Is Ted Cruz’s daughter autistic?


Very interesting.


I saw footage of this throughout the day. It was all geared toward making Ted Cruz look like an ogre. His own daughter runs from him. Won’t kiss her daddy.


Robert Lindsay posted the video earlier and I had a look again.  At home, in the comfort of my living room, it occurred to me.


Her gestures, her behavior.


Is the poor girl autistic? If so, Cruz needs to say something. I realize it’s his daughter, and as such, represents personal family business.


But if you are running for President of the United States, what do you want, or expect? The piranhas are certainly circling…


And speaking of piranha’s, the leftist dimwits at Huffington (at least according to the Daily Caller) are making sinister accusations already regarding the young Caroline.






  • I thought you said you just called kids like this weird?

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  • Girls with autism are not diagnosed as frequently as boys. It’s horribly frustrating how much they suffer because of a lack of understanding and diagnosis. My dd has Asperger’s, and we struggled mightily to understand what was happening for so long. We just had no idea.

    Now she’s a teen, I had a former teacher approach me at church – she’s observed my daughter for years, and told me she knew she had Asperger’s but either assumed we knew or didn’t want to impose. Sigh. Wish she’d said something.

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  • Rifleman

    Another question – Is Goofy Elizabeth Warren autistic?

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  • Rifleman

    Ted’s gone now but what about his aspergy personality?

    “With all due respect as someone who has worked with a lot of people with special needs, Ted is somewhere on the spectrum.

    Very high functioning.”

    • Clearly!

      Physically clumsy and that nasally intonation.

      I love that one Reddit comment: “One last blunder for the road”


    • FullMetalSquirrel

      Ditto. This is why he is so unlikeable.

      My experience all suggests to me the older daughter is on the autism spectrum as well. This video could be used in an education class.

  • Rifleman
  • soshajustis

    I think Cruz is intentionally exploiting his daughter in public in order to trap Trump into making a negative comment. Why would Cruz constantly touch and kiss her knowing that these are things she dislikes?

    • FullMetalSquirrel

      That’s diabolical as hell if it’s true.

  • whoinventedfreeride

    Clearly Cruz’s daughter is autistic. Unfortunately, Cruz will likely avoid talking about this publicly, and in fact, likely does not realize his daughter has autism. Because Cruz is also autistic, just of a different, higher functioning variety. He would likely be diagnosed as Asperger’s, had this diagnosed not been removed from the DSM V. As an individual on the autism spectrum, Cruz does not have what is called “theory of mind,” and is unable to perceive what others are likely thinking, a phenomenon somewhat related to an individual with Asperger’s inability to show empathy. People on the Autism spectrum often struggle with self awareness, and generally do not realize they have autism. “I see autistic people. Walking around like regular people. They don’t see each other. They only see what they want to see. They don’t know they’re autistic.”

    Adults with high functioning autism, like Asperger’s, are often disliked and shunned by their peers. Not because of malevolence, but because the person with Asperger’s has treated other people harshly, and completely without empathy. This is why so many people close to Cruz completely distain him, and have stated so publicly.

    • I’ve often wondered if I’m on that spectrum. I’m pretty sure I’m not autistic. I had an autistic friend years ago and I’m acquainted with the intricacies of the disorder; I’m not quite there.

      It wasn’t until “autism as a range of disorders” became widely discussed and the exposure that Asperger’s received consequently that I entertained the notion that I was on that spectrum. Many of the Asperger’s symptoms seem to fit me and as I get older and more accepting of my own personality shortcomings do I realize perhaps this is my “issue.”

      Your last paragraph really hit home.

      • whoinventedfreeride

        You very well may benefit from therapy with a therapist who is familiar with autism spectrum disorder. If anything, therapy may help you understand how others perceive you.

        • may help you understand how others perceive you.

          At this “advanced” point in my life, that is the only real obvious benefit. But then again, the disconnect of my perception and reality is the source of such “creativity” that I’m not sure I should address that.

          It’s as if living in this age when everything must be answered and remedied somehow kills creative isolation.

    • FullMetalSquirrel

      What a wonderful way you put that.

  • Therese Willy Hartley

    I agree with the possibility. We need to be careful, however, about labeling people without information. Also, PLEASE don’t refer to her as “poor girl” when questioning a spectrum diagnosis. However innocent the adjective may be intended, it infers that she is someone to be pitied. As the mother of a fabulous, 17 yr -old autistic boy, I encourage people to try to understand and empower those with spectrum challenges. Pity doesn’t help them.

    • Good point, and that was a bad choice of language on my part.

      • Therese Willy Hartley

        No worries — I’m sure no malice was intended and we’re all learning everyday!

      • Therese Willy Hartley

        Do you know or love anyone on the spectrum? Do you know her? Are you privy to knowing inside information on her basic needs? I could not disagree with you more. I know several autistic people who are married to a neurotypical spouses and are great parents!

    • whoinventedfreeride

      In this instance, I think “poor girl” is an appropriate term. Sad as it may be, this girl will likely have a difficult, confusing life, not only because she suffers from autism, but because her father is also autistic. Some of her most basic needs will not be met because of this. Without knowing anything about Cruz’s wife, I can almost say with certainty that she is also autistic. The only kind of person who could ever be romantically involved with someone like Cruz would be another autistic.

      • FullMetalSquirrel

        I know she has some mental health issues because she was picked up on the highway in Austin appearing as though she wanted to harm herself. What you say makes sense though.

  • Patriot2016

    I wondered the same thing and I am NO fan of Cruz.

    But this is the 3rd time I’ve seen this.

    Go to @ForTennessee & there is a clip of Cruz and his family on-stage and she’s pushing him away.

    Footage of the Cruz family when they shot their fake commercial. They’re sitting down to dinner & he goes to take her hand to pray and she pushes his hand away.

    I’ve never seen her do this to anyone else but him. She doesn’t do it to her mother. And the Cruz girls cozied up to Melania Trump at one of the debates.

    • Interesting. This is not indicative of abuse or molestation as many Trump people would like to postulate. The girl has troubles and the longer Cruz delays public revelation, the harsher the rumors.

    • FullMetalSquirrel

      I’ve noticed these all as well and had the same thoughts but thought I was alone in noticing it.

  • Chuck Schick

    She is creeped out by Cruz like all of us… I

  • jodie
    • Poor guy.

      I inherently commiserate with the ostracized. Part of my historical foundations…

  • marcywinograd

    I teach autistic kids and that was my thinking, too –that his daughter might be tactilely defensive because of a spectrum disorder.

  • Texas

    That’s what I thought. My autistic daughter behaves the same way.

  • Willow Tree

    She’s too old to be carried, so I came to that conclusion as well.

  • Lisa Sexton-Smith

    I wondered the same thing myself. That is how I came upon your post in the first place. If she is and he is not sharing it I would guess that he may be one of those who doesn’t believe in ASD.

    • It’s possible she’s not diagnosed yet…that can take a long time from what I’ve heard.

      • Lisa Sexton-Smith

        Possible but I doubt it. Given her age and her behavior I would think she would have already been diagnosed. Not a Cruz supporter but wouldn’t wish that diagnosis on anyone. It is difficult.

  • Rifleman

    The flicking away with the fingers was pretty bad. Don’t know what’s going on but that seems a bit extreme and to do it in public around strangers show not just hostility and contempt but lack of social awareness. Even for a kid.

    Maybe a touch of autism.

    • Hand gesture is a big tell. Avoidance of touch/human contact too.

      But the “Ow ow” reaction to touch is something unusual as well. Most children, not wanting to be held or touched (because of exhaustion, bad mood, etc) will just push away and say “No, no, leave me alone” or something to that effect.

      “Ow” insinuates an autist pain.

  • SweetCharity

    On all other occasions, this girl has appeared and behaved in entirely typical fashion. Sometimes children are tired and cranky. She’s been thrust into crowds and in front of cameras. Who can blame her?

    • Wiless

      I agree; they never ask for their dads to run for office; I’ve seen many occasions where politico’s kids are awkward in front of the cameras. Don’t blame them, at all.

      • tangelag

        Don’t blame the kids at all. I do feel sorry for them, especially if Cruz is the father. This child immediately struck me as one on the spectrum. I work with children with Autism daily…That he hasn’t addressed this is a poor reflection on him.

        • Wiless

          I don’t know; maybe he figures if he just doesn’t talk about it, it will go away. I suspect for the most part, it’s forgotten now. People have short attention spans. And this is one area where I feel for Cruz, despite my dislike of the guy. It must be hard. I can’t imagine he’s a bad father towards his children; I suspect it’s just an awkward situation, all around.

    • Ah, thanks for the insight.

      I’m full of conjecture :)

      • Mark J. Goluskin

        You’re full of something alright. Sweet Charity is spot on. At worst the kid was probably tired and is thrust into the spotlight. Not of her own will. What stupidity. And this male “feminist ” needs to get off my lawn! Idiot.

        • OK, I’m hedging on my theory but not completely backing down. There are certain mannerisms that make me question whether she’s on the ASD spectrum but it’s just as likely the stress of her father’s campaign was too much.

          • Mark J. Goluskin

            You are such a conspiracy theorist!

          • That’s not a conspiracy theory, it’s an autism theory.

          • Mark J. Goluskin

            Sad. Just sad.

          • Mark J. Goluskin

            And I am not on the Cruz bandwagon.

          • I’m “backing” Trump but I don’t believe the fact Caroline does or doesn’t have autism/Asperger’s should matter at all.

            I’m sensing that the Donald is sorta unraveling here.

          • Mark J. Goluskin

            But . . .but you wrote a post about it. Maybe your autistic! LOL!

          • Yeah. I’m not too big to admit I’m contradicting myself in a flagrant manner.

            Well damnit. I think the girl might be autistic but it shouldn’t matter lol.

          • FYI, I AM autistic and I had the same thought.

          • The unusual hand gesture, the resistance to touch, even her vocal expression. It’s gotta be unbearable having ASD and being the young child of such a public figure with all that bullshit screen time and attention.

          • Texas

            I agree that it shouldn’t matter, but the people gleefully using this scene as a way to mock or denigrate Ted Cruz should feel like assholes if she is.

          • That is it exactly. I am not supporting Ted Cruz. I have no stake in his “reputation” but I found more than a few gossipy references to hypothetical abuse of the girl as the reason for her behavior. This kind of unfounded conjecture is harmful to all parties involved.

          • tangelag

            Your theory is very likely true. Most children of her age (not on the spectrum) know how to at least feign courtesy…and affection for a parent…

        • tangelag

          Nope. It will all come out eventually. It always does.

    • tangelag

      Nope. This was definitely a ‘tell’.