

    LOL!!! those reddit guys can be pretty funny.

    Is this story getting wider media play?

    • It is not, but it should. Donald Trump should run with it. But it rebuffs the Narrative so don’t hold your breath waiting for the MSM to cover it.

      Hilarious. What a douchey hypocrite. Another ethnic rights asshole raising the bar!

  • People do strange things in voting booths

  • Mark J. Goluskin

    BTW, hope you don’t want to unfriend me!

  • Mark J. Goluskin

    You may use my name in this post! LOL! I like that you have come to realize the error of your vote. But you are gonna make the same mistake in voting for Trump. I’m no establishment fool. I think that there is actually a lot of the ideas Trump talks about it can agree with. But he is the problem. Trump IS the establishment. He is Benedict Arnold Schwarzenegger without the accent. He will want to be liked rather than to effect serious and needed change.

    • Of course, a fair point; all the reasons I cite for voting BO in 08 certainly can be compared to DT in 16. But I’d like to think I’m wiser.