All politics comes down to this, I think.

You can skew it all you like. Complicate it, subterfuge the affair with all sorts of chaotic nonsense and layers of resounding interpretation and implication. Make a lot of shit out of shit, but ultimately, it’s a bunch of nonsense and the exponential curve of entropy only benefits those few parties who derive income and benefits from said disorder: politicians and the media.

At the end of the day, when considering that collective dynamic defining our culture, it comes down to this: are you a normie, or are you not?

Normies lead wholesome lives that sync with other normies. Their values are normie values. You’ll know them when your paths cross.

You knew normies in the 2nd grade, you knew them in high school, and you know them in the boardroom.

Ubiquitous, faceless runts, blending into the Great Cog and suffocating you with their repressed expectations.

Eat it and smile, bitch.

You only wish you were a normie like me.