Valentine, New Mexico. What did they do, today? Abandoned bombs and dead Supreme Court justices.


You know what kind of bomb scares me most?

The credible ones.

They make me shake in my boots.


Police Disarm ‘Credible Explosive Device’ at Albuquerque Airport.

A “credible explosive device” was found on a rental car at the Albuquerque, New Mexico, airport Sunday, delaying travelers from picking up cars while police disarmed it, authorities said.

Police wouldn’t describe the nature of the device, which was found on a car at the airport’s combined rental facility about 8:30 a.m. (10:30 a.m. ET).

Police said the device was attached to a car that was rented elsewhere and dropped off at the Albuquerque airport, where suspicious staff processing returned cars spotted and reported it.
Police didn’t identify where the vehicle was originally rented. NBC station KOB reported that roads near the Avis Car Rental facility were closed during the operation.


A few vigilant, low-paid employees is what it took. They deserve a raise.


Who knows where the car was headed. No one straps explosives into a car in order for them to explode at an isolated parking lot. This car was going somewhere. Airport parking lots are notorious drop-off/surreptitious delivery points.


Here is a rough map of the area.




What we don’t know:


  • Who rented the car
  • Where it was rented
  • Where it was headed
  • The explosives “payload.”


It was found 24 hours after Antonin’s body was found “close” by after a strange day of non-hunting.


Albuquerque is a good Southwestern desert drop point because it is as large an urban center as there is to blend into in, inconspicuously.


You drive down Highway 25 to Highway 40, and then another 70 miles into the remote Texan hinterlands to Marfa on interstate 90. And on that last leg, you drive through Valentine, New Mexico. I wonder what they do in that town on February 14?