Nothing says dieded like being reduced to an amorphous mass of meat beneath a P.A.R.T.


“Did he dieded?”


When your shit gets blown out across the road, including your physical identity, you know your mortician is going to have a bad day.


Just another roadway death in L.A., nothing to see here, especially since the CHP hides all the good stuff with that Puritan American Roadside Tarp (P.A.R.T.).


If this had been Malaysia or Bangladesh or Brazil, you’d have at least 30 different cellphone angles of this mangled pile of corpse flesh splashed all over death sites by now.13


It seems a pedestrian was killed on the 10 freeway this morning in a hit and run in West Covina, a community about 18 miles east of downtown.  FYI, people walk all the freeways all over this town, especially after the bars have closed. Another reason bars should be legally allowed to stay open until 4…at least it’s “dusky” and increased visibility might prevent tragedies like this.


Courtesy, KTLA

Of the victim, we are told:


Because of the severe impact of the crash, authorities have been unable to determine the race or gender of the victim, Kimball said.