Dead Paris bodies. Appropriate, inappropriate…neither? A predicament of the future.

There’s a photograph making the rounds. Predictably, of course. It was a matter of time.

It shows the aftermath of the carnage at the Bataclan Theater in Paris. You can see several scattered bodies around the theater floor and bloody swirls where rescue workers moved bodies around. Personally, I don’t find it horribly graphic or offensive, but then again, my offense threshold is quite high. It takes a lot to ruffle my feathers. Still, I’ve learned by this point in life, not everyone shares my lust for the gruesome and inappropriate. And some discussion has begun regarding photographs of the dead in Paris in the aftermath of the terrorist attacks there on Friday. To publish or not to publish?

In this spirit, I’m only posting a link to the photograph rather than publishing it inline here. I believe that people should have the choice to view, or not.

If viewing such photographs offends principles, then the solution is quite simple: don’t look, ie, change the channel. Conversely, if you wish to view such an image, you should have the right to.

This is the photo link.

I believe this is how I will handle similar photos in the future. And the way things are going, I have a feeling we’ll be seeing a lot more such images of mayhem in the future.

Look, the photos are out there. They are in the digital, cyber ether. At what point do we draw the inappropriate/appropriate distinction when appraising their mere existence?

The judgement is too cloudy and it’s better that such decisions are not left to lowly, opinionated humans. The internet’s nature is such that the photographs and other media are “out there.” It’s about access, and the choice to exert said access.

If the photograph falls in the forest…

  • Mark J. Goluskin

    I call you out as a wuss.
    When I write on the subject i will show the photos of the carnage
    Because we need to know the savage savageness of the enemy. The Islamic State is the enemy and only when people know who and what the savages are capable of will there be a will to fight it.

    • Yes, I considered that.

      In such a “cultured war” as this, shock value goes a long way. But you risk alienating the timid by playing your cards too boldly. Donald Trump had a name and recognition going for him. We, on the other hand, are no-name bloggers.

      • Mark J. Goluskin

        Hmm, while I get the point, the timid need to be waken up for they are the ones that are holding us back from actually engaging these savages.

        • some dude

          Here we go again. Exactly who the fuck are you gonna engage?

          Jesus Christ. American conservatives are just as big cunts as liberals.

          • Mark J. Goluskin

            The Islamic State is real and had a swath of land the size of Indiana.

          • some dude

            I never claimed it wasn’t real nor that it was insignificant, My question was what are you actually gonna DO about it?

  • some dude

    You know what they say: a picture is worth a thousand words.