“The Sanders disgrace” and other notable MSNBC story titles that never happened.


I’m having a memory lapse.  Perhaps someone can help me;  refresh my memory, so to speak.


Now if I remember correctly, I don’t believe MSNBC ever had an analogous Democratic hit piece as this one.








Because if they did, they would have named it something memorable and noteworthy, like…let’s say “The Sanders Disgrace?”  We’d remember that, right?


Once Trump is elected President, MSNBC must be thrashed about soundly and driven to the garbage heap of discarded journalistic misadventures. I’m sure they can keep Gawker good company.



  • The media in the USA seemed to me to be aware that their audience was captive [before the internet] and used that to change the narrative to Marxist principles.

    • I wonder if the “democratizing” effect of the internet on news dissemination has caused the media to stop pretending it is objective. They don’t even attempt a facade of fairness any longer.

      • That is a thought. But I saw once someone suggest that the fall of the USSR is the real cause. The media no longer have to show that they are in opposition to the arch enemy.