Donald Trump knew that was no sheriff’s badge.


Nope. Don’t tell me The Donald had no idea or was in no way complicit with the Tweeting of the now-infamous Star Of David and Hillary graphic overlay across a mound of filthy money which made its way to Trump’s ceaseless Twitter account yesterday.


Does anyone really think this was inadvertent?


An accidental oversight on the part of the Trump campaign? Such naivete should have been discarded to the collective dustbin of humanity, circa 1956.









Donald Trump is an astute, “hip” 70 years of age, and though he most likely is not well-versed in the mechanics of computer technology and youthful nuances of social media, he understands well its sociocultural ramifications. But most impressively, he understands the limits and promises of human susceptibility and weakness. These are constants. Technology merely changes the degree to which these constants are molded and manipulated by masterminds, like Trump.


The internet’s dynamic rewards Donald Trump, those of his acuity, those in possession of such peering perceptions.


For Trump, America is his social laboratory, and the internet is a sophisticated instrument. The internet allows him to plant oblique favor among various bands of civilization, and then withdraw said suggestion long after it’s been planted; thus excised from his direct meddling, he simultaneously “appeases” other bands of civilization who, once demonized by his oblique suggestions, find the stimuli gone from Trump’s temporary arsenal (ie, a deleted Tweet) and are helpless to fixate upon a transgression that has been “scrubbed” from reality.


Donald Trump exploits said human behavior and the impression we get is of a man who swings back and forth between the polarized ends of palatable manners and egregious offense. In this vast, rocking path of PR, Trump manages to appeal to segments of society eschewed by mainstream culture by virtue of its dangerous, “fringe” philosophies.


And thus, escapes indictment.


This was no “accident.” Donald Trump is way too arrogant a mastermind to allow such obvious archetypes and symbolism to leak recklessly past his ¬†campaign’s gatekeepers. There was a motive, and a benefit. He is cementing those votes that would normally stay home on election day. And Americans, I have news for you: that is many, many people.


In some ways, Trump’s alleged buffoonery is a master ploy. ¬†I’ve always said that he is trolling us.



  • Wiless

    An actual Star of David is two interlaced triangles, though. That’s just a six-point star, like a sheriff’s badge indeed, and it also wouldn’t surprise me if the Donald himself didn’t know the source of the image his team found for him. Either way, like commenter some dude, I don’t care; it’s glorious! :)

    • This was a 2-dimensional rendition with no texturing, for sure…but the gist is there :) Yes, what would have been another tiresome election season became a wonderful romp across the American landscape, and it’s still going on !

      How do Canadians view this? Are you guys ready for the onslaught of bitter American expatriate SJW’s in November ??

      • Wiless

        I imagine those of my countrymen who are liberal (i.e. most) welcome the prospect of American refugees, same as they welcomed the draft dodgers during the Vietnam War.
        I, and presumably the few others like me, are appalled at the prospect, but not too worried, since they made the same threat re: Dubya, but never came. :)

  • some dude

    I think Donny could make a mistake now and everyone would think he had some Machiavellian plan in action. His Kung Fu is that strong. His Pimp Hand covers all.

    I really don’t care if the jew star was on purpose or a mere oversight. Donny is trolling the fuck out of the Left and the Right both and I’m loving every minute of it.

    A year ago when the campaign season first peaked its head up I was depressed and nauseated. The thought of a year and a half of the usual weaselly fucks dominating all discourse would have driven me from the country if only I could afford it…

    Thank god for Donny, histories biggest troll!

    • And adding fuel to the fire is this corrupt, cynical piece of elitist Establishmentshitarian who is running against him.

  • I like Trump and realize he is fighting a difficult battle for the sake of the USA

    • It is a difficult and formidable task. If he gets beat,fair and square, that’s fine; I can’t help this nagging doubt that there isn’t any more “fair and square” left in this Presidential election. Seems things are rigged.