The (¡motherfucken!) finest that Mexican-Americans have to offer on display in Orange County.


Ah yes!


As I watched footage of “protesters” outside the Donald Trump rally in Orange County last night, my heart was filled with pride.


Mexican-Americans, especially the younger generations, have historically been the ethnic group most prone to political apathy and withdrawal from civic-minded involvement. This is changing!


Listen to these bright, sincere young Chicanos taking an avid interest in their future and displaying a collective ethnic effort toward demolishing stereotypes as they assiduously assert a studied assimilation into American culture.


Fills me with such ethnic pride. My people have come such a long way. The passion, the articulate, reasoned expression of political disagreement.  It’s too much to take.



Sound of old vinyl record screeching to an abrupt, scratched end


Oh hell, who am I kidding.


If these moronic jerk-offs represent the future of Mexican-Americans, we’d best start working the fields again.