“Blacks don’t tip” (tipping as a gesture of gratitude)


Kant’s Transcendence wrote thus:





My impression about the subject of blacks began early in life. One thing was when blacks began to move into Newark NJ and my grandparents donated all their property there to the city. They knew automatically that once blacks start moving in it is time to move out. The other impression I had from from conversations I had with a neighbor, John Factor. He had donated a million dollars to some black community center. That was in those days when a million dollars was really a million dollars. He told me, “They never even said ‘thank you.'”




This phenomenon is affiliated with the notorious horrible tipping habits of said racial group.


I believe this is emblematic of the American trans-Afro-cultural experience.


Years of enslavement stunts one’s ability to recognize charity and kindness. ┬áTo the degree one must always perceive that kindness is unmet unless a qualified gesture or overture of charity is proffered.


Explains a lot.



  • Wiless

    I don’t think their ability to recognize charity and kindness is stunted, so much as that, IMO, they’ve just got a massive chip on their shoulders, and feel entitled to everything, and are ingrates. (And IMO, it’s mostly yours that are that way; by contrast, Caribbean and African folks, in my experience, are far more gracious, grateful, generous, and thoughtful, perhaps because they don’t live amongst the descendants of their former owners.)

    • To Wiless: I have to agree. In my experience also it is american blacks who are the biggest problems. I knew one fellow from Nigeria in the Ukraine and he had outstanding character.

  • I have heard about the tipping issue before. That seems to backed up by a lot of people’s observation.

  • Mark J. Goluskin

    I have heard that all over the internet and from people. I do not know. One other group to add are very religious people. supposedly they are terrible tippers too. Could be an urban legend. I consider myself pretty religious and I tip better than average.

    • I never heard about religious stinginess…

      • Wiless

        Servers have routinely complained about evangelical church folks’ stinginess. And there’s the old joke: what’s a Dutchman’s idea of a tip? ‘Wear a little less make-up, miss, and be a little quicker with the coffee refills, next time, thanks.’