Even Rachel Maddow is miffed by the terrorists.

Rachel begins her segment thus:

“Early yesterday morning, less than 24 hours after the massacre at the offices of Charlie Hebdo, in Paris, a young policewoman was patrolling in the southern Paris suburb of Montrouge. The officer’s name was of Clarissa Jean-Philippe, she was 26 years old, she was a rookie, reportedly had been on the job for 2 weeks…”

Look, once Islam starts intruding upon the Liberal American narrative, they will only polarize those who would normally not defer to jingoistic militarism.

The French terrorists killed a female police officer, and furthermore, the remaining survivor terrorist, who remains on the loose, is a strong, Dragon Tattoo kinda chick.

Rachel Maddow crack.

This is the polarization radical Islamism will wreak in civilized countries it seeks to provoke.

But frankly, the Islamic world is at war with us already, in its own mind.

There is no longer something we can label “provoking” in this battle of civilizations.

It is now strategy and battles. The West needs to shift its mentality into one of war, not “incidents,” if it is to gain an equal footing going forward. The West needs to realize that Islam has a leg up already in that they are mentally prepared for war to the very end. Reasoning and logic are relics of modernity.

And the more acutely that Islamic terrorists continue to mock and antagonize mild-mannered Western folks, while threatening their sedentary and passive lifestyles, the more they will find that the full weight of Western opinion has shifted against them.

And that’s when the war has begun. Rachel Maddow is round one.

  • just a random dude

    And by the way, you guys need to read some more history.

  • just a random dude

    Supposing we all agree that the muzzes are bad guys from the Stone Age, ain’t gonna happen but just suppose. Then what?

    We’re all gonna join up and go kick some ass? We’re gonna run them out of town?

    Most of you fuckers wouldn’t join up when it was peace, you’re damn sure not going to war. And running them out means what? Make the cops do it?

    See where I’m going with this?

    The actual nationalistic movements in Europe stand the best chance of getting anything done, You know why? Because it will be actual people getting their hands dirty and doing awful things at times to get rid of an enemy.

    Talking is great if it leads somewhere but I’ve been listening to the same shit for thirteen years now and all this talk leads exactly nowhere.

    • Socially Extinct

      Robert Lindsay posted an interesting video.

      Is France lost? The only way for it to come out of this is to resort to an aggressive defense, and aggressive national defenses can never turn out well.

      • just a random dude

        I really don’t know who is lost and who is found. I do know that the solution is always ugly and brutal. You can’t vote these things away.

        Here’s a hypothetical situation for you:
        There’s a large Islamic enclave near your neighborhood. Muzzies start low level violence (like that video) on your fellow citizens. The cops do little to nothing about it.

        Are any of you willing to retaliate (upping the response to be sure) knowing full well that it will escalate to killings at some point? If not, why not?

        • Socially Extinct

          Most people are not warriors and simply don’t have the ability to palate warfare if they are personally involved. In that respect, “bullies” are the people who dominate civilized society which is, by nature, behaved.

          • just a random dude

            If you can’t stomach violence then what does your opinion matter to those who can?

            That’s a serious question. I’m not trying to be contentious.

          • Socially Extinct

            That’s the great predicament of the internet.

            Armchair/keyboard [fill in the idolized role of the moment].

            In fact, I would say that those who pontificate for “strong response” the most are probably those who have the most distaste for violence.

            I kinda suspect that weathered American soldiers are not blogging about fighting Islam :)

          • just a random dude

            Holy shit. Thanks dude. Thank you for saying that.

  • Will, Muslims WERE an advanced group. But then they retreated after the end of the crusades. The crusaders returned to Europe and the renaissance began because many crusaders saw the value of being well-rounded. Islam returned to being nothing but a a warrior culture. Conquering and laying waste to Christian lands. Thank Almighty God we stopped the hoards at the Gates of Vienna.
    Sadly now, instead of stopping the Islamic hoards, the West is practically handing them the keys to the doors of the Gates of Vienna.

    • Indeed. Tragic, they could have been inspired from the Romans / Byzantines whose lands they’d conquered; if their culture had been receptive to it, they could have had a Renaissance, too. But it was not to be…

      Ah well. Better for us, it has been.

      Till now…

  • just a random dude

    I say we all go around claiming the Muzzies are from the Stone Age. That’ll solve everything.

  • Remember, it is a war between the civilized
    world and the Stone Age.
    I’m just glad to see you’re onboard. Better late than never.
    Oh, as far as Rachel Madcow, she won’t get the whole radical Islam thing until they lob off her head.

    • Not quite the Stone Age, I don’t think; remember, the Muslims were more advanced than us during the Middle Ages, technologically speaking, but stagnated thereafter while we ascended from the Renaissance onwards.

      Nevertheless, your larger point is well taken; compared to us today, they are a bunch of backwards camel-herders, content to remain that way…

    • Socially Extinct

      Actually, my position on Islam is not a pretty one or that follows the Western Judeo-Christian script. Frankly, I’m in awe with the fervor and devotion that Muslims display in their commitment to the Koran’s literal teachings. In the West, we’re used to the milquetoast, user-friendly version of the Bible’s teachings; we sway and bend in order to still have it our way. If we were to abide by the Bible’s strict admonitions, the West would be hobbled and unable to lead its affluent and depraved lifestyle. Islam basically has no fucks to give and this is a position of fantastic power.

      I believe Islam’s mentality is fine, and as an atheist, I think they should have the right to practice what they wish, within their religion. I don’t like when it branches out and starts punishing those outside the religion. Christians formally proselytize but they don’t kill blasphemers. Well, not directly ;)