The feminine usurpation and destruction of education.

My ex-wife and I have been dealing with our son’s college application/exams/transcript mayhem since the end of his Junior/beginning of his Senior year.

Having now been exposed to the Education-Industrial Complex as it exists in today’s climate while being subjected to the travails of academia, I’m mortified at what an unorganized, ill-communicated clusterfuck of dystopic meandering education appears to have become.

I made a phone call yesterday in order to get some “elucidation” regarding entrance requirements and coursework for the university he has been provisionally accepted at this Fall.

All the emails and written instructions have fallen far short of the mark, and my son was told by one university representative a set of instructions which seemed to conflict with what was written, or what my desperate understanding was of that bureaucratic rambling and beating around the bush really meant.

Yesterday I spoke with someone from the admission’s office who then referred me to another highfalutin-sounding officiously named department that handled this specific aspect of the admission’s process. The lady was nice enough, and so was the second lady I spoke to. She did her best to explain things, but typically, like all educators, she spoke in circles that betrayed a vagueness which left me feeling uneasy. Finally, exasperated and frustrated, I asked as neutrally as possible by re-framing my question in a simple “yes or no” context.

“I just want to know, does [x] mean he [y]’s?”

Oh yes, she answered…he’s good. Fuck!

Today, my ex-wife, not feeling entirely confident with the experience I relayed, also called and received a similar script recital.

I know what the problem is with education.

It has become the provenance of women. The female soul has conquered education and academia, and turned it into a multi-layered maze of unlinked extrapolations which may very well, and frequently do, fluctuate on spur of the moment explanations that depend entirely on which bitch you talk to; but always, there is the common denominator that involves a bland mimicking of a vague procedural verbal diagram that only tells you one minute aspect of the process but which doesn’t answer beginning to end. Never a goddamned simple answer.

Academia has been usurped by women, and with it, all the attendant feminine shortcomings that destroy institutions.

Oblique capriciousness and indirect, disconnected pockets of reality coalescing into one monstrous Education-Industrial Complex, a beast so large and untenable, a beast constructed of patchwork committees and endless discussions. A beast that has become so complex and intricate that not one wheel in this grand chaotic cog understands the full process, much less can explain it to an outsider in an informative and satisfying manner.

And these women are the educators. Their pride is churning out confused boys.