Who cares what Donald Trump saw on 9/11? Another masterful conversational dead-end. “Distractional” dialogue.

Does it matter what Donald Trump saw on 9/11?

Whether he saw people jumping, or if he saw Arabs celebrating, or if his saw his sodden mug in the mirror: it’s all the same inconsequential filler.

This reminds me of Sarah Palin’s alleged boast, during her 2008 Presidential run, that she could see Russia from her porch (a Democratic misstatement, BTW).

In Palin’s case, her ramblings were misconstrued and misrepresented for she never said the exact words that followed her for much of the campaign.

In Trump’s case, he said what he said, and he’s using typically far-fetched apocryphal events to start small dialogue fires that attract attention, which in his case, is all he asks.

I call this ploy that Donald Trump uses, “distractional dialogue.”

He states some utter ridiculous garbage, trivial crap really, and people get riled up and take their eyes off the ball. Small fires of pointless discussion turn into vast conflagrations of debate, and while everyone yells at each other whether it’s possible to see people jumping to their deaths from four miles away, Donald Trump is smirking and having the last laugh.