Buzzfeed writer does what SJW’s do best: marginalize and condescend and pretend the internet is all about…them.


So there’s this long-winded piece on Buzzfeed by Joseph Bernstein (not a furry one) which essentially boils down to this passage:


Still, for the media platforms through which most of us experience the internet, this kind of speech is bad for business (and shocks the conscience, goes against what we believe in as a society, etc.) whether it is sincere or not. So you end up with a group of people (mostly white, male, young) aligned with dominant interests who feel that their perspective has no place in the increasingly dominant new media, which bills itself as participatory and inclusive. That is how the strange dynamics of victimization come into play.

The logical next step for Chanterculture, so angry with the infiltration of popular culture by others, is to make its own entertainment. (Ironically, this makes it like many of the identity groups to which it objects.) And in its incessant meme-making and conspiracy theorizing about current events, it has already begun to do so.


Bernstein takes the Buzzfeedian liberty of telling us that the “Chanterculture,” as he calls it, is a counterculture in today’s cyberworld. He excises Chanterculture as if it is a foreign splinter body that effuses from the good sense of normative pop/collective culture which reigns in the West and shits out the MSM’s dialogue and all modes of pop culture out its anal crevice.


Bernstein defines the internet, by such a proper decree, as the bastion of the normal and conformist; all other deviations, especially the sort that provide fodder for his rambling, are merely troublesome “offshoots” and detours from entitled mainstream society. Bernstein, like all the other popular high school kids who made our teeth hurt and brains scrape, defines himself as the average, his perspective as the righteous, and all others as deviant, dangerous, and harmful. SJW’s, the ones on Buzzfeed, the ones holding signs and haranguing the civilization they claim to have a stake in, are particularly fond of marginalizing those who don’t humor their sanctimonious bullshit.


Bernstein does the same.


The Chanculture is the disease; the “sub-layer” of the internet thus regarded from the perch of Buzzfeed’s self-righteous liberalocity.


Never mind the fact that the internet, its genesis, its rudimentary skeleton, was one of outlaws, one of trailblazers, one of cultural drop-outs.


The internet is built on Chanculture and true non-conformity. The internet’s roots sprung from the shadows where no one was watching. The early internet was the refuge for those of us who did not belong. It offered us the succor of a community of like-minded folks, a place for people who had trouble congregating openly, to finally congregate in the shadows.


The internet is not Buzzfeed’s hipster affectations and self-absorbed ramblings of the popular idiotic idioms.


Buzzfeed is the normie deviation; Chanculture is what the internet was until money and politics swallowed it whole.


Chanculture is the vestigial artifact that reminds us what the internet meant to us, and should mean, now.




  • danielericiverson

    I made sure to read the whole BuzzFeed article.

    As someone who has never actually posted anything on THE chan of (English-language) chans, 4chan, and for the longest time had a great amount of disrespect for it and denial of it’s contribution to recent years of English-speaking culture. (“Internet culture” pretty much IS culture in general at this point)… I must say of your article:

    Yep, you’ve pretty much nailed it. The author is basically butthurt that there’s a completely grassroots culture out there that doesn’t require mass broadcasting from the powers that be to have a, while not mainstream, increasingly noticeable voice on the Internet, which is now bleeding out into society in general, to the point where mainstream normies have no option but to take notice. Meanwhile almost every single socjus movement out there is either noticeably astroturfed or obviously shilled by lobbies via the mainstream media. What do you think, people just gradually became sympathetic to gay people and decided that gay marriage should be a thing? Le nope, it was some fucking BR3wT4L gavaging on both broadcast and cable news and primetime idiot box teevee every day for over a decade, and every time on the front page of Yahoo! or MSN if you were the type to sign out of your email after you were done, or, in my case, literally on every public school television monitor as you rounded the corner in the hallways and stairwells, I’ve been hearing it since back when it was called GLBT(Q and so on) instead of LGBT. (I actually am fine with transgenders)

    As for his opening paragraph about John Boyega in Star Wars, the guy should get a clue about diversity himself, in terms of all the individual people in this movement that he is so desperately trying to dismiss as bitter whities. I personally like the character of Finn and his blackness, he is fun and amusing to look at.

    There’s always going to be some people, in all walks of culture, not just the “Chanterculture” (if the Chanterculture is even being sincere about that particular thing in the first place), that will find something to piss and moan about.

    I’m conscious enough of the importance of fighting back against the mainstream normie cuck culture with countercultural expression to be able to keep it separate from White Identity/White Nationalism issues when necessary. (I’m not even big on WI/WN in the first place, nothing personal against confident whites looking out for their on interests, as an American mutt of too many different national ancestries, including approximately one-eighth “Jew” of some sort from my great-grandfather I just never got the chance to connect with “my” White identity) I’m not so stupid as to discourage ordinary black people, especially black Americans, from reaping the benefits of the spiritually-liberating alt-right elements of dank meme culture (which they helped create, see, Gordon “Tyrone” Hurd). This is why I don’t concern myself too much with trying to “correct” or convince all black people to take whatever the factually “correct” belief is on whichever individual unarmed black person was or was not justified in getting shot, or which race statistics are or are not bullshit or revelatory ugly truth. It’s only natural for people to wanna look after their own. I don’t fully know what it is like to be in their shoes (I’m sure some people would say that I sound like a cuck-servative at this point, well whatever.)

    The entire point of that BuzzFeed article is to handwave this… what they probably consider to be a “movement” … as a bunch of bitter privileged kids whose only explanation for how they could possibly be seemingly more “bigoted” or “regressive” than their parents and “generation” before them is…

    …well, the only logical explanation must be because “they were lured in by “lulz and schaudenfreude culture” combined with being raised on the Internet which, when used the wrong way, or not supplemented with “real-life” social interaction tends to “minimalize their sensitivity to real-life social injustice”!

    You know, as opposed to being able to be exposed to different points of view and cultural jargon from what the mainstream media machine and public schooling gavages down their gullets, and finally realizing that all those bitter, tinfoil hat types had a point all along.

    Basically, while the Internet can be used to cultivate personal echo chambers for every conceivable opinion humans can have, and even participants in chan culture can be prone to these human fallacies, Chan culture is a lot more welcoming to challenging this problem.

    Why else do you think that the terms “hugbox, safe space, and circlejerk” get used so much more often by this culture that BuzzFeed dislikes to describe normies than normies use them to describe this culture, despite the terms themselves not being geared to criticize any one ideology in particular?

    It’s because the lamestream ones are aware that they are the ones noticeably more guilty of that sort of behavior. I already told you how skeptical and dismissive I was of 4chan and chan culture, and that extends to this surprisingly socio-politically savvy dank meme culture. It took exploring the dankest depths for me to discover what the culture we now live in, has to offer. Social justice didn’t expand my horizons like that.

    • Thanks, good analysis.

      On a somewhat related note, I just posted something about Reddit’s castration a few minutes ago.

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