It’s way too complicated…

Back in September I goofed on the movie poster for an Autumnal chick flick called “Love Happens” which looked like pure crap. I realize it was a harsh and judgmental reaction to a movie I had never seen and had no plans on watching.

Most movies spawned from this category just don’t interest me. Formulaic mush…you know, coffee houses, urban living, all the self-containment of the modern professional 30-something single and slightly-neurotic man or woman…a regurgitated character, the epitome of lazy Hollywood creativity-by-committee.

Lately I’ve noticed a poster for a movie called “It’s Complicated” and once again I found myself ready to spring into bash-the-chick-flick mode.

It wasn’t until this morning that I actually studied the poster that it occurred to me this might not be your run-of-the-mill chick flick…simply because the cast looks semi-promising.

Granted, anyone (even Meryl Streep) can make a bad movie, but it’s difficult to imagine that she could team up with Steve Martin and Alex(ooops!) Alec Baldwin and together they would make something really bad. It’s possible, but not likely…

The genre isn’t necessarily bad by nature. It’s the manner in which its product is presented by the Hollywood studios that make the offerings bad bets, but in some cases the writing and story can actually surmount the tacky nature of the medium. I’ll hold off on bashing just yet….